Rani is a snotty pegasus around Pepper's age. She has always been moody since a pegasus torn one of her wings off and she lost her ability to fly around 4th grade. The only preson she is nice to is her dad Klepto Mistryo.

Rani Mistryo
Kind Pegasus
Gender female
Residence {{{residence}}}
Occupation Working with her dad
Eyes Gold
Mane Red and yellow
Nicknames {{{nicknames}}}
Relatives {{{relatives}}}
Coat Dirty Gold [once Light red]
Cutie Mark None


Early lifeEdit

Even though Rani appears first is introduced in " Welcome to Hoffingford " it there are a few things known.

Flight schoolEdit

Rani has always been happy being a pegasus, [probully why she was so badly tramitized], and joined Flight school in frist grade, [like Pepper in Fourth].


A mean pegasus named Redwing hated Rani and jealuosly pulled a mean prank. He told her to meet him in the garden alone a beat her up and broke her wing so bad so could never fly again.

Pepper involedEdit


After begin hurt she deside to take a walk only to be found by Discord, Discord desided to help her but by turning her evil. Luckily, Pepper, Holly, and the rest of her friends used the elements of awesomeness to save her but ever since that day, she thinks she is as bad as Redwing.


Pepper and Holly meet up with her again in " Pepper on Ice" After running into her father. Rani tries to attack her but clumsy Alex run her over she gives up.


You fool, now face my wrath

—Rani to Pepper and Holly, In " Pepper on Ice "

I feel bad for Rani, and I only made it worse.

—Pepper to Tamara about Rani , In a" Disharomany in the rani, part 1"

You shall pay for hurting Discord!!!!!!!!

—Rani to the Mane 7, In " Disharomany in the Rani, part 2"


Rani wasn't always stubborn, she was originally like Princess Hollyberry, but ever since the  acident she has been like rock.

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