"I do know Sadow Yatsumaru. I would take you to him, but first I must apologize."
Gender Male
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Occupation Cardinal, Terrorist
Eyes Red
Mane Green
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Coat Dark blue
Cutie Mark None currently, previously a silver Harmonica

Appearance Edit

Roa is a medium-sized Unicorn-Draemon Pony with a dark blue coat, bat-like wings with light purplish center folds, green hair that is styled into a spiked Mohawk, a messy, trimmed green tail, and red eyes with line patterns diverging to his curved, slitted pupil from his iris. His Cutie Mark was a Silver Harmonica, but is now absent due to the restraining Cardinal braces he wears on his legs. His left ear appears to be missing the top, and his horn has been split through combat with Surion. He is noted for having a very distinctly sad or deppressed expression most of the time, though this is simply his general appearance.

Personality/Biography Edit

Roa is often seen as very deppressing or unnerving. His Ashtaroth and Megarine both comment on how creepy or annoying he is because of his often deppressing look. Surion is even frightened of how intimidating the Draemon appears when fighting him, his blank and sad expression held even when in combat.

Relationships Edit

Magical Abilities Edit

Trivia Edit

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