Princess Clipsia is a pale silver Alicorn pony.

Princess Clipsia
Gender Female
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Occupation Unknown
Eyes Magenta
Mane Cream
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Coat Silver
Cutie Mark Dark blue moon with pale craters and yellow flames surrounding the edge


She is a pale silver Alicorn with cream mane and tail. She also wears a dark gray cloak no matter the weather. She also has bright magenta eyes. Her cutie mark is a dark blue moon with pale craters and yellow flames surrounding the edge.


  • Flight
  • Teleportation
  • Transformation
  • Weather (Magic Specialty)


She used to live in Canterlot castle along with Luna, Celestia, and Prince Eclipso. She was an orphan, but she was found as a foal so she doesn't really know.

One day, she went to a fair, happening to run into Dipsy. He followed her around, trying to get her to admit he was the best, but she simply ignored him. Then, Dipsy got distracted and Clipsia took her chance to walk away.

Later, The Cutie Mark Crusaders walked up to her and asked if they wanted to play hide and seek. After finding Sweetie and Applebloom, they went to search for Scootaloo. They found her hurt and crying. She said she had tripped and scraped her leg. Applebloom and Sweetie went to get somebody with medical supplies while Clipsia watched Scootaloo.

Just then, Dipsy had caught up with her. At first, he was angry she had left, but then he noticed Scootaloo. Without hesitation and warning, he started screaming that Clipsia had hurt Scootaloo. Without getting a chance to explain, Scootaloo started to get fixed up by the nurse who had just appeared, unable to speak without screaming from the disinfectant. Clipsia was then chased from town by a crown of ponies and thought dead.

She made a comeback in a Roleplay between 1LL and Trudge. Just as the Eight Elements of Discord were about to attack, she appeared in front of the Elements of Harmony and told them to flee. She was defeated after they left, but managed to escape.

She often looks after Axis Solaris and Axis Lunaris when Luna and Celestia are away, and has delveloped a great bond with them so far.


Princess Luna - Like a sister

Princess Celestia - Like a sister

Prince Eclipso - Somewhat like a brother

Dipsy - Thinks he is slightly annoying and greatly self-centered


  • "But I- And- Scoota-" Trying to explain what happened to Scootaloo.
  • "You have to find the last element!" Telling the EoH to flee.
  • "It was a simple misunderstanding. Not everything should be taken seriously." - Explaining to the others after telling them her story.
  • "I shall personally see you do not get any mirrors, should we defeat you." - Threatening Dipsy while fighting.