By Terrarian Pony

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Pony's Creed

By Terrarian Pony

Chapter 3

A New Sister to the Creed


Octavia wasn't sure what she's done was exactly the right thing. She sat in the Ponyville tavern for an hour, drinking whiskey. Vinyl came in, still wearing her robes. There could only be a few reasons she'd come here in that. Octavia doubted it was for a drink. She took a peek at what Vinyl was doing. She was... sitting? She seemed to be waiting for something, or somepony. A stallion got up, and started walking out of the tavern. Vinyl followed closely, and Octavia couldn't help but seem curious. She was drunk, but she didn't care. She needed to find out what was going on.

She followed the two behind the tavern, where Vinyl was pinning the stallion against wall, and beating him. She was interrigating the stallion.

Vinyl:" Do you want to tell me where your boss is? Or am I going to have to cut the answers out of you."

???:" I'll talk! I promise! Burnan is going to be executing somepony next week, on wednsday, in Manehatten. It's one of the assassins. Um... Skystriker, I think. That's all I know, I swear.

Vinyl:" You've been very helpful, so let me help you end your suffering."

Vinyl's hidden blade revealed, and she stabbed the stallion's neck, killing him. Octavia tried to back away before she was spotted, but it was too late.

Vinyl:" Don't you think about going anywhere, little miss nosey!"

Octavia gulped, and revealed herself. She grinned nervously, and waved, swaying side to side, slowly. She was still a bit drunk, and helpess in this situation.

Octavia:" H-hi Vvvvvinyl... <hic> sorry I followed you. I... <hic> was just a bit curious is all."

Vinyl:" Sweet Celestia. Y-you're drunk, Octavia. We need to get you home. We'll talk about this when you're sober."

Octavia:" I...<hic> guess I am... <hic> just a little drunk, <hic> aren't I?"

Vinyl got under Octavia's left forehoof, and began to help her back home. As they walked through the streets, a group of ponies in red knight's armor suddenly recognized the insignia on Vinyl's robes, and surrounded the two sisters. This somehow made Vinyl's day even more worse.

Vinyl:" Great! Templars! Great time have gotten drunk Octavia!"

Octavia:" H-hello, b-boys."

Lead Templar:"Get them!"

Vinyl pushed Octavia out of the fighting zone, and drew her sword in her levitation grip. Pony civilians began to scatter. Octavia couldn't help but grin.

Octavia:" Only three of you? V-vinyl's... gonna kick... your butts."

Vinyl's sword impacted with the lead templar's. One of the knights behind her tried to slash her back, but she noticed, and levitated her own sword behind herself to block the attack. She pulled out a small, round object with her telekinesis, and threw it to the floor. Blinding smoke was everywhere, and in an instant, Vinyl had killed all the Templars, swooped up Octavia in her magic, hoisting her onto her back, and running as fast as possible.


The next day, Vinyl was than a little peeved at Octavia. Octavia was ashamed for eavesdropping, and apologized, but Vinyl was still angry. They didn't speak to eachother for hours, until Vinyl came into the living room with a half sympathetic look. Octavia was on one of the sofas, trying to avoid her gaze. Vinyl sat down on the sofa opposite her.

Octavia:" I-I really am sorry. I know I shouldn't have, but..."

Vinyl:" It's... it's fine now. I was just angry at you for had happened with the Templars. I suppose I should have just undressed before heading back in plain sight."

Octavia:" And I suppose I should have found a different way to deal with my problem rather than drinking."

Vinyl:" Problem?"

Octavia:" Please don't make me say it. It's not that I want to keep secrets, I just... I can't tell you."

Vinyl sighed.

Vinyl:" Tavi. I'm the one who's been keeping secrets from you. You have every right to have secrets of your own. But I can tell something has been bothering you, and it's not just the Templars."

Octavia layed her head down between her forehooves.

Octavia:" I killed somepony, Vinyl."

When Vinyl didn't respond, she continued.

Octavia:" I didn't think I had it in me to kill. But Bonbon was being threatened, and nopony else was there..."

Vinyl:" And the blade?"

Octavia blinked.

Octavia:" Y-you know about that?"

Vinyl:" Yes Octavia. I'm the one who asked the mistress to give it to you. I knew she had already found out, and so I asked her to make it for you."

Octavia:" You told her to make me a silent blade in the form of a cello bow?"

Vinyl stared a moment, then blinked, then raised a brow.

Vinyl:" What are talking about."

Octavia:" Take a look for yourself."

Vinyl ejected the cello bow blade, and stared at it with fascination.

Vinyl:" How did she.... wha-... how is that even possible?"

Octavia could only smile, but her guilty emotion hadn't left her.

Octavia:" I don't know, I was hoping you could figure it out."

Vinyl:" I haven't the foggiest idea of the logic of this thing."

Vinyl sighed.

Vinyl:" But if the mistress took my suggestion into account, I think I should ask if you could see her."

Octavia:" One problem. Are you really okay with me keeping secrets from you?"

Vinyl shrugged.

Vinyl:" I don't see how that's a problem."

Octavia:" It's a problem, because it makes me want to tell you all my secrets."

Vinyl:" Tell, don't tell. Where are we going with this?"

Octavia:" You really don't see the problem, do you?"

Vinyl:" Nope. I can't force your secrets out of you anymore than you can figure how to stab me in the bag with that new tool of yours."

Octavia:" Unbelievable."

Vinyl:" I really don't see what's wrong."

Octavia:" Because it just feels like you don't care."

Vinyl:" Tavi, I'm only interested in secrets if it looks like something is bothering you. Committing your first execution seemed to bother you a lot. Anything other than that, I really don't see any reason to bug you."

Octavia:" And doesn't bother you that you're an assassin?"

Vinyl scowled.

Vinyl:" You don't it doesn't bother me? I don't tell a lot of things because it's confidential to Creed. I've already told you a lot of things I shouldn't have, and that's putting not only me, but the assassins at risk, but it was a risk I had to take to prevent you from doing something as stupid as attacking an assassin head on, unarmed, and unarmored again. There are things that you just shouldn't do."

Octavia seemed to be satisfied with that answer, because she didn't push it any further.

Octavia:" Alright. I... I just wanted to make sure."

There was a knock at the door, then silence, then another knock.

Octavia:" Aren't you going to get that?"

Vinyl:" Why don't you?"

Octavia:" You're closer."

Vinyl:" I don't want to get up."

Octavia:" I swear to Luna, Vinyl!"

Octavia got up from her spot, and walked towards the door. She opened the door, and saw a tall, dark blue alicorn smiling down at her.

Octavia:" P-princess Luna!?"

Octavia blushed, noticing that Luna probably heard her name being used as an expression.

Luna:" Hello there, miss Octavia. It's a pleasure to finally meet you in person. May I come in?"

Octavia:" I... uh... well... o-of course, your highness. Though I must admit, I wasn't expecting a visit from the Princess of the night."

Luna walked in casually, ducking her head as to not hit it on the door frame. Luna looked around the room, seeing that there were two different themes in one room. On the left side of the room, thus entering the home, was Octavia's cello, and a bunch of other eligant themed items, while on the right, was a turn table, some giant speakers, and a bunch of music discs scattered all over.

Luna:" Huh... I imagine this entire house is a musicians' war zone, and the battle always happens to end in a stalemate. Or perhaps you two are really close, and like share eachothers interests in a unique fashion."

Octavia blushed harder while Vinyl just sat there, looking as if she were going to fall right to sleep.

Octavia:" L-like I said. We weren't expecting royalty, so we didn't really have to time to organize things."

Vinyl yawned.

Vinyl:" Oh please, you couldn't make me into an organized pony if it meant saving Equestria."

Octavia:" Vinyl... manners."

Luna:" It's quite alright. Vinyl's action towards my presence doesn't suprise me in the least."

Octavia:" Oh... wait, are you supposed to be close to Luna or something?"

Vinyl just smiled stupidly.

Vinyl:" Octavia, meet the Misstress. Misstress, meet Octavia Melody."

Octavia's mouth opened wide in shock. She looked to Luna, then at Vinyl, and the again.

Octavia:" But wha- I really shouldn't be this suprised anymore, should I?"

Octavia lowered her head, and sighed.

Octavia:" I'm going to be punished for knowing too much, aren't I?"

Luna looked concerened.

Luna:" Is that what Vinyl told you I would do?"

Vinyl:" Hey, I told her the exact opposite! It's not my fault if she doesn't take my word to heart."

Luna:" I assure you miss Melody, you will not be punished in any way. I just wanted to let you know that as long as you vow to the Creed a secret, you will be under the protection of the assassins."

Octavia looked skeptical, just for a moment.

Octavia:" Is that why you sent me that blade?"

Luna:" It is true, I've sent it to you a resort of self-defense, or to protect other innocence. I am well aware of your first assassination. Don't worry, I know that you had done it to protect somepony, I just want you know that there is a time and a place to use such a weapon."

Octavia:" May I ask, how did you make it from a cello bow."

Luna:" I wood part the down to perfect size, and added a sharpened tip to it, why?"

Octavia:" Well that's just question Princess. Why put in more effort

Luna:" Oh. Well, as you should know, I am able to check up on ponies in there dreams. I've seen that playing the cello seems to soothe you. I had hoped it was a generous, yet helpful gift."

Octavia smiled.

Octavia:" Yes.... yes it was. Very generous, and very helpful. If you hadn't given this to me, Bonbon would have been..."

Octavia paused, and winced at the thought, then shook the thought from her head.

Octavia:" Sorry, I shouldn't be thinking about that."

Luna:" Well, that is all my business has brought for. I shall be taking my leave."

Luna was already ducking her head under the doorway, when Octavia called out "Wait!". Luna rolled her eyes, annoyed that Octavia couldn't have said something before she was halfway out the door. She backed up slowly, careful not to bump into anything, and gave a concerened expression towards Octavia.

Luna:" Yes, miss Melody?"

Octavia sucked in a deep breathe, then breathed it out.

Octavia:" I wanted to know if I could join your group of assassins."

Princess Luna gave a shocked expression. Vinyl gawked at her.

Vinyl:" You! An assassin!?"

Octavia:" I may or may not have what it takes, but I'm willing to try so that I can better learn to defend myself."

Octavia then looked down at her hooves, biting her lip. Then she looked back up at Princess Luna, who was looking contenplatively at her.

Octavia:" A-and I want avenge my mother."

Luna smiled.

Luna:" I see. Perhaps I'm not here only for one reason after all."

Vinyl:" I really hope that isn't a yes."

Luna:" Perhaps Octavia can be an asset to the Ponyhoof."

Vinyl:" But she doesn't even know anything major about what it means to be an assassin."

Octavia:" Actually, I have in fact, done some research."

Vinyl:" What research?"

Octavia:" I read a book. It's called the Phoenix in the Shadows. I've been reading about the Creed of Assassins, and I'd like to help their cause."

Vinyl pressed a hoof against her forehead.

Vinyl:" I don't understand, first you come to me saying how much you regret killing somepony, then you say you want to join the assassins?"

Octavia:" It's what I've decided I wanted."

Luna:" It is her decision, Vinyl."

Vinyl:" But there is no way she'll be able to train hard enough. All she knows is the cello."

Luna smiled, and raised an eyebrow.

Luna:" You aren't afraid Octavia will best you, do you?"

Vinyl blinked, then scowled.

Vinyl:" No, I'm afraid of losing my sister, weather it'd be mentally, or physically. This job is no laughing matter, Princess. You of all ponies should know that."

Octavia:" Vinyl, I've made up my mind. I would like to join the Creed of Assassins."

Octavia gave Luna her best "I'm pretty sure about this" smile, and Luna smiled back, nodding.

Luna:" Very well then."

A piece of parchment, and a quill magically appeared, and Luna began writing a letter.

Luna:" I want you to give this letter to one named Lyra Heartstrings. I bet you are familiar with her."

Octavia:" What is this?"

Luna:" It's a letter asking that Lyra would train you in the arts of the creed."

Octavia:" Wait... Lyra is... she's an assassin as well?"

Luna:" Yes, of course. She is also a teacher of the creed. She will teach you all you need to know. I shall take my leave now."

Vinyl:" Princess wait!"

Luna back out of the door again, once again annoyed.

Luna:" Yes, miss Scratch? What is it?"

Vinyl:" I have information that will help us save Skystriker."

Luna's annoyance seemed to calm upon hearing this.

Luna:" Go on."

Vinyl:" Next Wednsday, Burnan is going to execute him somewhere in Manehatten."

Luna:" I had hoped to have found him a bit sooner, however, this is our only lead, and so this shall do for now. I will send some scouts to Manehatten so we can learn more, though I can't see the reason behind delaying the execution, I also can't see the execution is going publicly."

Octavia:" It could be a morale tactic. From what I read about the Templars, they sometimes use fear to make others follow their beleifs."

Luna:" Indeed. Thank you for this very helpful information, Vinyl Scratch. Now before I duck my head through the door again, is there anything else you must add?"

Vinyl:" No Misstress. I think that's it."

Luna:" Very well then."

Luna looked at the door, then scowled.

Luna:" Oh, screw it."

Instead, Luna simply teleported.

Octavia:" Something I don't get. Why call her Misstress?"

Vinyl:" So that nopony will know that Princess Luna is the head of the assassins."

Octavia:" Oh. Good point. I'll have to remember that, just in case."


The next morning, Octavia headed to Lyra's house with the letter, and knocked. Bonbon opened the door.

Bonbon:" Oh, hello Octavia. I just wanted to thank you for saving my life the other day. I really hope you aren't feeling too horrible about what you did. Usually it's Lyra who saves me from things like that."

Octavia:" Bonbon, do you know?"

Bonbon:" Know what? That Lyra is an assassin? Of course I do. She told me after I had confessed my feelings to her."

Octavia:" She did? I thought the Ponyhoof was trying to keep subtle."

Bonbon:" Apparently there are certain things she was able to confess, and only to ponies of family. I am also an exception myself because I am her lover."

Octavia:" Oh... well I have a letter for her. I must deliver it in person."

Bonbon:" You're here to get training from Lyra, aren't you?"

Octavia blinked.

Octavia:" How did you..."

Bonbon:" I'm really good at reading expressions. And that look of yours gives me the impression you want to learn something."

Octavia:" That's... creepy Bonbon."

Bonbon:" Oh, think nothing of it. It's just one of my many hidden talents."

Octavia:" Hidden talents."

Bonbon:" You know, a talent that doesn't relate to my cutie mark."

Octavia:" Oh. So are you one as well?"

Bonbon:" Hm? No. If I was, Lyra wouldn't have to save my flank all the time. But I have to admit, she does look cute in her assassin robe."

Octavia blushed, just a bit, trying to picture Lyra in the same robe that Vinyl wears. Bonbon caught her expression and giggled.


When Lyra received the letter, she was suprised, but she nodded in approval, and agreed to teach Octavia a few things.

Lyra:" Before I have you learn about the blades you will be carrying, I want you to learn stealth."

Lyra summoned a few of her higher class students for assistance.

Lyra:" Now, I want you to hide amongst this group of ponies. I don't want to find see you in the crowd, so wear these outfit."

Lyra gave Octavia a student's outfit, which was a simple, white hoodie, not like the one she has seen Vinyl wearing, and a black scarf to wear over her face.

Octavia:" Alright, I'm sure I'll figure this out, quick, and easy."

Lyra:" We'll see about that."


It took Octavia a few tries to stayed hidden in the crowd of ponies, without Lyra spotting her. It was on her seventh try that Tavi began to see a pattern, and she was able to keep out of sight until Lyra gave up.

Lyra:" Alright Octavia, you win. Where are you?"

Octavia emerged from her hidding spot, seeming very pleased with herself.

Lyra:" I'll have to admit, you did better than most students. But you still have a lot to learn."

Octavia:" I'm ready for my next lesson, then."

Lyra:" If you're gonna become an assassin, you'll sometimes have to steal from somepony, weather it'd be taking money, or intersepting a letter. The only way you'll learn this is out in the field."

Octavia gasped.

Octavia:" Field training? I'll have the sense absolutely busted out of me!"

Lyra looked at her solemnly.

Lyra:" Well then, you better hope they catch you in the act."

She then gave Octavia grin that said "I'd bet 10 bits you'll ace it the first try".

Lyra:" Don't worry, I'll choose an easy target for you so you don't beat up."


Octavia gawked at Lyra.

Vinyl:" Are you kidding me!? You want me to steal from Vinyl!?"

Lyra:" Come on, she won't try and beat you up. Besides, Vinyl owes me some bits anyways, so if you pull this off, and grab at least three bits, extra credit."

Lyra's smile gave Octavia the willies. Octavia sucked in a breathe, and slowly aproached Vinyl Scratch. Vinyl seemed to be headed in her direction, so Octavia began looked around in panick. There was hay wagon nearby, and she remembered Vinyl hiding in the haystack a while back. She jumped in, and Vinyl walked passed her, completely oblivious to Octavia's presence. Tavi peeked throught the hay, and confirmed that Vinyl wasn't looking her way. Blending into the crowd, Octavia followed Vinyl, reach at her saddlebags. She found her prize, and snatched three bits from the bag, and quickly turned around to avoid Vinyl catching her. Can't suspect who you don't know. Vinyl looked behind her, and checked her bag. Three bits missing. She looked around for anypony suspicious, but Octavia had hid blended in with a pair of ponies who were sitting on a bench.

Vinyl gave up searching for anypony suspicious, grunted, and continued walking. Octavia only felt a little bit guilty, but she did chuckle a bit out of relief that she wouldn't have to be confronted.


Lyra:" That was amazing! I can't believe how well you actually pulled that off! Looks like you'll be earning some extra credit after all. And extra extra credit for using the hay, and the bench as cover."

Lyra held the three bits in her hoof, eyes gleaming.

Octavia:" What now?"

Lyra:" This session is over for the day. Come back tomorrow for more. Oh, and bring your silent blade, you'll need it for tomorrow."

Octavia:" I won't stabbing anypony, will I?"

Lyra:" Nopony innocent. I actually have a list of Templars I am assigned to assassinate. I'm going to have you take a few of them out."

Octavia sighed.

Octavia:" Great, more field training."


Octavia went home that day, and Vinyl seemed to be a bit sour.

Octavia:" Hello Vinyl, something the matter?"

Though she could already tell what.

Vinyl:" Some jerk stole a few of my bits today. I should've been able to track 'em, but they got away without me noticing."

Octavia decided not to keep it a secret.

Octavia:" It was... me."

Vinyl just stared.

Octavia:" Lyra was teaching me to pickpocket ponies, and she said you had owed her bits."

Vinyl stared for a moment, then smirked.

Vinyl:" Yeah, I guess I to pay up sooner or later. I'm actually pretty impressed though. How did you manage to escape my sight?"

Octavia:" I used the bench as cover."

Vinyl blinked again in shock. Then facehoofed.

Vinyl:" I would have never thought of that."

She smiled.

Vinyl:" I guess I'm gonna have to use that trick the next opportunity I get."

Octavia:" So you aren't mad?"

Vinyl:" A little, but I think I can let it pass, since it was only you... and I did happen to owe Lyra."


That next morning, Octavia came back to Lyra's house.

Bonbon:" Oh hi Octavia. Lyra said she wanted you to meet her at the Hay Burgers resturaunt for a special assignment. She also wanted me to remind you to be in your outfit, but I see you've already got it."

Octavia:" Um... thank you, Bonbon. I'll head there now."


Octavia went there, and Lyra was waiting at the front of the restaurant.

Lyra:" Tavi, what are you doing wearing your outfit?"

Octavia:" Bonbon said you wanted me to."

Lyra:" I just wanted you to bring it with you so you can change later. Never mind, I have the list with me, and some photographs. I have four targets on the list. We'll split it, two and two. They are all here in Ponyville. You'll have three minutes to assassinate your targets. Meet me back here in that time, and you'll have more extra credit."

Octavia:" What happens if I take longer?"

Lyra:" You'll still get points, you just won't get the exra credit."

Octavia could probably live with that, but she was determined to make it in three minutes if she could.

Lyra:" Remember, they're all Templars, so don't hesitate, but make sure you're in a secluded area before attacking, and use your hidden blade. You did bring it with you, didn't you?"

Octavia lifted her sleeve just slightly, and Lyra nodded.

Lyra:" Good. Then your timer starts now."

Octavia walked as non-suspiciously as possible, while she looked at the photos. One of the targets was a blue stallion, with grey hair, and wearing a red chainmail armor, with a black cross on the chest and shoulder, that seemed to be the Templar's insignia. The other was a griffin, with a small scar on his beak, and wearing the same armor, just a griffin model of it. Octavia gulped, not looking forward to accidentally slipping, and getting pumbled by a griffin.

Octavia:" Sweet Celestia, I am screwed."

After saying that, she nervously looked around to make sure Celestia wasn't around by any chance. Suddenly, she accidentally bumped into her pony target.

???:" Hey! Watch it bub! A pony has to get places, you know."

Octavia just stared at the stallion, and he shoved her out of the way, knocking her to the ground. Octavia got up, and began following the stallion. She tailed him down an alley, and just as he turned, ejected the hidden blade into him.


Octavia gulped as she sighted the large griffin. He was taller than in the photo. She had hoped she could just get hime alone, and maybe she could pull this off. She approached a nearby bench, and set down. It had already been passed her three minutes, now she just wanted to either get this over with, or hopefully die swiftly. The griffin began to walk away from the spot he was standing in, into an alley. She followed him. He was right there, with his back turned. Suddenly, two ponies, walked up behind her, one an earth pony barring a sword, and a unicorn holding a sword with his magic. It was a trap.

Griffin:" Thought you'd get a quick one over on me, eh, assassin?"

The griffin picked her up by her neck as he smiled creepily at her.

Griffin:" What are you, a student? Or is the Creed just hiring anyone these days?"

The griffin raised his sword to her neck, and she stared down at it in horror. Suddenly, the griffin screamed as Lyra stabbed him in the neck with her hidden blade. The griffin fell, and Lyra drew out her sword as Lyra stood behind her, feeling the pain in her neck. Lyra gave Octavia something that looked like a sword. However, it seemed modified in a way that made it similar to the hidden blade strapped to her left hoof, so that she can easiliy hold the sword with her right hoof, by strapping a leg brace to her right hoof. Lyra nodded to Octavia, and she nodded back.


After fighting off the mercenary ponies, Lyra apologized to Octavia.

Lyra:" Sorry about that. I guess it was a bad idea to throw a griffin your way so suddenly like that."

Octavia smiled sheepishly.

Octavia:" (Sarcastic) Oh don't worry, I was only within an inch before my death, but that's totally fine."

Lyra:" Yeah, sorry. I have another mission for you though. Don't worry, it's a courier mission, you won't have kill anypony unless they violently interfere."

Lyra pulled out a letter from her saddlebags, and gave it to Octavia.

Lyra:" I want you to deliver this to Sugar Cube Corner. Give it to Pinkie Pie."

Octavia smiled, and raised a brow.

Octavia:" Don't tell me, is Pinkie one of our assassin's?"

Lyra burst into laughter, falling on her back, holding her chest. Octavia just frowned, hoping that she herself was just joking.

Octavia:" What's so funny?"

Lyra:" I'm sorry, it's just... no, she's not. I don't think there is a violent bone in that filly's body. But she is one of our agents, also she plans parties every last Friday of each month for us."

Octavia:" I wasn't aware assassins would even have parties."

Lyra:" Everypony's gotta have a cupcake now and then. Speaking of which, we're having a party this Friday. It starts at 3:30, so come at 3:00, or whenever you can. Make sure to come with your robes and hidden blade, but don't put them on. Show your blade to the bouncer, and he'll let you in."

Octavia:" Alright. I guess I should be off then."


It was no trouble getting to Sugar Cube Corner. Lyra allowed her to come without wearing her outfit as to not frighten the young colts and fillies in the bakery.

Mrs. Cake:" Oh, hello Octavia, are you here for some cupcakes?"

Octavia:" Actually Mrs. Cake, I'm here for Pinkie. I need to deliver a letter."

Mrs. Cake:" Oh, I see. Well come along passed here then."

Mrs. Cake lead her through to upstairs, where Pinkie was babysitting Pumpkin and Pound.

Octavia:" Awe, they are so adorable."

Pinkie:" Hello Octavia. What are you doing here?"

Octavia:" I have a letter from our... ehem.... mutual friends."

Pinkie:" Ooooooh. Ok! I didn't realize you were one of them. Just set it over there, and I'll read it when I'm done babysitting."


The next day, Octavia returned to Lyra.

Lyra:" You ready for another day of training?"

Octavia:" I suppose. Why, do I not look ready?"

Octavia smiled to show sshe was joking.

Lyra:" You're a funny filly Octavia. Almost as funny as Bonbon."

Octavia:" What'll we be doing today?"

Lyra:" Well, today I have a client who needs an escort across town. He says there are Templars after him, and he needs protection. Sometimes you'll actually have to do this kind of thing. We get these kinds of assignments all the time."

Octavia:" An escort mission then? So I'll just have to protect him?"

Lyra:" Yup. Here take your sword. Since it's an earthpony model, I took the liberty of making a sheath for it. All you have to do is put it in, and twist clockwise, until you here the click, so you get your hoof out of the brace. Then when you want to take it out, twist counter clockwise, and pull. It should come out easily. I'm going to go with you on this one, just in case, but I want you to do most of the work."

Octavia:" Alright."


They met up with a green unicorn stallion, with a blue mane, and a piece of wood for a cutie mark, and his name was Lumber.

Lumber:" Thanks for coming. I need to get to the Ponyville Train Station so I catch the next train to Las Pegasus."

Octavia:" Don't worry, we'll keep an eye out for the Templars for you."


They were halfway to their destination when Templars began attacking. Of course, two of them were griffins. Octavia let Lyra handle them while she handled the three ponies. She twisted her blade counter clockwise to pull it out, and it was just as easy as Lyra said. A unicorn Templar slashed down at Octavia, but she blocked it with her sword. She then swung her own blade downwards at the pony's helmet, sparks flying off if it as it impacted. Octavia was fighting as if she had been doing it all her life. She slashed through the unicorn's armor, killing him. A pegasus slashed her shoulder, and she came back at him by stabbing him with her hidden blade. The last pony was also a pegasus, and came at her with a fury. She was cut twice by his blade, yet she still stood. Lumber was watching from a short distance.

Finally, Octavia jumped and stabbed the pegasus in the chest. She then heard the cry of her mentor, and saw she was struggling with her second griffin. Before the griffin could bring his blade down for a final blow, Octavia blocked with her own blade. With swiftness, she turned around, and bucked the griffin to the ground. Octavia sheathed her sword, turning it clockwise until she heard the click, then pulled her hoof out. Then, she revealed her hidden blade, and jumped on top of the fallen griffin, stabbing him in the neck, his blood poored out from the wound as he died.

Lyra:" Nice job. I guess you final mastered the griffin, huh?"

Octavia:" Yeah... I suppose I have."


When they finally got to the train station, Lumber thanked them, and boarded the train.

Octavia:" I thought the assassins were supposed to stay subtle, how did he know we would protect him?"

Lyra:" Well see... a lot of ponies know about us, but they don't know ABOUT us. If you get what I'm saying."

Octavia:" Not really."

Lyra:" They know who we are, but we aren't allowed to share our identities to them unless they have certain connections to the Ponyhoof."

Octavia:" Oh... I see now. So in other words, you aren't exactly a secret government society?"

Lyra arched an eyebrow.

Lyra:" No... look, we help ponies. Ponies see us as the good guys. Some ponies see us as vigilantes. Someponies just take a risk to trust us. That's how it works."

Octavia:" Oh."

Lyra:" I have one more thing for you today, and then we're done, but it's probably going to take all day."

Octavia:" What is it?"

Lyra:" Climbing."


Octavia was utterly shocked when she was told she would have to climb Ponyville Town Hall.

Octavia:" What if I fall? What if I hit my head? What if I cut myself on a brick or something?"

Lyra rolled her eyes.

Lyra:" Don't worry, I'll be right down here. I'll catch you if you fall. I am a unicorn after all."

Octavia was nervous all the way. How could she ever climb so high? It took her about five tries, but she finally did it. She smiled nervously, her heart pounding from both excitement and anxiety. She then saw Lyra levitating over a stack of hay. She then grinned wildly up at the grey filly.

Octavia:" You want me to jump in there!? Th-that won't even be possible unless I can aim my fall correctly!"

Lyra:" That's why they call it a leap of faith, Octavia! Come on, you can do it! Just remember to dive in head first!"

Octavia:" Are you crazy!? I'll break my neck!"

Suddenly, Mayor Mare was there to gasp in horror.

Mayor Mare:" What in the name of Celestia is going on here!?"

Lyra:" Uh... training for the olympics?"

She grinned sheepishly.

Mayor Mare:" By jumping off of the Town Hall building!?"

Octavia:" It wasn't exactly my idea!"

Octavia's hooves were shaking.

Lyra:" It'll fine, Octavia! I promise I'll catch you if it doesn't work!"

Octavia:" You better!"

Octavia was terrified, but she knew she couldn't climb down, and the longer she stayed here, the more traumatized she'd be afterwards. She sucked in a few deep breathes, closed her eyes, and made the jump, diving head first. Octavia heard the wind whistling in her ears. The fall seemed to last an eternity until she felt herself drop into the haystack. It was over, she did it. She actually did it. When she emerged, she was filled with joy and relief to be back on the ground, her knees still shaking.

Octavia:" I-I actually did it..."

Mayor Mare:" Next time you want to try a stunt like that, at least wear some kind of protective gear!"

Lyra:" Calm down Mayor Mare. It's just a bit of fun."

Mayor Mare:" There is nothing fun about getting yourselves hurt."

Finally, she walked away.

Lyra:" Nice job, Octavia. You're doing great. Don't forget about the party tomorrow, kay?"

Octavia:" Don't worry. I won't."


When Octavia got home, she saw Vinyl listening to some music on ipod, with her headphones on. She decided not to bother her, so she went into her room to read. She would have to return the book she borrowed tomorrow before the party. Octavia continued to read, and she was fascinated when she saw the name of her own great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather, Flutal Melody.

Octavia:" Now why would his name be in this book? Was he an assassin?"

It turned out he was, in fact, an assassin for the Creed from long ago. Octavia began to wander if it was part of her heritage.


The next day, in Twilight's Castle, at 8:00 a.m., Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer were working on a very special project.

Spike:" So what is this thing anyways, Twilight?"

Twilight:" We call it the animus. It's a special device me and Starlight came up with."

Starlight:" It uses arcane magic to see into a pony's memories, but not only that particular pony's memories, but memories of ponies from their past bloodline as well! Isn't that amazing!"

Spike:" So it's like a time machine?"

Twilight:" No, it's a memory machine."

Spike just looked bordly at the futuristic looking bed, and shrugged.

Twilight:" Let me explain it this way. A pony's DNA holds more than just that one pony's memories, but memories of their entire heritage."

Spike:" What about memories of other ponies long gone, who couldn't continue their heritage?"

Twilight:" I'm afraid we aren't able to advance it up to that level yet, but when we do, I'll let you be the first one to try it."

Spike backed away.

Spike:" No thanks. I don't want some magic machine messing with my head. Forget it."

Starlight:" Ok. But just think of all the undiscovered history we unlock, all the historical events that were inaccurately written in books!"

Twilight:" That's exactly what I was thinking!"

The two fillies clapped eachothers hooves n excitement. Spike rolled his eyes in non-amusement.

Spike:" Girls."

Octavia came in with the book she was returning.

Twilight:" Oh hi Octavia. What's going on?"

Octavia:" I was just returning this book. I'm done with it for now."

Twilight:" The Pheonix in the Shadows? I don't remember this one. Oh wait, now I remember. Something about the Creed of Assassins right?"

Octavia:" Um... yes."

Twilight:" Why would you want to learn about them?"

Octavia:" Well... um... no reason. What's this thing here?"

Twilight's eyes glimmered as her smile stretched from ear to ear as Octavia gestured to the animus.

Twilight:" Me and Starlight are working on a very special project. We call it the animus."

Octavia:" Really? Well now I'm interested. Can you tell me what it does?"

Twilight's smile couldn't get any larger.

Twilight:" Of course!"

Twiligh explained exactly what the animus does, and how it works.

Octavia:" So this thing... it can read memories of a pony's entire heritage? If I were to use this thing, I can see what one of my ancesters once seen?"

Twilight:" Exactly! Want to try it?"

Octavia:" Well... I have to be at Lyra's place at three..."

Octavia thought a moment, then saw an opportunity.

Octavia:" How far does this thing let me see into the past of heritage?"

Twilight:" Throughout your entire bloodline."

Octavia:" I see. Can it take me into the memories of a pony named Flutal Melody?"

Twilight:" As long as he's a part of your bloonline, yeah. Would you like give it a go?"

Octavia nodded almost reluctantly, and bit her lip.

Twilight:" Okay, just lat down on the animus, and we'll get started."

Octavia layed down on the glowing dots on the animus, and waited.

Octavia:" Will it hurt? Going in I mean?"

Twilight frowned.

Twilight:" It shouldn't. Why? Having second thoughts?"

Octavia:" N-no. I'm ready."

Starlight began doing... something on some sort of screen.

Starlight:" Okay then, let me just finish up diagnostics. Aaaaand ready!"

A strange screen appeared in front Octavia's face, and suddenly, her vision went white. What seemed like just miles and miles of cloud and numbers, and strange symbols floating around was making Octavia feel strange. Octavia began to see flashes of old long ago memories, but she couldn't stop on one memory inparticular. Her brain was feeling a strange energy surging through it, and her head was in deep pain, and she couldn't make it stop.

Twilight:" Let her out! It's not stablizing! Starlight, let her out!"

Another flash appeared in Octavia's vision, and the present world started to come back to her, but she was breathing heavily. Octavia felt dizzy, her vision blurry. When the screen lifted from her face, she immediately puked over the side of the animus onto the floor. Twilight and Starlight winced at the sight.

Twilight:" A-are you ok?"

Octavia didn't feel ok.

Octavia:" T-twilight... d-did you test this thing before you put me in here?"

Twilight:" Sorry."

Octavia:" I feel... woozy."

Twilight:" How about this. We'll make a few adjustments, then after we've tested it, you can come back and use it, alright?"

Octavia:" I suppose... that sounds like... a good idea. As long as it doesn't kill me next time."

Starlight:" I am so sorry I didn't pull you out sooner, Octavia. I thought you were just adjusting. Are you okay?"

Octavia:" I think I'm fine for now. Hopefully I hadn't just puked out half my brain, along with breakfast."


Octavia and Vinyl arrived at Lyra's house, their hidden blades strapped to their legs. There was a line in front of Lyra and Bonbon's door, and ponies held up their hidden blades to the bouncer, and he let them in. Octavia and Vinyl held up they're blades, and the bouncer opened the door for them.

They came down to Lyra's basement where Lyra was talking to Princess Luna, who had turned to see the two come in.

Luna:" Welcome Miss Scratch and Melody. It is truely a special event today isn't it?"

Octavia:" I thought Lyra said we had these parties every last Friday of the month."

Lyra:" We do. I was just talking to the Misstress about your progress, and we've decided to do something special for you."

Octavia:" Really? Well I suppose long as it doesn't end in my fighting some more griffins, or possibly a manticore, I'm in."

Vinyl rolled her eyes, smiling.

Vinyl:" What am I going to do with you, Octavia?"


Soon, the party started, and everypony was dancing, eating cupcakes, and drinking soda. Octavia was passing the time by playing darts, with throwing knives. She wasn't good at it. She wasn't even good at it with real darts, but apparently Lyra just wanted to teach her how to actually use the throwing knives. Vinyl was wearing her glasses under her hood, and playing her turn table.

Near the end of the party, Princess Luna decided to give an anouncement.

Luna:" Everypony, listen up!"

Everypony turned their attention towards the dark blue alicorn.

Luna:" Now I know we are on edge about the absence of Skystriker at this moment, however, we do have a plan. For now, I would like to welcome a new member of the Creed. As some f you may know, we have a new sister amongst our cause, who has shown dedication to the Ponyhoof, and has learned our ways through hard efforts. I would like everypony to meet... Octavia Melody."

Ponies stomped their hooves in applause. Octavia tried her best not to blush.

Luna:" Octavia Melody has done well this passed week, and has learned faster than most ponies in this room, how to be an assassin. And for that, I would like to make her an official member of the Creed."

Ponies began to make a path from Octavia to Princess Luna. Octavia stared around confused, moving to the side as well.

Vinyl:" What are you doing?"

Octavia:" I... uh... I was just following what everypony else does."

Vinyl chuckled.

Vinyl:" Octavia, they're making path for you. You're getting your robes."

Octavia stared at her, stunned. She was blushing redder than she had before. Vinyl pushed her by the flank with her hoof to get Octavia to move, and Octavia began walking towards Luna, with a nervous smile. When she reached Luna, Luna bowed to her, and Octavia did the same.

Luna:" For your dedication to the Ponyhoof, I would like to present you with these special assassin's robes."

Octavia took the robes in her hoof, and put switched out her old one for it. She had to admit, she felt very powerful while wearing them.

Octavia:" Thank you Princess."

Luna:" Ah ah. You may call me Misstress from now on. As an assassin you are now entitled to call me as such."

Octavia:" A-alright. Thank you Misstress."

And with that, Octavia went back to her spot. As she did, she couldn't help but notice the beak of the pheonix dangling from the hood in her vision.

Luna:" Now, back to the situation at hoof. As I said, we have plan to rescue Skystriker. As it is, our new assassin has a vengeance to uphold. As Misstress, I will assign her to carry out her vengeance on the pony responsible for killing her mother, and just responsible planning this execution for Skystriker. And so she will be the one to assassinate Templar Burnan. Vinyl, you may go with her, if you must. But allow her to make the assassination."

Vinyl:" I'll go. But not for our mother. I'll stand by unless I feel she needs any help."

Luna:" Very well. Everypony is dismissed, except for you Octavia. I wish to speak to you before you leave."

Everypony else headed back home. Vinyl stayed back, waiting for Octavia.

Octavia:" Yes Prin... I mean, Misstress?"

Luna:" I would like to congradulate you on going so far in so little time. It truely pleases me to see my subject rise to their full potential."

Octavia:" Misstress, how come I was able to learn the ways of teh assassin so quickly?"

Luna:" Ah yes, about that. You don't know do you?"

Octavia:" Know what?"

Luna:" Being an assassin is in your family's blood. Your great, great, great, great, great... <gasp> great, great, great, great grandfather was an assassin. Even your mother was an assassin. That is the true reason your father has left you. He thought her a murderer, and couldn't except her for what she was. Those there, are your mother's robes."

Octavia stared blankly.

Octavia:" Why didn't she tell me?"

Luna:" Because your mother didn't want you to leave the same way he did. You may not have known, but she loved you more than she told you."

Octavia:" But... the way she treated me..."

Luna:" Was too hide her feelings. I know because she and I had talked. She wished she knew how to apologize. She didn't know how to express her love to you, and though that is no excuse for the abuse she had given you, you shouldn't love her any less."

Octavia felt a tear rolling down her cheek.

Octavia:" I could never stop loving her, no matter what she did."

Octavia wiped her eyes dry, and looked up at Luna.

Octavia:" I now know where my destiny lies then. And I know what I must do."

Luna:" Then I have two more things for you."

Luna levitated up a hidden blade from the table.

Luna:" This was your mother's blade, and it is the exact same model of the first one I had given you.

Octavia:" I thought one was deadly enough."

Luna just smiled.

Luna:" It never hurts to be too careful. Make sure to take the train to Manehatten tomorrow. The express does not arrive on Sundays."

She levitated a small orange feather up, and gave it to Octavia.

Luna:" This is a phoenix feather. When you kill your target, I want you to soak this in his blood. It tradition for our assassins to do so."

Octavia:" Will do. Thank you."

Lyra:" Nice Job, Octavia! I'm really proud of you."

Bonbon:" It must be such an honor to get your robes so quickly."

Octavia:" Thank you, but it was nothing. I may be an assassin now, but I'm still just... normal Octavia."

Lyra:" You don't know it yet, but you're gonna be helping a lot of ponies. Good luck, Octavia. But remember, you and I still aren't done yet. You've still got some left to learn."


Chapter summary: So yeah! Octavia watches Vinyl as she interigates one of the Templars. The next day, she asks Luna about joining the Creed, and Lyra trains her to be an assassin. Octavia and Vinyl attend the party in Lyra's basement, and Octavia gets her official assassin's robes that were apparently her mother's.