Old Oakie, often called just Oakie, is an odd pegasus pony. He has the ability to teleport and split into two versions of himself.


Oakie is a dark brown pegasus pony with a darker mane and tail. He has bright blue eyes. His cutie mark is a calendar. As Oldie, his mane is shorter and grey.



Oakie, the main form and personality of the two, is very friendly and likes to talk, but has ADD, so he often loses track of a topic.. He's very curious about how things work, especially things having to do with physics and the space/time continuum. He uses his teleport abilty to move near things that catch his eye.


Oldie, the secondary form and personality of the two, is quiet and doesn't like to talk to others, especially younger people. He is easily annoyed by Oakie when the two are out in the same area.




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