Queen Alice
Queen Alice is the main villain for the upcomeing My Little Pony special "Twisted Reality". She is based of the character Alice from Alice In Wonderland.


She is a dark blue alicorn with a dark yellow mane that flows in the wind, like Celestia's and Luna's manes. Her armor is grey and her crown haveing a red jewel and a pink sphere on top. Her wings strengely have red markings on the feather ends. Her Cutie Mark is a pink checkerboard world with two black and white pillars covering it.


Her magic strangely tears the fabrics of time and space and forceing the ponies from those dimentions to come to Equestria. Her wings strangely leave a blood red trail when flying.

Alice The Dreadful QueenEdit

Alice The Dreadful Queen is the song she sings in the special. The song is based off Alice no Taikutsu by Yuko Hoshina. In the song, she sings that she is no longer "the alice from floaklore" and she wants to take over every world in Equestria.

「090」 : アリスの退屈03:23

「090」 : アリスの退屈

The song it was based off.

(lyrics coming soon)


  • She somewhat resembles of what the japanese think of wonderland. A demonic and illusional place where insane people go, Queen Alice acts somewhat demonic and can create illusions that make people go insane.

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