Rainbow Dash: Sky Attack is a 3D Platformer Game published by Hasbro and developed by Traveller's Tales for Vermont Gameware's Gaming Maple console. It stars Rainbow Dash who along with Twilight Sparkle and the others must prevent Darkblaze from bringing back Nightmare Moon, who is really an evil spirit inside Princess Luna that escaped due to her being a bad body to use.


The game has two main types of gameplay, land & air.

Land GameplayEdit

Playing similar to Spyro the Dragon, Land levels consist of open-worlds Raindbow Dash explores, she can run, jump, spin to attack enemies, and glide some distances in these worlds. The goal of these stages is to complete a certain goal, such as get to a certain area, collect an ammount of an item, or even find a certain character.

Air GameplayEdit

With some similarities to Kid Icarus flying stages, Air Stages consists of on-rail flying where Raindbow Dash will dodge obsticals and fight enemies by spinning at them. If Rainbow runs into a Rainbow Cloud she can preform the Sonic Rainboom which skips up to an 1 6th of the stage and distroys everything that comes with in that bit. The goal of these stage is to just simply get from point A to point B.


Bosses are either on land or in the air;

  • Land Bosses have Rainbow Dash fight the boss by find it's weak point and attack there a certain ammount of times to defeat it.
  • Air Bosses attack Rainbow then fly across the screen giving the player some time to attack.


Princess Celestia and Luna leaves the kingdom for an Important Meeting and leaves Twilight in charge, she finds Darkblaze lurking around the castle and he runs out with a Purple Bottle. She quickly notices the Nightmare Moon symbol on it and races back to PonyVille to alert her friends about this. Without thinking Rainbow Dash goes with out the rest of the group. She travels through PonyVille, Everfree Forest, RockyCliff Mountain, and Canterlot to find DarkBlaze.When she gets there to find Darkblaze he has already resurrected Nightmare Moon and then NM attacks Rainbow Dash by going thought her like a ghost and that causes Nightmare Moon to turn into Nighmare Dash and then flys to PonyVille with Rainbow Dash racing her. They reach PonyVille and Rainbow reunites with the others for a final showdown with Nightmare. Unpon Nightmare Dash's defeat (once again) the Princesses return and punish Darkblaze's mess by banishing him to EverFree Forest.


The game has 4 unlockable skins by completing all levels of a world without getting hit once.

  • Rainbow Dash- at start
  • Derpy- Ponyville
  • Fluttershy- Everfree Forest
  • Daring Doo- RockyCliff Mountain
  • Nightmare Dash- Canterlot


Sky Attack is one of the first Gaming Maple titles to have a Demo downloadable from the GamingMapleShop onto the Transferable Data Drive, costing of course 0 Drive Points. This demo features 8 of the games 28 stages, 4 land and 4 air levels. With 1 land stage from 1 world and 1 air level being from that same world. It also includes a tutorial stage, which the full game does not include.


  • RDSA is one of the first My Little Pony games to feature a Fan Character. The creator of the FC Darkblaze, Ishimura Elite, is mentioned in the credits as "CREATOR OF DARKBLAZE: ISHIMURA ELITE"
  • Several Refrences to games Traveler's Tales made can be found in this game including Lego, (A giant stud is found near the middle of a EverFree level) Crash Twinsanity, (An orange pony with a yellow belly and blue pants called Crash is in the first level), and even Sonic R (a cloud forms the logo in one of the air stages.)

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