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Look it's Robert
Kind Pegasus
Gender Stallion
Residence The Weather Factory (he has his own living quarters)
Occupation He helps run the machine that extracts the pigment.
Eyes Green
Mane Brown and light brown
Nicknames Robbie
Relatives ???
Coat Chocolate
Cutie Mark Well it was a rainbow, but his peers would make fun of him for it, calling him gay and saying he had the dumbest cutie mark ever. So as a foal, he eventually burned it off on both flanks because he felt so ashamed of his cutie mark, and thought that he wasn’t worth it. All that’s left is scar tissue now, and you can barely see his mark. He got it by discovering he had a special gift with rainbows.
Weird Al Yankovic
Singing voice Weird Al Yankovic LMAO
Robert's cutie mark


He is an OC created for the alternate universe in the infamous MLP story called Rainbow Factory by Aurora Dawn. Want to hear the story? Here you go, but proceed with your own risk.


After completing his flight test, his results got mixed up with another foal’s, that other foal having a fail grade. He, in all his confusion, was shipped off to the factory to be used for rainbow making due to the file showing that he had failed. Thankfully, the facility got the memo about the mixed up grades before they killed him, and since he originally passed, he wasn’t put into the machine. So he lived, but they couldn’t let him leave now that he had discovered the secret of how rainbows were made. They kept him as a trainee, and is still there in adulthood. Since then he has never seen the outside world.


He is usually happy and erratic, though he has a very short temper.  He tends to talk quickly, and often behaves in a spastic manner. He enjoys his job, and doesn’t see a problem with killing foals to make rainbows. (”what’s the big deal? We’re using them to make something amazing! They failed their test, but now they can be beautiful!”)He had terrible social skills to begin with, but having only contact with the factory’s other workers and never going outside only made them worse.

Likes: His job, flying all over the place while yelling whee, comic books, making rainbows, big flashy things, oat sandwiches, and humming.

Dislikes: Bullies (being around them causes Robert to have flashbacks, and he has mental breakdown), being ignored, and sitting still.


  • His left eye often twitches, hinting at his mental instability.
  • Due to his occasional extreme mood swings, the scientists sometimes have to hit him with a tranquilizer dart or two for both the safety of him and the other workers.
  • The reason his ear is notched is because he was badly bullied as a foal by his peers.
  • He is nearsighted, having a ten foot vision distance without his glasses.
  • He has a bad habit of popping up randomly.
  • It is a very bad idea to give him sugar or caffeine.
  • He loves oat sandwiches, but they give him indigestion and gas. Bad gas.


Robert's cutie mark

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