Rainbow Dash 2: World of Sadness is a 3D platforming game for the Gaming Maple, Playstation Network, 3DSWare, and Xbox Live Arcade. It is the sequel to Rainbow Dash: Sky Attack. Unlike Sky Attack, RD2 was developed by Ubisoft Montpilier and published by Ubisoft. The story is about Rainbow Dash and the other protagonists of the G4 MLP show getting abucted by an annoynomus group. Rainbow Dash escapes and has to find a way to save her friends, while helping others in this strange world with their own problems.



Another diffrence from Sky Attack and World of Sadness is that WoS is mission-based, as players talk to a character, listen to what thewir task is and do that task to complete it. The game consits of 6 open-ended worlds each with 10 ponies with missions, and a boss gate. The boss gate is only unlocked by completing all tasks in a world.

There are 6 types of missions;

  • Collection: Collect a certian ammount of items
  • Defeat: Defeat a certain ammount of enemies.
  • Race: Race the character to a area
  • Escort: Find a character and return them to the character that gave the task.
  • Battle: Fight that character.
  • Dash: Reach an area within a certain time.


Rainbow Dash's glide ability was removed and replaced with a new dashing mechanic, by holding down the dash button Rainbow can run faster and if she jumps while at full-speed, the player can make her fly for some time. Plus, swimming was added to the game, which has similar mechanics to flying except the flying gauge is replaced with an air meter with slowly depletes until is it is empty or Rainbow Dash returns to the surface. If it runs out the player dies.


World of Sadness features a multiplayer mode. Up to four players race each other simoultainously to complete one of the games 60 missions with in the fastest time possible. On the PSN and XBLA versions, players can upload their times onto online leaderboards.

Skin Creator

Rainbow Dash 2 features a skin creator that lets players create their own skin for Rainbow Dash. It is much similar to the character creator from Rabbids Go Home, another game by Ubisoft Montpilier.