Power Ponies: The Movie is a special featuring the main characters from the series as six masked mare heroines from the city of Maretropolis. When Nightmare Moon sends the six mares a message telling them that she will destroy them, the residents and their Elements of Harmony and make the nighttime last forever, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy and Spike as Masked Matter-Horn, Fili-Second, Zapp, Radiance, Mistress Mare-velous, Saddle Rager and Hum-Drum take action and work together to save the residents of Ponyville and protect the Elements of Harmony. Can these six mares and their dragon friend save the day? Find out in this all new movie.


A Message From An Old Enemy

The movie opens at Fluttershy's Cottage where Fluttershy is watering her flowers. Twilight Sparkle then pops up in front of her in a puff of pink light holding some sort of television. She takes into the cottage to her friends whilst Fluttershy puts down her watering can. She then follows Twilight inside and Twilight sets the television down. Applejack turns the television on and an image of Nightmare Moon (an enemy who the Mane 6 encountered many years ago) pops up. The girls say her name aloud in surprise and Fluttershy's animals run for cover. Nightmare tells the girls that she is plotting to destroy them, the residents of Ponyville and the Elements of Harmony and without the elements and them to protect the town, she will make the nighttime never end she then lets out an evil laugh and the screen fades to black. The 6 friends and Spike gasp and the theme song plays.

Saving The Town

Twilight and her friends can not believe what is about happen. When Rainbow suggests that they fight back, Twilight gets an idea. Later, Spike and the ponies are at the Boutique. Rarity then comes out carrying some costumes and wearing a costume of her own. The others are surprised, Rarity gives the first costume to Twilight who she tells is the Masked Matter-Horn. She gives the rest of the ponies and Spike their costumes and tells together they are the Power Ponies, the superheroines of Maretropolis.

Headline text

so, BAM!, the elements of harmony flied to the power ponies, first the element of honesty flied to mistress mare-villous's neck, then, the element of kindness flied to saddle ranger's neck ,then, the element of laughter flied to filly-second's neck, then, the element of generosity flied to radiance's neck ,then, the element of loyalty flied to zap's neck, finally, the element of magic flied to masked matter-horn's head, so nightmare moon said:NOOOO! as the power ponies release a rainbow beam


For more quotes, visit the movies Transcript. Nightmare Moon: The night. Will last. forever! [Evil laughter] Spike: Twilight, we've gotta stop her! Rainbow Dash: Well, I suggest that we fight back! Main cast: We're the Power Ponies! And we protect Equestria!