Raykaishy Alightark
Raykaishy Alightark blue alicorn prince of ponyville
Raykaishy Alightark (left) with Finn (right)
Kind Alicorn
Gender Male
Mane Long
Coat Light blue
Cutie Mark Mane Six's cutie marks between own blue and gold magic
Occupation Prince of Ponyville and Star Watcher
Eyes Rainbow

Raykaishy Alightark is an alicorn born in Manehatten, prince of Ponyville after Twilight Sparkle and also star watcher. His first apparition was in the fanfic A new pony, a new Challenge during the season 4 of MLP:FIM.


Ray and Adonai

Raykaishy Alightark and Adonai pony

   Raykaishy Alightark has a certain percent of the Mane Six's  personalities due to his cutie mark, but he's also serious sometimes and tries to do the correct way in everything. Is a good persevering pony.


Raykaishy Alightark has a light blue coat, his eyes are rainbow with eyelayes and his mane  is too long with blue, gold, and white colors. Also he's tall and his jaw is like a changeling.

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Raykaishy Alightark with his older versions

The Cutie MarkEdit

His cutie mark is the magic of twilight in blue and gold colors with the Mane Six's cutie marks between it. It was obtained when he was a unicorn in A new pony, a new Challenge part 2. Raykaishy Alightark and the Mane Six had entered into a cave protected

Raykaishy-Alightark cutie mark 3

Raykaishy Alightark Neo Alicorn Cutie Mark

by magical doors that they where opened by Princess Luna and Princess Cadence. Avoiding the traps inside the cave, the ponies came to a place with six stalagmites where the Mane Six put themselves in every one giving their energy to the element of harmony called perseverance to do a Celestia's mission to they (an evil unicorn was in Ponyville trying to revive King Sombra).

Cutie Mark abilitesEdit

Raykaishy can do the most things the Mane Six can do like powerful magic (Twilight Sparkle), strong forces (Applejack), increases speed (Rainbow Dash), very creative (Rarity), the stare increased by 10 and comunication with animals (Fluttershy). The special ability is the power of the star called "Star Magic" from Celestia's parents. It includes: star hoof stretched and the abilities to transform into the phases of Star Magic Mode (Star Magic, Super Star Magic and Alicorn Star Magic). After Total Demonstration, he loses the powers of Star Magic and Celestia's parents because they are replaced by Adonai power.



Lighty AlightarkEdit

He's his only brother. Lighty Alightark was part of Raykaishy's adventures and the relationship with the him was not good at first but better when Raykaishy and his friends (Mane Six) where free of changeling thanks to Lighty Alightark. Now the relationship is stable.

Erbon AlightarkEdit

With his father at side, he was not happy in all on his childhood and his adolescence. Raykaishy wrote letters for him and the mother Daja Bottfler on his stay in Ponyville until the fic Total demonstration. The relationship with his father still unstable.

Daja BottflerEdit

The mother is helpful than the father in kindness. His relationship with his mother is usually nice and Raykaishy loves his mother.

Ultimate StallionsEdit

His own male friends almost always joined to Raykaishy's adventures even when where conflict sometimes they helped Raykaishy. He has a good relationship with his friends.

Mane SixEdit

The relationship with the ponies wasn't always good. At first, he tryied to avoid ponies like Pinkie Pie due to her personality  and he was in doubt about having friends or not. Then, the relationship was better and Raykaishy Alightark learned the true friendship. The Mane Six where good with him the most of time, but he not so good with her. Today, he's thinking about to leave the Mane Six due to another presence that it showed him the real true about the Princess Celestia.


Princess CelestiaEdit

He has always obeyed the words of the female alicorn when she gave him missions and quests in every moment. Raykaishy Alightark always showed respect to her, but after a dream he knew the true behind the Princess Celestia that she was really another idol called "The queen of the sky" by Adonai, his new friend not part of the Ultimate Stallions. Now he's thinking in not meeting the princess and that's the result of the Mane Six separation with Raykaishy.

Princess LunaEdit

The relationship with this alicorn was too short. He only talked to her a bit, not so much to say about the relationship of Raykaishy with Luna.

Princess CadenceEdit

With the Princess Cadence, Raykaishy talked a bit but she was wondered when Raykaishy and Change took the changelings out closer the castle where Cadence was in The good changeling. His relationship with this alicorn is a bit good.


Shining ArmorEdit

He only saw him a few times and talked to him a few moments.

Blue BloodEdit

Raykaishy Alightark hasn't relationship with him due to Blue Blood's  arrogance and he ratted him in The Legendary Crystal Pony part 2 when Princess Celestia knew what Raykaishy has done and where to find him.

The other poniesEdit

He doesn't talk too much with other ponies but that doesn't mean he isn't social with every pony.

Mane FriendsEdit

Lighty Alightark (brother)Edit

Jenomel (best friend)Edit




Raykaishy the unicorn (classic Raykaishy)Edit

Raykaishy the unicorn (unicorn Raykaishy Alightark) appears by first time in A new pony, a new Challenge when he came from Manehatten to keep his studies and work in Ponyville. He has a short horn, light blue coat, long mane with blue and black colors. His body is tall, his jaw is like a changeling and he has brown eyes. Raykaishy is always staring to everything and never can be with normal eyes. 

The personality has a certain percent non-controlled Mane Six's personalities but is part of a good pony though he was always changing himself. He's very serious the most of time due to his terrible childhood in the past.

The cutie mark is the same but in blue and black colors.

The element of harmonyEdit

Raykaishy Alightark had an element of harmony when unicon that it was used in A new pony, a new Challenge part 3 and Rage contained by Twilight Sparkle. The element was made of gold,


Raykaishy Alightark element of harmony (only unicorn)

the Mane Six's elements and own unicorn Raykaishy Alightark new element of harmony perseverance. Is a part of an armor that it covers the front hooves with six elements and the chest is the element of perseverance. It was made by Celestia's parents to lock a powerful evil magic and because that it was a "corrupt element". Princess Celestia saved it to prevent the destruction of the other elements and it control of bad ponies but in Raykaishy, it is safe and good. It also can be used by any of the Mane Six ponies. It's a sharable element of armony and was used by last time by Twilight Sparkle in Rage contained. The element was originaly called "the forbidden element".

The adventuresEdit

He appears starting from A new pony, a new Challenge to Total Demonstration. 


Classic Raykaishy Alightark

The most of his adventures was with the Mane Six's help and then with his own friends and brother. He doesn't appear like the protagonist in all the fics like Marine adventure or With the pot on the horn. Only on two fics he write a letter to the Princess Celestia.
Raykaishy Alightark cutie mark 2

Raykaishy Alightark unicorn old cutie mark

The begginingsEdit

The begginings of Raykaishy is a fic where it is about the past of the pony and his  childhood. He didn't have real friends when filly and other ponies tried to hurt him but he was always very smart in the most of the things. Raykaishy Alightark and his brother had the chance togo and live with their father where they lived a few years. Then, Raykaishy leaved his father's house in an air balloon but closer to Ponyville it was broken by a changeling (season 2 ending). So, to repair his air balloon he worked with Mr. Breeze and meet up his new friend before the Mane Six: Jenomel, the earth-air pony because Jenomel can do tornados. Once repaired, Raykaishy leaved the house where he was working and with his balloon came to Ponyville during season 4.

Versions of Raykaishy AlightarkEdit


Starter Raykaishy Alightark


Classic Raykaishy Alightark 2


Star Magic Mode Raykaishy Alightark


Super Star Magic Mode Raykaishy Alightark

Alicorn star magic Ray

Alicorn Star Magic Mode


Filly Raykaishy


Gala Suit Raykaishy Alightark


Neo Alicorn Raykaishy Alightark first version

Equestria girls ray team

Equestria Girls Raykaishy with friends and brother

Other versions (extras)Edit


Meleeze Storm first version

Enemies of Raykaishy AlightarkEdit

Evil OrdozEdit

Robot ponies created by Evil OrdozEdit

Queen ChrysalisEdit

Legendary Crystal PonyEdit

Changeling RaykaishyEdit

Crazy EyeEdit

Darkness ShadowEdit

Rage (evil version but not in Raykaishy's body, is another pony out of Raykaishy)Edit

Ruby SoulEdit

Lier WizardEdit


Thristan JelikgooEdit

Princess Celestia (soon)Edit

A special deleted ficEdit

In 2012, the creator created a fic called "An unexpected help" including the classic Raykaishy with a new human friend in Equestria called "Scourge", a soldier of an MLP forum. Also, here it was included "Scorcher" as a new help to Scourge created by the owner of Raykaishy Alightark. The fic and the rest of the images where all deleted due the separation of the two persons.

Special objectsEdit

The Princess Celestia gave some things to Raykaishy Alightark like a crystal that it helped to Raykaishy to raise the Alicorn Star Magic Mode and also a pair of big swords that they where of her father once a time and saved into a magic chest with a magic lock. That swords didn't have too many work on Raykaishy's life but he used them a few moments. Zecora gave Raykaishy two helpful pocions who Raykaishy gave one to Lighty Alightark and the other was consumed by himself. Then, here was a Crystal Necklace who was the Legendary Crystal Pony. That "pony tool" helped Raykaishy with the curse of the changeling curing his disease turning Raykaishy into the real Legendary Crystal Pony and then normal again.

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