This contains information from old generations of My Little Pony. If you wish, you may look at these to take information for generation one related ponies.


Teleportation through the use of magic was often referred to as "Winking". Unicorns of the early generation could do this, but only in certain conditions. They were also unable to wink through walls or nets.

Trait Exclusive Magic

Unlike FiM magic, which is usually stronger in their skills and can be used for other things as well, Old Generation magic was usually exclusive to things related to their skills. The basic exception was levitation of objects and winking.

Flying Positions

Ponies from older generations weren't able to fly in as many positions as FiM Ponies can, and usually were only able to fly upside down if they were flipped by something. The only pony that bent this rule is Firefly, who can pull of many aerial tricks.


Bushwoolies were a special creature from generation one that, as their names suggests, tend to live in bushy forested areas. They are very furry and come in many different colors.