Patience is a quiet and kind earth pony. She is the sister of Humility and Dilligence.

Kind Earth pony
Gender Female
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Eyes Yellow
Mane White
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Coat Purple
Cutie Mark Plum-shaped clock


Patience is a medium purple earth pony with a short white mane. She has bright yellow eyes and a short white tail. Her cutie mark is a plum-shaped clock.

When she gains enough knowledge about her fatal flaw, Pride, her mane turns a dark purple and she becomes taller.


Her parents are unknown, but her adoptive parents are Lord and Lady. She was raised a majority of her life near the Everfree Forest, along with her siblings and cousins.

When Lord and Lady became ill, she learned about the Sins and her opposite, Wrath.


"Patience is a virtue. Pride is a Sin. There is never an in-between."


  • Her eye color corresponds with her coat when it is inverted. (Purple is yellow, orange is blue, green is red, etc.)