Prince RattlesnakeEdit

Prince Rattlesnake is the heir to the throne of Snakefangs. He now lives in Canterlot with Lunaria Storm. He appears out of no where.


Rattlesnake was born in the kingdom of Snakefangs, a kingdom where the inhabitants have sharp fangs that are sometimes venomous. He then left Snakefangs to go to Canterlot because he was bored. He started attacking Canterlot just for fun. Then, Lunaria Storm defeated him. He almost insantly took a liking to her and started following her around.


Rattlesnake used to be completely evil. He attacked Canterlot just for fun. After he met Storm, he changed his ways. He is considered a rival by Dragonfly because he and Rattlesnake like Storm. Dragonfly is very afraid of him and has called him a vampire before because of his bite marks.


Rattlesnake is a moss green Alicorn. His pupils are like a cats's. His ears are pointy. He has bat-like wings. He wears a black cape. His mane and tail are black with neon green streaks. He has very sharp fangs. His tail is considered a scythe by Storm. His mane is styled in a mohawk. His cutie mark are fangs. He has two bite marks on his neck.




"Finnaly! A town that could solve my boredom!"

"HAHAHA! You think you can stop me, pon

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