Project XXX, also known as Project Triple-X, X, or Over Yonder, is a former Alliance member. She is a timid unicorn that knows little of the outside world.

Over Yonder "X"
Kind Unicorn
Gender Female
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Occupation Gardener
Eyes Green
Mane Blue with yellow streaks
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Coat Lily purple
Cutie Mark None


X is a lily purple unicorn filly. She has a curly bright blue mane with yellow streaks. She has green eyes, but no cutie mark.


X was born into the Alliance, the daughter of two unknown ponies. She spent a majority of her life in the facility, almost never going outside. When the Skyrockets defeated the Alliance, X fled. She found herself in Canterlot, and took up a job in a flower shop. She soon started her own gardening shop.

She is still cautious around ponies that seem intimidating or wear armor, as they remind her of the time in the facility. She never tells anyone her real name, and prefers to go by X.

She lives above her shop, and only goes outside to purchase supplies.

Through the events of By Candlelight, she travels with Light Crescendo and Hermes.



Light Crescendo - Friend

Mercy - Friend

Brutality - Friend

Hermes - Friend