This is a list of Ponies and how Poison Joke reacts to them.

No need to put all your ponies, just ones that have come in contact with the plant.

Ishi's PoniesEdit


Light is immune to the effects of Poison Joke. However it does sometimes itch for 15 minutes to an hour afterwards, depending on how long he was exposed to it.


Melody loses her ability to comprehend words on a page, and in effect, loses her ability to read. It irritates her more than just about anything.


Freedom's will to perform an action has a five second delay before her body actually carries out said action. The only things not affected by this are her breathing, blinking, and talking.

Trudge's PoniesEdit

Lu's PoniesEdit

Moon DropEdit

Moon Drop's coat and cutie mark change color, and her mane becomes a full rainbow. One smaller event was that she constantly hiccuped, but this only happened once.


Snapshot will constantly bump into things. If he isn't in the path of something, he will veer over to it.

Tormented SpiritsEdit

Starts to burp more than usual. With each burp, a cotton candy cloud appears above her and begins to rain chocolate.

Breaker BreakerEdit

Breaker sounds like she's speaking through police radio microphone, making it hard to understand her.


Downbeat loses her voice for an hour or so after exposure. An alternate reaction is that she will begin floating. The only way to reverse her levitation is for her to sing, which brings up difficulty if her voice is gone at the same time.


Arpeggio will begin speaking in a thick French accent, replacing her light Russian one. She also grows a moustache, and both reactions can lead to several laughs from other ponies.


Folkbloom's coat will change color, making her look like her sister Folkblossom, but without the horn. Sometimes her speech will be replaced with quacks, like a duck.


Folkblossom's coat will change color, making her look like her sister Folkbloom, but with a horn. Sometimes she will be unable to use magic.

Maria's PoniesEdit

Diamond SparklesEdit

Diamond Sparkles first becomes uglier than she usually is. After that, she begins to transform into different ponies, even dragons. Finally, her cutie mark begins to multiply.

Bob's poniesEdit

Silver GuardEdit

Silver Guard becomes reckless and stupid when affected leading to him making some very stupid decisions that lead to him getting hurt alot.

Luna DropEdit

Luna Drop becomes a complete double of Fluttershy in personality when affected, though some think this is an improvement.

Luna FlakeEdit

Luna Flake develops narcolepsy and will fall asleep randomly throughtout the day.

Kira's PoniesEdit

Shadow SoulEdit

Shadow Soul, when in contact with Poison Joke, will become genderbent. Her transition from a filly to a colt will make her mane and tail short. Her mane and tail will still be short when she is cured, and returns to being a filly again.

Mailjesuru2/ JⓍKER's poniesEdit


Loses her abbilities to fly, and becomes very tired.


Absolutely nothing as she seems to have developed an immunity to it.

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