Princess Astra

Princess Astra is the Alicorn Princess of the star kingdom, She is being targeted by a group of stallions for her amazing powers and Knowledge. Astra (what people who's close to her call her) takes refuge in ponyville and stays with Fluttershy.


Princess Astra is a Purple pony with violet mane with pink steaks, she has unusual crystal pink eyes and wears a red beret


Princess Astra is Optimistic, fun, adventurous and talented. Astra is able to do anything she puts her mind to and seems to be smart as she is able to build things without trying and is talented with music, acrobats and magic. Astra is hard to anger and seems to love all kinds of sweets, she can cause trouble due to her restlessness, Every pony have said that Astra is easy to get along because of her warm presence. Astra is shown to have Autophobia (fear of being alone).She has the same magical skills as any unicorns but has the special power to manipulate star-base magic.


Princess Astra was abandon in canterlot when she was a baby, she was raised by princess Celestia and learned how to control her powers, she had to leave canterlot when she was pursued by evil stallions who want to use her powers against canterlot. She came to Ponyville where she met Fluttershy, rainbow dash, twilight, rarity and apple jack, under their protection Astra stayed at fluutershy's home until she can control her powers to save her friends, she trains with Twilight


Telekinesis- Like every unicorn, Astra can move objects with her mind

sense spell- Astra's sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste is increased to allow her to sense things other's can't

Crystal spell- Astra is able to manipulate crystals to form crystal prisons, crystal balls, crystal breath and crystallization

Stellar manipulation- Astra's unqiue powers over the stars involve, solar flame, stellar winds, meteor showers and stellar blasts and barriers

Imagination- Astra has another unique, unlike other Alicorns Astra was born with amazing imagination which can be brought into reality


Princess Celestia- Astra treats Princess Celestia as her bilogical mother instead of step mum, Astra was distorted when she had to leave princess celestia behind and vowed to come back and save her

Fluttershy- Fluttershy and Astra are like sisters, they care about each other and seem to have many in common like their love for animals, Astra sometimes has to help fluttershy speak up so she is heard. Astra never forgets Fluttershy as she always ask where she was.

Twilight- Astra and Twilight are student and Teacher and seem to have fun learning new spells, Astra sometimes thinks Twilight is too strict for her but knows that Twilight wants her to get better

Spike- Spike is like Astra's younger brother as they both share they spare time together, cracking jokes and playing games, Astra is shown to enjoy teasing spike about rarity everytime he sees her.

Rarity- Astra enjoys helping rarity in her shop and seems to have made  a variety of clothes which she hides in rarity's closet

Axel- Astra has shown a great understanding for Axel after meeting him, she has shown to try to be friends with him and seemingly hang around him, after she found out that he was trying to destroy princess celestia, she and her friends foiled his plans and Astra convinced him that he's fighting from the wrong side.