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Rocky Road Flavor
Rocky Road
Kind Earth pony
Gender Male
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Occupation Chef
Eyes Blue
Mane Black
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Coat Brown
Cutie Mark Chocolate chunks with swirl

Rocky Road is a older teenage pony from the Flavor family.


Rocky is a male pony in his late teens and his body is very strong. He is very buff and doesn't have an arched back like most females. However he's still not as buff as other males like his cousin Neopolitan. He has a chocolate brown coat with a shaggy black mane and bright blue eyes like many other ponies.

Rocky's cutie mark is two dark chocolate chunks surounded by a milk chocolate swirl.


Rocky is strong but he's not silent! Rocky loves playing with his siblings, especially the youngest, Mint Chip. He is always looking out for her, making sure she doesn't get into trouble. However he doesn't stop her from going into the Everfree Forest.


Rocky was the second pony born to Caramel Cream and Hot Cocoa. He was soon taught how to cook and helped his family make their revolutionary ice cream.


Caramel Cream: mother

Hot Cocoa: father

Moosetracks: brother

Cookie Dough: sister

Oreo: sister

Mint Chip: sister


"Let's do this."