Aleia Skyrift, full name Aleia Wingrise Angelo Skyrift, is next in line for the position of Fifteenth Queen of the Kingdom of Skyrift. She is the daughter of King Davius Skyrift and Queen Elanda Skyrift.{{Infobox_character |name = Aleia Wingrise Angelo Skyrift |image = MLP53.png |imagewidth = 250 |caption = hi Im Elanda |kind = Alicorn |gender = Female |eyes = Sky Blue |mane = Blue and Sky Blue |coat = White |cutie mark = A wing !Parent Twilight Sparkle Job - Magic

Early LifeEdit

Aleia was born into the Skyrift Royal Family. It was strange, since she was the first Alicorn born to the royal family in generations. She was taught in nobility and politics among other things. She got along well with other nobles, but prefered to keep to herself. She liked to spend her time reading in her bedroom, mainly on magic. She quickly got a good grasp on her magical abilities, and was soon practicing advanced techniques. She also learned to fly at a fairly early age.


Aleia tends to keep her feelings from others, and tries her best to be the princess everyone expects her to be. She is somewhat strict around others, and wont hesitate to criticize someone should they do something wrong. She does begin lighten up when Lightblade comes around, however, and over time from him she becomes less strict, more carefree, and more confident in her role in the Skrift Royal Family. APPEAR She now lives with Mom and life long parent Twilight Sparkle

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