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Cool and Mysterious but also kind and understanding, Imperia has a charisma that draws ponies to her. Imperia is cunning, smart, mischievious and very easy to get along with. Imperia seems to have a vast knowledge about magic which is why she's Twilight's student. Imperia is described as someone who's always there as she is a social butterfly and is always on the move


Imperia is a white Alicorn with blue tints on her legs, she has a purple and pink mane and wears a red beret on her head along with a gold star necklace. One of the most fascinating things about Imperia is her gold eyes and how they seem like they already know you.



Imperia managed to recover the rest of her memory, to realise that she is the princess of boundaries and that she came to stop Lucifer, a dragon Alicorn, from creating destruction to Equestria. While battling Lucifer in space and in a last attempt to stop him, she used up all her powers and fell down to ponyville.



As she is the princess of Boundaries she has control over most  boundaries, as she is still young she is only limited to a few. Imperia's most commonly used power is the ability to bend or restore reality, she has limited control over time and is talented at offensive, defensive and miscellaneous magic.Imperia also has the unique power to grant unrestricted wishes which is only used as a last resort



Twilight Sparkle- Twilight is the closest friend to Imperia and they both have a deep bond with each other, Twilight was fascinated by Imperia and decided to take her as a student after witnessing her magical skills, overtime Twilight and Imperia have developed a mother-daughter relationship to the point where Twilight is overprotected about her. Twilight was the first one to assure Imperia that they will always be together.

Princess Luna- Imperia bonded with Luna when she comforted her and told her that she understands her pain, she starts to get to know Luna more and more everytime she comes to Canterlot, Princess Luna grows a fondness for Imperia and is much more relaxed with her, they both have necklaces that show they friendship

Princess Celestia- Celestia has grown interested in Imperia and seems to know about her origins, at the beginning Imperia started addressing Celestia formally until she grew to see as a friend instead of a ruler, it was reviewed by Celestia that they may be related somehow.

Skylar- Imperia has a crush on Skylar after they first meeting when he saved her, she grew more fond of him when she found out that he is a castle guard.Although Imperia knows that she likes him, she keeps her feelings a secret and denies it when asked, she does this so Skylar doesn't get hurt

Lucifer- Lucifer is Imperia's arch enemy and the reason why she came to Equestria, Lucifer had promised to bring destruction and chaos to Equestria. Both Imperia and Lucifer has an immense hatred for each other to the point that they can't be in the same room without fighting

Discord-Discord and Imperia both connected when Imperia found Discord's pranks to be hilarious, something only a few found, Discord and Imperia enjoying having fun together and Discord was the one to stop Lucifer from attacking Imperia as well as offering his help

Mane 5- Imperia has a good relationship with Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie pie, Rainbow dash and Fluttershy,often coming around to help them or play around.