First ever picture of Padlock

The First Ever Atwork I got of Padlock Keys

Padlock Keys is a original My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic character made by Grim-Grief on DevinatART .  He is an Earth Pony Detective based off of  the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes character originally designed by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Though Padlock Key's design  is highly inspired by the most recent form of Sherlock Holmes interpreted by BBC Writer/Producer Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat . Some other interpretations on Padlocks character include the American reincarnation of Sherlock Holmes - Elementary as a form of his british accent (not official). 


Padlock can be very polite when he needs to be, but he isn't the most sociable pony. He prefers his isolation and likes to stay away from others often. Padlock often doesn't get to spend time with his son or daughter because of this, also, he's VERY grumpy when he doesn't get enough sleep. He displays his grumpiness very clearly. Padlock is though, caring of his family and the ones who are close to him, especially his cousin Midnight Ice. She and him got along *swimmingly* as he was a foal, so he cares for her alot. When Padlock is faced with an physical barrier or a mental barrier such as reading or writing problems, he's able to adapt to them and get around them, but he's harder to develop skills to get along with people... which he tries to work on. Overall, he's not a bad person, but can seem like a jerk sometimes if you are at the wrong place 

Commission mlp oc by mihoyonagi-d6toepi

Padlock Keys Plushie

and wrong time with him


Padlock was originally dyslexic but no one knew, he didn't know that he had the problem until later on when he was in high school, but when he was a child he would have trouble reading words and they would always appear to be sideways or upside down or in different directions, he wasn't able to read right. So then Padlock tirelessly trained himself- without his parents knowing to strengthened his reading skills, once he got called 'stupid, dumb,' in school by a older child for not reading a problem on the board right, his teacher recommended him glasses but they never found out the problem, he never wanted to tell them. Eventually the real problem happened during his high school career, in the begging, when he started his entrance exam and failed it due to him not knowing the 

words right or unable to read the test correctly, thus answering it wrong. He usually studied for the words that would be on the test the night before or days before, but he wasn't allowed to on this test, thus making him fail.  When Padlock went home the day he failed the exams, he told his mother and father everything. He was humiliated, and then eventually depressed for a long time because his father didn't talk to him. His mother tried to console both of them but she didn't know what to say, really she wasn't of any help.  Eventually Padlock went to a public high school and got tutoring for his disability, which the teachers were shocked because he knew how to handle it quite well. Teachers eventually began interviewing Padlock and he then took an interest of detective fiction- different kinds- and mysteries when he was  

able to volunteer at the school's library. 

Padlock also was excited when Canterlot Royal Guards came and spoke at his school for an assembly his teachers told him to ask some questions, and he was able to interview one. There Padlock interviewed Flawless Shiner. He was amazed at the jobs Flaw did in the castle for Princess Celestia, and then when Flaw went back to Canterlot he gave in a good word to Celestia about Padlock. Celestia was interested, but gave Padlock time. Padlock then graduated from the public high school in Manehatten and was told to go to college in Phillydelphia as that's where most students from his school was going to, eventually he accepted it and went. Though the Phillydelphia school didn't have the right education system for him and he met a relative of Flawless Shiner when he was about to leave the school, Flawless Shiner's cousin said that he can get him enrolled into a more important program in Canterlot that is directed right under the wing of Celestia herself.  

Padlock was overjoyed.  

Eventually he announced this to his parents, Padlock and his father were still in a mutual relationship but before Padlock left for canterlot he explained why he never told his father- it was because he knew he was dealing with money troubles, and that he was going through depression at the time. Padlock didn't want his father to worry. Then, Padlock's father cried in Padlocks' arms and thanked him for being such an amazing son and he apologized for taking him for granted. Their bond was strengthened that day. 

When Padlock arrived in canterlot he met a young Shining Armor and his family, who were tight connections with Princess Cadence, a relative of Princess Celestia, he was friendly with them, and they were good acquiescence's.  In Canterlot Padlock met Private Eye, who they quickly formed a strong bond due to their 'disabilities'. *Private eyes inability to fly, and Padlock's dyslexia.* When Padlock was told that there was a disappearance in Ponyville, he had no idea what ponyville even was, Private Eye thought of it as humorous and so did the princesses *Now princess Luna has been brought back*. The disappearance of Filthy Rich, which Padlock and Private Eye were sent out to investigate. 

Private Eye embarrassed Padlock as he knew the area better, eventually Padlock ran off in embarrassment when Private eye was dealing with the case better than he was, and then got lost in Ponyville. He met Apple Tea at a small cafe and was simply annoyed by her mere presences. Though as he came back to the cafe with Private Eye *he had to because they needed lunch after work etc.* they got along more.  

After the case was finished and they found Filthy Rich, Padlock and Private Eye were awarded medals of honor for their bravery in this special case. Filthy Rich allowed Padlock to have his vacation home in Phillydelphia in thanks of his work on the case. Private eye was also rewarded with money to help pay for other things. Though there Private Eye and Padlock were planning on moving to Phillydelphia for awhile and then Apple Tea confessed her love to Padlock.  

Padlock was an idiot when he said 'yes' and was a total jerk, but she was still happy anyway, and the threesome moved to the vacation home in Phillydelphia.  There for the next few years they established a rather nice life, and when Apple Tea and Padlock had their first child, Ivory Excellence, Padlock said to Private Eye he was unable to return to Canterlot as he wanted to stay with his wife and newborn daughter, Private Eye agreed with Padlock that he should stay in Phillydelphia, and he did, thus taking  vacation time little bit longer.

It's been two years after Ivory's birth and Apple Tea and Padlock have yet another child, whom they name Heroic Tea. Their vacation home begins to get too small so they sell it *with the okay from Filthy Rich* and they move to Canterlot.  Now it's been several years, Padlock has been back in his job and they live a nice cozy home in Canterlot's condominiums, not too far from the shopping plaza. Padlock and Apple Tea are considering having a third child someday, maybe, soon.  

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