Ralph is a grey wolf that came to Ponyville shortly after leaving Canania(seriously?Canania)for a friendship task. He make friends with the Mane Six(main seven for god sake)and starts to develop a crush on Twilight, which dosen't always go well because I always tell Flash Sentry. His voice is provided by Elijah Wood (no because he is just a picture/image)and his singing voice was done by Zac Elfron(what did I just say about this?)


Ralph is a brave and quick thinking young wolf and is not afraid of what he immediately sees (eg.a manticore, or a dragon) and will never hesitate to protect his friends when they are in trouble.

Though he is good natured, Ralph can sometimes get easily irritated by his friend's antics and often gets mad at them. But he always manages to forgive them later.

He also seems to be caring and very helpful to his friends. Often risking his own life and fur to help Applejack herd a large and aggressive ram and Pinkie Pie break the pack ice in Winter Wrap Up, which is one of the reasons the ponies show sympathy towards him.

Ralph also has a soft spot for young kids, since he had younger pup cousins before he came to Ponyville. He often supports the Cutie Mark Crusaders in getting their cutie marks and sticks up for Spike when he annoys or dissapoints Twilight.


Unlike the wood-skinned timberwolves that dwell in the Everfree Forest, Ralph is an actual wolf with fur, flesh and blood. He has bluish grey fur with a icy grey underbelly, muzzle and paws. He even hasblue eyes as a tribute to his voice actor.


Being a wolf, Ralph uses his cunning, speed, quick-thinking to get out of or deal with vile situations, either for his own or his friends safety. When he is in dire trouble, he can always protect himself with his fangs and ferocity.

Ralph can also speak in two languages. His sapient language (heard as English to the viewers) and feral language (heard as growls, howls etc) in which he uses to talk to pets and other non-sapient wildlife, most notably the ponies pets. In scenes where he talks to most of the animals and pets, the animals Ralph's communicating with can be seen speaking in English as well but is unheard by the ponies.


Twilight Sparkle - Ralph is Twilight's boyfriend, and they both show great affection towards each other and support each other despite each other's difference in species. But sometimes can't handle each other's differences in personality, leading them to engage in heated arguments, ending in a breakup. They sometimes get back together but then break up after doing someting stupid to hurt each other's feelings. Thus they have an on-off relationship.

Princess Celestia - Princess Celestia seems to have a positive attitude towards the young wolf, despite being aware of his relationship with her prized pupil.

Princess Luna - Princess Luna seems to admire Ralph greatly since he is a creature of the night. But she tends to get a bit "touchy", which makes Twilight insanely jealous.

Fluttershy - Ralph is very close to Fluttershy and comes to her for comfort when his feelings. Ralph admits that he feels light as a feather around the Pegasus and is not afraid to burst into tears in front of her after he and Twilight breakup because he knows that she will give her a shoulder to cry on.

Rainbow Dash - Rainbow Dash sees Ralph as a fun guy and always flies to the wolf when she wants to laugh at the insulting jokes about Applejack and Rarity.

Applejack - Ralph seems to be good friends with Applejack and likes to help Her and her family in tending to their business in harvesting apples by sniffing out the rotten fruits with his keen sense of smell. Applejack dosen't seem to be aware of Ralph telling jokes about her to RD.

Pinkie Pie - Though Ralph and Pinkie are good friends, Ralph is mostly freaked out by her hyperactive nature is not afraid to run away or hide under a table when the pink earth pony is up to her antics.

Rarity - Rarity seems to be in good terms with Ralph, but always asks him to wipe his paws before he enters Carousel Boutique. He is sometimes annoyed by her snotty and tidy nature and snaps at her to stop her from giving an excuse.

Spike - Spike sees Ralph as a big brother figure and always comes to him when he needs a break from doing his chores because he knows that the wolf will defend him.

Timberwolf Pack - Though they were hostile at first and saw Ralph as a threat, the timberwolves eventually got used to the fleshy wolf's company after he used his lupine body language with them. Some of the timberwolves were soo inspired by Ralph's ability to talk to ponies, that they moved to Canania and became official citizens. They even became more sapient and developed the ability to talk.


  • Since Ralph and Twilight are in love with eachother, this makes them the second interspecies pairing in the show. The first being Spike and Rarity.
  • Ralph is the third talking beast in Ponyville that is a carnivore, the first and second being Gilda Griffon and Gustave Le'Grand.
  • Ralph's voice actor Elijah Wood also did the voice of Mumble from Happy Feet 1&2 and Spyro the Dragon from his own game series named after himself. His singing voice Zac Elfron played as Troy in the High School Musical series.

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