Rainbow Swift

Rainbow Swift Note- I could not add the scars

 Rainbow Swift jumped down from cloudsdale into everfree forest because ponies kept mocking him because his twin sister Rainbow Dash was better then him.

He is a colt and the same age and same height as Rainbow Dash

He wants to keep away from Rainbow Dash and the other elements

He is also a very dangerous pony, he is a skilled flyer, and skilled fighter

Section heading

it is proven that he is alive but heavily scarred and his cutie mark is barely even seen.

Since he lived in everfree forest he made friends with creatures.

6 timberwolves

1 Ursa major

1 Ursa minor

1 Hydra

1 Phoenix

1 Manticore

1 Green dragon

His powers

He can use the powers of Water,Ice,and Rainbow

He has many trade mark attacks like:

Sonic Rainboom

Ice Rainboom

Water Rainboom

Water Blast

Water Asteroid

Rainbow Asteroid

Ice Asteroid