Michelle MLP
Kind Pegasus (formerly)


Gender Female
Residence {{{residence}}}
Occupation Karate/Fighting
Eyes Blue
Mane A light shade of Brown
Nicknames {{{nicknames}}}
Relatives {{{relatives}}}
Coat Peach
Cutie Mark Ricardia Cutie Mark

Ricardica is a alicorn (formerly a pegasus) living in Canterlot but vacationing in Ponyville. If you are looking for her Sonic counterpart see here.


Ricardica is very kind, shy, and a bit egoistical, but still a very good friend. She loves to compete in competitions and loves to use her wings better than her horn.


Ricardica was a pegasus before a alicorn. She came to Equestria with her two best friends, Crystal Treetop and Twister Torso. She somehow transformed into an Alicorn immediately after she came to Ponyville for some reason. Then she moved in to Canterlot.

She fights the evil Egg Head with Lush and Twilight. She became the element of optimism.


Crystal TreetopEdit

Ricardica and Crystal have been best friends ever since they came to Ponyville. They hang out a lot and do many things together.


When Rarity heard that Ricardica was from Canterlot, she informed her that they were going to be great friends. According to Ricardica, she finds Rarity a bit weird. According to Rarity, Ricardica is her inspiration.

Princess CelestiaEdit

Princess Celestia is a great inspiration to Ricardica to become better at being herself. When she writes her letters, she doesn't lie about them.

Princess CadenceEdit

Ricardica and Cadence are fierce rivals. The two really don't like each other that much.

Twilight SparkleEdit

The two seem to be good friends and pals when it come to saving the world.


Ricardica uses her wings more than her horn. She is midly fast and trains Fluttershy to be stronger. She also knows karate better than Rarity.


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