Raspberry Blossom is the daughter of Peach Cobbler and Banana SmoothieShe's an only child.

Raspberry Blossom
Raspberry Blossom
Gender Female
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Occupation Student
Eyes Dark greenish-grey
Mane Dark Red with Periwinkle streaks
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Coat pinkish-grey
Cutie Mark None


Coming soon!


Coming soon!


Peach Cobbler - Mother

Banana Smoothie - Father

Poison Joke

Poison Joked Raspberry Blossom
Raspberry Blossom found a  blue flower while walking in the Everfree Forest with Scootaloo. She knew it was time to go home, but when she tried to fly, she just stayed in one spot. She realized that her wings had suddenly disappeared! She was devastated. When she's upset, her coat and mane fade. Scootaloo recommended she go to Zecora. Raspberry Blossom found Zecora and took the bubble bath. She was happy to be back in the air again!

Happy Raspberry Blossom