Narrator: Long ago, seven legendary friendship elements of power were sealed away in small orbs, awaiting the day they could find those worthy of them. these orbs are known as, the elements of harmony. one day, a young dragon element known as draco sparkle, a kind hearted young boy at the age of ten, this young dragon element was destined with the most powerful element of all. the element, of bravery. with the assistance of his twin brother spike, his adoptive older sister twilight, his fun loving friend pinkie pie, his love interest rainbow dash, his fashion lover ally rarity, his apple farmer friend applejack, and his shy, yet sassy friend fluttershy, draco sparkle will take charge in leading the elements of harmony, helping with social problems, destroying evil at every cost, seeing the good in everyone, and protecting the world.

Scene cuts to draco sparkle walking through town reading a book

Music from the first dragon ball original episode plays

Draco: the elements of harmony huh? i feel like i've heard of those before, but where?

Draco closes his book

Draco: i bet twilight knows about this stuff. she's really smart.

Draco starts running through town

Draco: if anyone knows about the elements of harmony, it's twilight.

Just then draco runs into his pegasus element friend scootaloo

Scootaloo: oh, hi draco.

Draco stops in his tracks

Draco: hey scootaloo. hows it hangin?

Scootaloo: pretty well honestly. so, you planning on going to the summer sun festival tonight?

Draco: heck yeah. everyone in equestria is gonna show up. i mean, at least ponyville and canterlot.

Scootaloo: ha ha. yeah, they will won't they? ya know, your actually pretty lucky draco. your sister is the unicorn element star pupil of princess celestia.

Draco: yeah, i guess i am lucky. anyway scoots, i can't stay for long. i found this cool looking story in this book and i figured that twilight could fill me in on the beats.

Scootaloo: that's reasonable. well, see ya later draco. gotta skate!

Scootaloo skateboards off

Draco: later scootaloo! right. let's get home.

Draco continues running through town and arrives at his house and opens the door to his brother spike playing video games

Spike: ha ha! yeah, get rekt kid!

Draco walks up to him

Spike: oh god, i love this game

Draco: hi spike.

Spike: huh?

Spike pauses his game and sees draco staring at him

Spike: oh, hey draco. just playing some mortal kombat.

Draco: alright, that's pretty cool. so, do you know where twilight is? i have this thing in this book that i think she can help me with.

Spike: she's most likely in her room draco. can i come with? i wanna see the cool thing

Draco: sure, why not?

Draco and spike run up the stairs and knock on twilight's bedroom door

Twilight: come in!

Draco opens the door

Twilight: oh. hey draco, hey spike. you need something?

Draco: well, yeah actually. i found this thing in this book, and i wanna know more about it.

Twilight: let me see.

Draco hands twilight the book and gasps when she sees the page

Twilight: the one thousand year climax between celestia and nightmare moon! that's what i had to warn princess celestia about!

Draco: um, i don't wanna interrupt twilight, but you wouldn't be talking about the battle they had with magical friendship stuff now would you?

Twilight: what else could i be talking about draco? i may not be an alicorn element, but i know this is urgent.

Spike: why don't you just write one of those magic letters to celestia about it? that always works.

Twilight: but that's just it spike. as celestia's star pupil, she'll expect me to have proof. and if i don't, well i'm pretty much failed.

Draco: worth a shot.

Draco grabs a pen and paper

Draco: dear princess celestia. i am writing to inform you that nightmare moon, the disaster that possessed your sister ten centuries ago, is going to rise today at the summer sun festival. i understand if you wish to take immediate action, and i'm fully willing to oblige. and so are my twin brother spike, and my older sister twilight. yours truly, draco sparkle.

Draco puts a message in the teleporter and sends it to celestia

Spike: all we can do now, is hope that she gives a good response.

Twilight: as we all know, she's quite reasonable.

The teleporter gets a message from celestia to draco

Twilight: yes! i knew she'd wanna take immediate action.

draco opens it and he's surprised by the results

Spike: what's it say draco?

Draco: spike, twilight's gonna get friends dude.

Scene cuts to draco spike and twilight riding a chariot

Twilight: why do i have to do this stupid bonding mission anyway? i mean, this is more fitting for you two. why would she assign me this?

Draco: that's the point twi. we're to good to get an assignment on it.

Spike: and trust me, we know what we're doing.

Twilight: i should hope so.

Draco: are we there yet?

Twilight: not yet.

Spike: you think it'll be full of hot chicks in their bathing suits?

Draco: i don't know for sure spike, but there's probably s strip club.

Twilight: yeah. and you won't go in it.

Draco: i'd like to see you try.

Twilight: whatever draco. for sure we're there now.

Spike: looks like it.

The chariot lands in ponyville and draco spike and twilight get off

Spike: it's so small. then again, we do live in canterlot.

Draco: and this way we'll get to know everyone way easier. cmon twi! we don't got all day!

Twilight: why should i? you said you were fine with me reading my book and skipping the conversations. that's the only reason i agreed to come.

Draco: well i lied sorry.

Twilight's book hits draco's face as soon as he finishes

Draco picks up the book and throws it at twilight who catches it

Draco: ow. you didn't have to throw your dumb book at me ya know.

Twilight: well how else would i react to my younger brothers tricking me into doing this loser assignment?

Spike: not pelting us with books.

Twilight rolls her eyes as she and her adoptive brothers walk through town

Draco: cmon twilight, it won't be that bad. don't forget, we're also checking out the decorations for the summer sun celebration.

Spike: so in a way, you can socialize, and you can still do your research.

Twilight: hmm. i guess if that's the case it won't be so bad.

Draco: exactly.

Just then an earth pony element walks up to them

Spike: cmon twilight, just give it a shot.

Twilight walks up to the earth element

Twilight: hi.

The earth pony element gasps and runs off

Draco: what was all that about?

Spike: wish i could read minds.

Twilight: let's just hope the other people in this town aren't so dumb that they run off as soon as they see me.

Draco: well if you call them dumb, then it'll totally happen.

Spike: yeah twi. try to be more positive.

Draco: like how you are with us and celestia.

Twilight: i guess it can't be that hard. why not?

Draco and spike: awesome! let's do it!

Draco and spike run off and twilight rolls her eyes

Twilight: hey guys, wait up!

Twilight runs after her brothers

Scene cuts to draco spike and twilight arriving at an apple farm

Draco: alright. now it says here, that we should be at sweet apple acres.

Spike: well there certainly are a lot of apples. i think this is it.

Twilight: it's most likely guys. i mean, how many apples can one farm have?

Just then an earth pony element runs past them and punches a tree removing all of it's apples

Draco: wow. that's strength.

Spike: no duh.

Twilight: she must be applejack.

Draco spike and twilight walk up to applejack

Twilight: hello there.

Applejack turns around

Twilight: would you by any chance be applejack?

Applejack: indeed i am. howdy partners, what can i do ya for?

Draco: we're here to see if the apples are ready for tonight's summer sun celebration

Spike: and from the looks of it, looks really impressive.

Applejack: yep, sure is. here on sweet apple acres, we care for our apples so much, that even the smallest apple can be considered sweet. it goes all the way back fro ancient times, when sweet apple acres was just invented. we've been makin apples ever since.

Just then someone walks over to them

Applejack: oh, hey applebloom. you need somethin?

Applebloom: heck yeah i need something. my phones totally dead, and i can't find my charger.

Applejack: did you ask granny smith?

Applebloom: pssh. she can't break down a steel door.

Applejack: what!?

Applebloom: yeah, i just lost it in the basement and since i don't know the combination, i need you to punch it down. cause you obviously won't tell me.

Applejack: i'm not breaking anything applebloom. now say hi to the nice canterlot folk.

Applebloom: you mean the eggs that are here to judge us for that thing?

Applejack: there not eggs applebloom. don't just go on callin them names.

Draco: nah it's cool, we could care less.

Spike: so is this your little sister?

Applejack: yes, and when she doesn't ask me to break stuff, we get along much better. trust me.

Applebloom: you're just jealous because i have a phone and you have to punch trees.

Applejack: i'll have you know that i chose this path.

Applebloom: yeah, and it's boring.

Applejack: you just wait until your older. your job'll be just as hard.

Applebloom: pssh. well at least my life isn't a fruit.

Applejack: why you little!

Applebloom: so, your from canterlot you say? well don't worry, cause me and applejack get along way better than this.

Applejack: when you don't try to mess with me that is.

Applebloom: i have this picture of us at the sisterhoods social.

Applebloom shows draco spike and twilight a picture of her and applejack

Draco: that was you? you don't joke when you say you get along really well.

Spike: i'm guessing that's when you don't tick her off.

Applebloom: bingo!

Twilight: we should probably get going guys. we have work to do.

Applejack: don't you wanna meet the rest of our family first?

Twilight: maybe some other time. so far, this town is actually pretty cool. see ya around.

Spike: bye applejack, bye applebloom.

Draco: see ya round. maybe at the festival.

Applebloom: bye hotties. bye egghole.

Applejack rolls her eyes while smiling

Applebloom: hey a.j, you wanna play video games.

Applejack: sure, why not?

Scene cuts to draco spike and twilight walking through ponyville

Twilight: ya know guys, this might actually turn out better than i expected. so where to next?

Spike: what's the map say draco?

Draco: hmm. it says here that there's supposed to be a pegasus element names rainbow dash who's assigned with clearing the sky of clouds and stuff.

Twilight looks up

Twilight: well, she's not exactly doing the best of jobs now is she.

Just then a pegasus element crashes into twilight

Draco: maybe that's her.

Rainbow dash gets up

Rainbow dash: sorry. you alright?

Rainbow dash helps twilight up

Twilight: yeah, i'm good. you must be rainbow dash.

Rainbow dash: sure am. why? you heard of me?

Spike: well, sort of. your job in particular.

Draco: and you don't seem to be doing a good job if i do say so myself.

Rainbow dash: that's cause i haven't done anything yet pin brain. i'll get right on it after i'm done practicing.

Draco: for what?

Rainbow dash: the wonderbolts. the fastest fliers in all of equestria. one they see my killer moves, they'll have to let me in.

Twilight: well rainbow dash, as much as i hope for you to achieve this dream of such, i honestly doubt that the wonderbolts would let someone who can't keep the sky clear for one messily day onto their team.

Draco: she has a point there. if you can't keep this sky clear, than the wonderbolts position will never be yours

Rainbow dash: hey dude. i could clear this sky in ten seconds flat.

Draco pulls out a stopwatch

Draco: prove it then.

Rainbow dash: oh it's on.

Rainbow dash kicks and punches all the clouds out of the sky in ten seconds leaving draco and the others amazed

Rainbow dash: like i said dude. ten, seconds, flat.

Draco: you don't hold back.

Spike: that was awesome!

Rainbow dash: i'd never leave ponyville hangin.

Draco: i can see that. hey. i just realized you never got our names.

Rainbow dash: oh, right. what ARE your names anyway?

Draco: draco sparkle. and this is my twin brother spike.

Twilight: and i'm their older sister twilight. well, anyway, it seems that everything is in order here.

Draco: yeah, we should probably get going. we have like so much work to do.

Rainbow dash: oh well. nothin lasts forever. so where do you guys live?

Twilight: we're from canterlot. i just happen to be celestia's star pupil, not to brag.

Rainbow dash: that's pretty cool.

Draco: you seem really rad rainbow. sure with this wasn't the only day we could meet people here.

Rainbow dash: maybe it doesn't have to be.

Rainbow dash hands flies down and gives draco her phone number

Draco: thanks. i'll be sure to keep this.

Rainbow dash: you guys are cooler than i thought. i can't wait to hang out some more.

Draco: neither can we.

Spike: later rainbow.

Rainbow dash: later dudes.

Draco and rainbow dash fist bump and rainbow dash flies off flies off

Draco: not too shabby.

Twilight: well, she was interesting. so where to next guys

Draco: ponyville boutique. pretty close to here actually.

Spike: he's right. just two blocks away.

Twilight: alright then, let's get a move on.

Draco and spike: right.

Draco spike and twilight head off

Scene cuts to draco spike and twilight arriving at the boutique

Twilight: let's hope this ones interesting.

Draco: it will be twi.

Spike: trust us.

Draco: this note says come in, so lets come in.

Spike: she seems really cool.

Draco opens the door and he spike and twilight walk in

Twilight: it certainly looks like everything's in order.

Draco: definatly. we should probably meet the owner though, just to be safe. her names rarity i think.

Spike: good call draco. maybe that's her over there.

Spike points to a unicorn element trying to find a good ribbon for the summer sun celebration

Unicorn element: no. no not that one. ugh, definatly not that one.

Spike becomes love struck

Spike: alright dude. hot chick meter, level max. my hair straight?

Draco: dude, you are like, totally smashing right now.

Twilight: don't try your luck spike.

Draco spike and twilight walk up to the unicorn element

Draco: hey there. are you rarity by any chance?

Rarity turns around

Rarity: sure am. what can i do ya for?

Draco: well, we're actually here to see if everything's in check for the summer sun celebration later tonight. and from the looks of it, very well done.

Rarity: thanks. i hand crafted it myself. loads of blisters along the way, but it was totes worth it.

Draco: i can see that.

Spike: is there a ribbon with you on it? cause it would win gold on every market.

Rarity chuckles a little

Rarity: thanks. glad someone here knows how to make cool pickup lines.

Spike: i learned a lot from anything.

Twilight:(whispers)spike, stop being an idiot. she's probably older than you.

Rarity: i'm in ear radius, i don't know what the heck your talking about, and i'm ten in case your wondering.

Spike smirks at twilight who rolls her eyes

Draco: so, you make all these by your self?

Rarity: most of them. sometimes my step sister rainbow dash helps me.

Draco: your rainbow dashes step sister? we just met her a few minutes ago.

A young unicorn element walks in

Unicorn element: then you probably learned about her wonderbolt dream. she mentions it to everyone.

Rarity: it's true. and scootaloo's always sneaking into canterlot.

Draco: hey, i'm great friends with scootaloo. i never thought she was that sneaky.

Sweetie belle: it's pretty easy to get in really, and she and i are only seven. i'm sweetie belle.

Draco: nice to meet you sweetie belle. i'm draco.

Spike: i'm spike.

Twilight: i'm twilight. me and my brothers are here to check on everything for the summer sun celebration.

Sweetie belle: well i hope the rest of that goes well.

Draco: so do i. we should probably get going though. maybe we'll see you at the celebration.

Spike looks at rarity

Spike: i sure hope so.

Twilight grabs spike's shirt which leads to him following her and draco out of the boutique

Twilight: we'd love to stay and chat, but we're almost done so we have no time to waste. bye rarity, bye sweetie belle.

Draco: later rarity. later sweetie.

Spike: yo rarity, call me.

Rarity smiles as the door closes after spike leaves

Rarity: they're pretty cool. especially spike.

Sweetie belle: you think we'll see them at the celebration?

Rarity: most likely sis.

Scene cuts to draco spike and twilight walking through the garden part of ponyville

Spike: talk about hot stuff. you think she's into me?

Draco: dude, i don't wanna sound too predictable, but your hair, was smashing. keep up the attitude, and you'll win her over.

Twilight: let's just get to our last stop.

Draco: whatevs twi.

Draco spike and twilight spot pegasus element orchestrating a bird harmony

Twilight: these birds certainly sing beautifully. this won't be so bad.

Draco: no kidden.

Spike: let's wrap this up.

Draco spike and twilight walk over to the scene

Pegasus element: alright birds, you're doin great. but ya gotta put some vocals into it. try high notes.

The birds nod

Pegasus element: very good. one, two,

Twilight: excuse me.

The pegasus element turns around

Pegasus element: sup.

Spike: nothin much, really.

Draco: are you fluttershy by any chance?

Fluttershy: sure am.

Fluttershy flies down to them

Fluttershy: so what's your business for being here?

Draco: we came here from canterlot on a mission from celestia. something about the summer sun celebration. and we're here to see how the music's doing.

Fluttershy: well as you can see, that's all in order.

Spike: we can see that.

Twilight: they certainly sang beautifully when we first saw.

Fluttershy: i trained them really well, not to brag.

Draco: well, we should probably get going now.

Spike: we gotta prepare our selves for the ssc.

Fluttershy: right. got ya.

Draco: later fluttershy.

Spike: yeah, laters.

Twilight: bye fluttershy.

Fluttershy: so long my allies.

Draco spike and twilight walk into the golden oak library

Draco: so this is where we're staying huh?

Spike: that's pretty cool.

Twilight: yeah, sure is. where's the light switch?

Twilight turns on the lights as everyone in ponyville yells surprise

Twilight: what the heck is all this!?

Just then an earth pony element runs up to them

Pinkie pie: hi there, i'm pinkie pie. remember earlier today i saw you in town and you said hi and i gasped and then i realized that you're like, totally new here, so i decided to plan this huge party for you and your brothers.

Twilight starts cleaning her glasses

Pinkie pie: is something wrong?

Twilight: well pinkie pie, this was very nice of you. except that, MY HOUSE IS FULL OF DUDES!

Pinkie pie: oh, right. that can be surprising.

Draco: yeah, no duh. you out did yourself here.

Spike: not really though. canterlot makes bigger parties.

Scootaloo: no duh.

Draco and spike look and find scootaloo leaning on the staircase and then she walks over to them

Scootaloo: i heard about your assignment, so i decided to break into your ponyville house. and i know what your thinking, but what i say is, pssh. laws? who cares?

Draco: i know, right?

Spike: totally.

Twilight: well, this is all very nice of all of you. but the sun is gonna rise soon, so we'd better head to the center of town.

Draco: oh yeah, this is when it happens.

Spike: let's get going.

Scene cuts to the summer sun celebration

Draco: so, what exactly are you planning on making for when you join the wonderbolts?

Rainbow dash: i have this killer technique called the sonic rain-boom, and if i can use it in just the right way, it'll wow them.

Draco: that sounds really cool. i feel like i've heard of it somewhere before, but i don't know where.

Rainbow dash: i heard that it adapted from the rainbows in the sky, and that's probably how i gained my super speed.

Draco: and you wanna unlock the ability for yourself? it sounds really complicated.

Rainbow dash: yeah, it is. i just hope i can get it someday.

Draco: knowing your speed level, you probably will.

Just then the horns go off

Draco: looks like it's starting.

Rainbow dash: i'll finally see celestia in person. i will never forget this moment.

The curtains open but celestia is nowhere to bee seen much to the towns curiosity

Spike: where's celestia?

Draco: i don't know spike.

Just then nightmare moon appears as the wind flows through the balcony

Nightmare moon: i'm, back!

The town murmurs in questioning

Nightmare moon: what, are you high? why are you not trembling in fear? didn't you read the prophecy's? do yo know who i am!?

Draco walks in front of the crowd

Draco: i've read the prophecy's, and i know who you are.

Draco points at nightmare moon

Draco: you're the hater of sunlight. the mare in the moon.

Draco puts his hand down

Draco: nightmare moon.

The town gasps at the fact that nightmare moon's back

Nightmare moon: yes! that's right, i'm back. and now i shall destroy you all! without the sun in place, you can't grow your crops, or generate power. and those who don't appreciate the moonlight, shall vanquish in the mist. and to those who side with me, i shall grant them eternal life!

Draco: even if you did give us eternal life nightmare moon, the sun being hidden in the shadows forever isn't worth it. the sun is a part of the world. it's an important piece of the solar system. so even if you do take our sun away, i won't stand down. i will fight evil, and protect those who fear it. i shan't surrender to the likes of you! so even of you do take our sun away, i won't do your rotten bidding. i will stand with my friends, and save equestria from eternal night, at every cost. even my own life!

The crowd is touched by draco's words

Nightmare moon: very touching kid. but i don't care.

Nightmare moon laughs maniacally as she shrouds the town in eternal darkness

Nightmare moon: time to meet your demise equestria. the power of day and night, is mine!

Draco looks at nightmare moon in a determined way

To be continued

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