Positives and Negatives is an upcoming fanfiction by Lu. It focuses on Solaris and Lunaris and their fight against the princes and princess of Negative Equestria, Solar Eclipse and Blood Moon.


Hoofsteps echoed down the hallway. A door opened, then closed. Another set of hoofsteps. Each set continued to move until they met each other and stopped.

"Sister." A male voice said simply. "You're up late."

"Brother." A female voice replied. "You are too."

"That is none of your concern. You are my younger sibling, and-"

"I'm only younger by a year. I can take care of myself, brother. Now answer me: What have you been doing? For the past two weeks you've been sneaking out of your bedroom and running off to the palace library." The younger voice snapped.

"A year is a long time." Her brother said. "And a lot of experience."

"Quit dodging the questions, I've seen the signs. Our world is in pieces, isn't it. Do you really think there'd be some way to save it?"

There was silence for a few minutes, and the sound of more hooves echoing from some other part of the floor. "Now's not the time. If we are caught up at this hour, aunt will skin us alive."

The brother's hoofsteps resumed, soon followed by the sister's. "It's not a bad thing, actually. I've done it before on small animals. Most of the time you die from pain or blood loss, not the actual skinning."

"You're mad." The brother whispered.

"I know. I've been aware since my fourth birthday. Remember the maid that found the decapitated rabbits in the garden? Remember how she disappeared after that?"

"You are absolutely mad." Her brother replied. There was another moment of silence, only broken by their hooves. "And I like it."

Chapter One - Life of the Sun and MoonEdit

"It's time to wake, Solar." One of the maids called. Solar Eclipse blinked his eye open. Today was not a day he wanted to be awake on. It was the anniversary of his mother's death. A year ago today his mother was killed by a corrupt knight. A year ago today he lost his only parent. A year ago today he was expected to take on royal duties. He got up from bed and began to comb his mane. He always had terrible bed mane, it was something his mother pointed out often. Despite being critical, she was lighthearted.

He skipped breakfast. He wasn't hungry and he felt that if he ate anything he would be sick.

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