Princess Angelic Heartwing
Kind Alicorn
Gender Female
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Occupation Princess

Owner of the Pon-Geek store

Eyes Brown
Mane Black
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Coat Yellow
Cutie Mark A heart with chibi-sized angel wings
Ashley Johnson
Heartwing (Full Name: Princess Angelic Heartwing) is a royal Alicorn princess from Lumina Kingdom. Her mother is Queen Holy Sun, ruler of the kingdom.


Heartwing is shy and quiet, but she opens up more once she's around her friends, Reading Rose and the Mane 6. She does dream of true love, but she gets nervous in front of somepony she likes. She is sometimes secretive, but tells the truth sometimes often. However, she still keeps her secret of her being an Alicorn princess from everypony (except Sea Drifter, Reading Rose and the Mane 6) so that she avoids unwanted attention. She loves to read, her favorite kinds are comic books and manga, thus she has her own comic book shop, the Pon-Geek store. She wants to be refered to as "Heartwing".


Heartwing is a deep yellow alicorn of average height. She has a blackish-blue mane that she keeps slightly wavy, and tail, which is slightly wavy. Her eyes are brown color, with six lashes each. She also wears pink glasses. Her cutie mark is a light pink heart with miniature cartoon angel wings.

Early Life

Heartwing was born far away from Canterlot in a distant kingdom named the Lumina Kingdom, a known kingdom with mysteries that even Princess Celestia don't even know. Heartwing's father was banished from the kingdom, because of the fact he stole some of the gems from the kingdom, out of spite from him and Holy Sun's divorce. But sometimes Heartwing visits him sometimes at his hometown.


Queen Holy Sun - Mother

Sea Drifter - Love Interest


  • Her favorite fairy tale is Hooferella (Cinderella).