You Are the best big brother ever, Fireblaze!

—Ember hugging Fireblaze when he agreed to take her shopping at the mall.

Sapphire by electrojolt67-d6a6f7f
Kind Alicorn
Gender Female
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Occupation Princess
Eyes Gold
Mane Red and yellow
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Coat orange
Cutie Mark Fireball
Andrea Libman
Singing voice Andrea Libman



She is very friendly and kind. She loves her older brother alot, because after their parents were killed by Zeel, she was raised by her brother (Fireblaze)all her life as a young colt. She is very good at making friends but she is sometimes passionate. 


When their parents died she went to stay at the fire kingdom (because her because her brother went to the fire empire Military Academy,). 5 months later, Fireblaze graduated from the Military Academy and went to the fire kingdom to raise Ember ,and be crowned the prince of the fire empire, but everything turned out bad when discord kidnapped Ember. Ember called for Fireblaze to save her and Fireblaze came. Fireblaze tried to take down Discord but he was defeated. Ember was in fear that her brother was going to die but then Ember was saved by Celestia and Luna. After Discord was defeated by Luna and Celestia, Celestia noticed that Fireblaze and Ember were rulers of the Fire Empire, but didnt have the proper teaching. So they decided to take them to Canterlot to know how to rule their fire empire. While Luna was training Fireblaze, Celestia decided to teach Ember the way of being a princess. After 8 years of being trained Ember earned her cutie mark (And so did Fireblaze).  After being taught by Celestia and Luna, they returned to the Fire Empire to Rule it. After reclaiming her throne, She and Fireblaze ruled the kingdom, and became alicorns (due to the fact that they were very loyal to Celestia and Luna).


  • SPOILERS: She shares the name to the MLP:FiM canon dragon "Ember", or "Princess Ember" (now dragon lord Ember) from Gauntlet of Fire.