Red Diablos
Type: Gang, terrorist faction
Leader(s): Young Red (founder and current leader)
Gang Color: Red and Green
Headquarters: Stallionport, Regnuia
Businesses: World domination, terrorism, murder, bank robbery, illegal arms dealing, deadly potion and drug producing, fascism, pony trafficking, slavery, assassination, blackmailing, deadly weapon
Fronts: Red Diablos manor (Stallionport), United Red Nation factory (Hooflyn), Ecarlete Flamme Bistro (Mareseille), Yellow Fangs facility (Aerogidienberger)

Red Diablos is a villainous gang in Stallionport. They are well known for their rivalry with the Throne Angels.


Coming soon.


They all wear red and green clothing. They are a bunch of ruthless maniacs who seeks fame and power by commiting crimes. Their main goal is to conquer or destroy Regnuia and the whole pony world. They are very dangerous and takes no mercy on any subjects. They are well known for always using bladed weapons and disease based magic. They commit crimes like murder, robbery, and other illegal activities.


  • The Devils
  • Mango Town Diablos
  • Temple Boulevard Diablos
  • The Blood Brothers
  • Red Sky Diablos
  • Suppression Families
  • Bad Vlad Diablos
  • United Red Nation
  • Specialty Medicine Families
  • Sanduguan Clan


  • Young Red - Founder
  • Scarlet Trade - Mango Town Diablos leader
  • Lizard - Temple Boulevard Diablos leader
  • Rico Blood, Martyr Blood, and Cherry Blood - The Blood Brothers, and the Red Sky Diablos leaders
  • Los Balista - Suppression Families leader
  • Kaji - Bad Vlad Diablos leader
  • Peter Coltez - Sanduguan Clan leader


  • Their color and specialty of using sharp weapons are slightly based on the Bloods.

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