A bit of an Rp focusing on Axis Solaris and Axis Lunaris. Basically a twinge of Prince and Pauper theme here, but it isn't exactly all that.


Axis Solaris - 1LL

Axis Lunaris - 1LL

Celestia - Intrudge

Eclipso - Intrudge

Luna - bobman5000

Twilight Sparkle - Intrudge

Applejack -

Rainbow Dash - 1LL

Fluttershy - 1LL

Pinkie Pie - Intrudge

Rarity - Intrudge

Lightblade - Ishimura

The rest of the White Knights - Ishimura

Melody - Ishimura

Coma Surge - Intrudge

Moon Drop - 1LL

Black Adder - 1LL

Amber - 1LL

Copperhoof - 1LL

Brandy - 1LL

Sasparilla - 1LL

Cookie Doe - 1LL

Paparazzi - 1LL

Part One: First Day

Solaris: Come on sis, I don't want to miss the dismissal of the royal knights! They're so cool! [Running down a hall in Canterlot Castle]

Lunaris: I'm coming, I'm coming! [Following]

Solaris: I soooo wanna be a knight when I grow up! Then I can beat baddies, protect the castle, and be- [Crashes into somepony]

Lunaris: [Catches up] Are you okay, Sol?

Solaris: [Gets up, rubbing his head] Yeah... [To pony] Watch where you're going, dude!

Lunaris: Sorry about my brother. He's often overexcited.

Lightblade: Oh, don't worry about it, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going anyway. Hey sorry about that.

Solaris: [Notices who it is] You're.... [Mouth gapes] Lightblade.

Lightblade: Well, yeah. Last time I checked. What's yours?

???: [Chuckles]

Lightblade: [Looks toward the sound]

???: Oh, don't mind me. Hehe.

Lightblade: Who are you?

Solaris: I'm Axis Solaris. This is my sister, Axis Lunaris. And yeah, just who are YOU? [Turns to ???'s voice]

???: [He is no longer there]

Solaris: Odd...

Light: Anyway. [Turns to Solaris] You're here to see the White Knights, right?

Solaris: ...YESYESYES. They're so cool! And you, you're like, in my opinion, the best knight EVER.

Lunaris: Um... Sol? Calm down please...

Light: Heh, well the others are with Celestia and Luna in the main foyer, I just had to go and get something really quick. [Suddenly has a light grey cape which he puts over his left shoulder] Really quick.

Solaris: Awesome! Me and Lunaris were just about to see your dismissal.

Light: Well I guess we shouldn't keep everybody waiting. Let's go.

Solaris: Right! [Trembling with excitment]

Lunaris: Alright, then.

[Soon, they've arrived at the foyer]

Solaris: [To Lunaris] Look! It's Blizzard! and Affinity! Oh my gosh! They're all here!

Light: Hey guys. [Bows to Celestia and walks to her side].

Thunder Shock: You took your time.

Light: Sorry, got caught up with those two over there. [Points to Solaris and Lunaris].

Thunder Shock: What? Adoring fans or something?

Light: Well . . . that one is. [Points to Solaris] No big deal or anything. They're nice.

Eclipso: Hmph.

Light: Oh hey, Eclipso.

Lunaris: [To Celestia] Hi, mother!

Solaris: [Glancing back and forth at the white knights]

Light: [Waves to Melody]

Melody: [Waves back]

Eclipso: Hey is for....wait.

Light: Heh. Right.

Solaris: So mum, what are you going to send them out to do today? Patrol Equestria? Settle some dispute in a town? Go tame some monster like an Ursa Major?

Lunaris: Sol.... calm down...

Eclipso: Not yet.

Light: Not yet?

Eclipso: Indeed. [Turns away].

Light: What's that supposed to mean?

Eclipso: [Glares viciously at Light].

Solaris: Oh, lighten up, Unc! You know, you attract more flies with sugar then vinegar!

Light: [Glared viciously back at Eclipso with a malicious smile]

Eclipso: [Raises eyebrow] so that is how you treat royalty? [Trots away]

Solaris: Don't mind him. He was always a bunch of sour grapes.

Eclipso: I heard nothing.

Light: I don't really mind. When it comes down to it his life depends on my ability, as well as the other knights. Unless he thinks he can handle himself, then who am I to stop him?

Solaris: Yeah, well I think what you do is really cool! I'm glad mom hired you guys! I wanna be like you when I grow up! Man, when I tell Snapshot I actually met you guys, he'll bee green with envy! Oh. Wait. He's already green.

???: Excuse me. I hope we aren't intruding on anything.

[A purple and a silver pegasi walk in]

Moon Drop: We need a bit of assistance by the Everfree Forest. The Foresthoof family won't let travelers go through the woods.

Black Adder: Just WHY did you drag me along, Moon?

Moon Drop: So you could see how proper ponies behave.

Affinity: [Whispers to Light] I'm sensing dark magic from the silver one.

Light: Yeah, me too. Keep your guard up, just in case. [To the two] Who are you?

Moon Drop: I am Moon Drop. I saw you a few times when you come over to Fluttershy's house. I usually help her tend the animals. This is my cousin, Black Adder. I excuse her further rudeness

Black Adder: Pft. Yeah, well, you're so much of a shy little baby you've never talked to him till now!

Moon Drop: ...Adder.

Black Adder: [Hisses, revealing her fangs]

Moon Drop: [Whimpers slightly]

Light: That's a bit uncalled for don't you think?

Black Adder: Your face is a bit uncalled for, don't you think?

Moon Drop: Don't make me get mom, Adder.

Black Adder: hmph! Like I need to hang around you goody two hooves! [Flies off]

Light: Well geez. That was interesting.

Eclipso: [Laughs slightly]

Moon Drop: Anyway, there's a large group of ponies arguing with them, and so we decided to come here and ask you for help.

Blizzard: This matter doesn't seem to qualify as a suitable conflict the White Knights must intervene.

Light: Lighten up Blizzard. Anyway you don't have to go if you don't want to. I can just go by myself.

Solarflare: You're really gonna help?

Light: Well why not? Who am I to turn them down if they need help? Don't have anything better to do anyway. Besides if a more important matter shows up I'm sure you guys can handle it without me.

Moon Drop: I thank you. I just hope it hasn't escalated into anything worse...

Light: Well we better get there fast before it does.


Moon Drop: Copperhoof, we are giving you once last chance. Please allow Ponies to go through Everfree Forest.

Copperhoof: Certainly not! We, the deer of the forest, shall not allow any lower-class ponies to take a single STEP in our woods!

Amber: This place belonged to the deer before you little rapscallions came and called it Equestria!

Light: Surely we can come to a compromise somehow. I don't think you're completely uncivilized.

[Voices are heard]

???: How filthy.

???2: Quite...

???: How can anyone live here?

???2: Let's ask them, over there.

Moon Drop: Copperhoof, surely you'll allow travelers through? I doubt Brandy and Sasparilla like what you are doing. They're friends with ponies. If you don't allow us to go through the woods, they'll rarely see their friends.

Copperhoof: Hmph. Better them not distracted than hanging around some dirt farming colts and mares.

Brandy: Daddy!

Light: Then why don't you set an example for us "dirt farming colts and mares"? Stop being so stubborn. If you wont listen to reason how are you any different than you make us out to be?

Copperhoof: Well I never! Very well. You silly little ponies can HAVE your walk in the woods. Hmph! [Walks off, followed by his family]

Light: Well. There we go. Hopefully they won't bother anyone else from now on.

Moon Drop: Can't guarantee it, but I'm sure they won't for now.

???: Yoo-hoo! Mr.Handsome Knight~

Moon Drop: You might wanna go now. Here comes Paparazzi. She's probably as her alias, Hoovetica Tailspin.

Light: Wait, who now?

[A medium sea green mare with a rich purple mane and tail bounds up, microphone in hand and camera crew behind]

Paparazzi: Hoovetica Tailspin here with Lightblade of Celestia's White Knights. Tell me sir, what acts of bravery did you use to convince the deer to let us ponies in the forest?

Light: Um.... I just convinced him I guess... [Looks back to Moon Drop with a "what is this?" expression]

Moon Drop: [Shrugs]

Solaris: Hey, hey! Hoovetica, don't you have to go dye your mane or something? I hear Fluer De Lis is having a birthday party for her cousin!

Paparazzi: [Face turns bright red] I think we have enough footage. Carry one with your lives. [Walks off, followed by the crew]

Light: Heh. What was that about?

Solaris: Oh, that's just Paparazzi. She likes getting info on famous ponies. Just ignore her and her aliases and you should be fine.

Light: Well, okay then. Anyway I should be getting back to the others, so I'll see you later. [Jumps up and flies toward Canterlot]

Solaris: See ya!

Lunaris: We should head home, Sol. Mom wants to make sure we help around the castle halls. It'll be the Grand Galloping Gala before you know it.

Light: Aw. The Gala. Right..... [sighs] I forgot.... I should head back too. I guess I should help around as well.... [Flies upward and heads for the castle]

Eclipso: [Is eating grapes.]

Lunaris: You should really help too, uncle.

Solaris: Yeah! Not fair we have to work our wings off and you just here eating!

Eclipso: Poppycock, I do plety of work...theoretically.

Thunder Shock: [Is laying on a banner hanging from the ceiling] You gotta be kidding. Theoretically? Really?

Eclipso: Alright, alright, you got me...

Thunder: And you admitted it? Progress.

Eclipso: But...

Thunder: Ah relax, I'm just messing with ya. Hey, Solaris, how far are we on the decorations?

Solaris: Well, it appears we only need a few more banners... Maybe a couple centerpieces at the tables... Other than that, it looks fine!

Thunder: Great. Not that I care, but I'm sure it's important to others.

Sonic Rush: Hey, bro. What are ya doing up there?

Thunder: What does it look like? I'm providing emotional support. [Raises hoof] Go team!

Sonic: Right. You think you should get ready for the Gala too?

Thunder: Who are you, Affinity? It's like a week away. I got time.

Sonic: I mean practice in not making a scene like last time.

Thunder: Hey! That flower pot came out of nowhere. Blizzard couldn't have predicted that.

Sonic: Whatever. But I'm pretty sure you don't want to miss a months pay to fix a giant statue again do you?

Thunder: Just shut up.

Sonic: Just saying. [Flies out of the room]

Thunder: Man what a pain.......

Solaris: Maybe so, but at least he means well.

Thunder: Yeah..... I guess..... Geez I hope I don't see my parents there....

Solaris: [Shrugs, then heads off to get more supplies]

Thunder: [Drifts off the banner to the floor] Anyway, I have things to do. I'll see you guys later. [Walks out]

Lunaris: Farewell.

Light: [Flies in] Hey, guys. Had to make sure Blazen didn't blow everything up when setting up the fireworks.

Lunaris: Fireworks? But those aren't to be placed until-

[There are several whistles and booms]

Lunaris: Somebody go see what he is doing.

Light: [Mutters to self] Blazen... [Quickly flies out]

Solaris: [Comes back, a few boxes on his back] I heard a few noises... What happened?

Lunaris: Don't ask.

Solarflare: [Flies through the stain glass window and lands hard on the floor] Heh. Thought I could get away with that...

Light: [Flies through the opening] You're paying for that.

Solarflare: Come on, I was just trying to have a bit of fun! You didn't have to throw me. That kind of hurt.

Light: You're not dead, are you?

Solarflare: No...

Light: Lucky you. Blazen's gonna have his work doubled because of you. And guess who's gonna be helping him?

Solarflare: ....Dammit... [Flies through the hole in the window]

Light: [Casts a repairing spell that fixes up the window] He's still paying for it. Now that that's dealt and done with, maybe we can actually get this done before the Gala starts.

Lunaris: Well, we already have the outside, save for the theatrics, done. All we need to do is plan out the refreshments.

Light: Wasn't Pinkie Pie taking care of that?

Lunaris: She was, until we saw what she had planned. It was going to be this twenty layer cake, but that would take the Cakes too long, and we needed other things as well. For example, Solaris and I are planning to make small sundaes with flaming cherries on top.

Solaris: [Nods] I found out a spell that makes sure the flame won't melt the ice cream before it's extinguished.

Light: Oh... well, in that case, we should have everything done on time.

Lunaris: Yep! [Stares off into the distance for a moment, then turns to Light] Would you like to come to Everfree Forest with us? Solaris and I find a cherry tree that should be ripe right about now.

Light: Why? You need the cherries or something?

Lunaris: As many as possible. We don't know exactly how many ponies we will invite, but it couldn't hurt to have some extras.

Light: Okay, I'l tag along.


Solaris: Should be around here somewhere...

Lunaris: Right behind you, Sol.

Solaris: [Backs up a bit, slamming into the trunk of a tree. A small trickle of cherried drops down and rolls down his head] Oops.

Light: That's it, right?

Lunaris: [Nods, transporting the cherries to a basket] All we had to do. We can go home now, unless there's anything you wish to do.

Light: [Looks around] Not really.

Lunaris: Very well. Let us go, then.

Part Two: The Gala

Solaris: Man, look at all the ponies! I didn't think we invited this many!

Lunaris: Well many things have happened in the past year, thus many deserving ponies have recieved tickets. See? There's Twilight and her group, followed by the two new elements. I believe one was called Coma Surge and the other Moon Drop.

Solaris: Hm. [Looks around] You see any of the knights?

Lunaris: Other than the standard guards, no. I'm sure they'll arrive soon. See, there's Shining Armor and Princess Cadence. If he's here, other knights should arrive as well.

[The other knights walk in the room]

Light: Told you we wouldn't be late.

Affinity: Shut up.

[They all walk up to Celestia and Luna's sides.]

Light: Hey, Solaris, Lunaris.

Lunaris: Ah, Light! Glad to see you made it. It looks like the majority of ponies have arrived. There may be some late ones, but it shouldn't be too big a deal.

Solaris: [Nods, but doesn't say anything]

Light: Something on your mind, Solaris?

Solaris: Hm? Oh, yeah. I guess you could say that. This is the first gala mom allowed us to help out with and be present, and I'm just a little nervous. I don't see how Lunaris is so relaxed.

Lunaris: I guess I'm just used to things like this.

Light: Well, it's pretty much just a big party. A big and boring party, if you ask me. I've never been into the whole fancy stuff, but the Princess always requests I go, so I'm stuck with going.

Solaris: Yeah. Being part of the royal family can be a bit stressful. [Imitates Celestia in a falsetto voice] "Be sure to practice your spells, Solaris! You're going to be prince one day, so you should practice in your free time!" or "No, Solaris. As future prince, you must think for your country first." Whatever happened to pony nature?

Light: Well Celestia mainly lets me go off and do what I want since I'm already strong enough as it is. I'm sure once you get good enough she'll give you a bit more freedom. By the way, she heard that. [Smiles and winks]

Solaris: ..Darn...

Celestia: Solaris, come here for a moment.

Solaris: You could've warned me, Lun!

Lunaris: Then you wouldn't have learned, Sol.

Light: Sorry, buddy. [Smiles reassuringly]

Solaris: [Walks over to Celestia, head lowered]

Lunaris: [Sighs] I wonder if things like this are common in brother-sister relationships.

Light: Things like this dont happen between me and my sister. But I guess that's because we dont see each other often, since I'm in Canterlot most of the time.

Lunaris: It might be because Solaris and I are still a little young, and also so close to each other's age.

Light: Right. I'm just over a year older than Melody, and when we were little, we sometimes had arguements, but not that many. Mostly over small stuff.

Lunaris: I see. Solaris just seems to be a bit rash and has a bit more energy.

Solaris: [Walks overe, muttering] Great, now I have to go help Twilight catalog her calanders next week.

Light: I'm sure it wont be as bad as you think.

Solaris: You're kidding, right? She's as boring as a blank sheet of paper.

Light: Hey! No she's not! Once you get to know her, at least. She likes to have fun sometimes.

Solaris: Bet that happens once in a blue moon, though.

Lunaris: Actually, the statistics of a blue moon, or a second full moon in a month, are too varied to compare to a pony's personality.

Solaris: It was a metaphor, Lun.

Lunaris: Actually I think it would be closer to an idiom.

Solaris: [Sighs] Fine, an idiom, whatever.

Light: [Scratches his ear] Hm.

Shiden: [Flies in through a window and perches on Light's back, chirping once]

Light: Ah, there you are. I was starting to wonder if you'd be late.