Princess Lunaria Storm (A.K.A, Storm,Lunaria, and Lunar Thunder) is a princess from the fallen kingdom Lilacrose which is far away from Canterlot

Princess Lunaria Storm
Kind Alicorn
Gender Female
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Mane Black with Purple streaks
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Coat Black
Cutie Mark Two lightning bolts


Princess Lunaria Storm is a 15 year old Alicorn who lived in the fallen kingdom, Lilacrose. One day when she was six, Discord came and killed everybody, starting with Sunbeam and Starstruck, her parents. She tried to fight him off, but he got the upper hand. She was mortally wounded. She flew all the way to Princess Celestia's castle. Princess Celestia saw her condition and took her in as her adopted daughter. From that day forward, she devoted her life to her new kingdom. Her best friends are Princess Luna, Rainbow Dash, Dragonfly, and Cheetah. When she first had to go to school, she had to go to Flight School in Cloudsdale and the Canterlot School for Gifted Unicorns because she was an Alicorn. She was admired by all of her classmates from both schools. When she first met Rainbow Dash, Rainbow Dash was a little bit jealous that she had a horn and wings. She challenged her to a race, and won. Rainbow Dash was shocked, but impressed. They then became best friends.


Storm is a tall Alicorn. She is an all black pony with purple streaks in her mane and tail. Part of her wings have purple streaks. She has a navy blue earing shaped like a moon. Her cutie mark are two thunderbolts. She has a very sharp horn.


Storm is a very nice pony. She is also very reckless because she challenged Rainbow Dash to a race without even thinking about it first. Storm can be very naive sometimes because she is completely unaware of Dragonfly's crush on her.


Sunbeam - Mother, deceased

Starstruck - Father, deceased

Aquila - Pet Phoenix


coming soon

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