Paparazzi is a female Unicorn pony who spends her time in Canterlot. She pretends to be a garden designer so she can get the inside scoop for certain wealthy ponies. Her dream is to get info on Luna or Celestia.

Paparazzi (Hoovetica Tailspin)
Gender Female
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Occupation News reporter
Eyes Pink
Mane Pale ice blue
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Coat Blue indigo
Cutie Mark Microphone



Snapshot - Brother

Lightspeed - Sister

Needle Eye - Mother

Bolt - Father


  • "Dear Celestia, look! It's Fancy Pants!" - Pointing a target to camera crew
  • "Rarity, what do you say for a little documentary?" - Trying to get Rarity to let the cameras inside the boutique
  • "Hoovetica Tailspin signing off." - Using her news alias to end a report


  • Her most common used aliases are Hoovetica Tailspin, Cynthia Trotter, and Diamond Ring.
    • She uses Hoovetica for the news, Cynthia for her "job", and Diamond Ring for open parties. She is also able to change her coat and mane color with dyes, but always returns it to normal before going to the news station.