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Roleplay Rules

Might as well put these since it IS a battling Rp...

  1. You may curse, but only to an extent. Any unecessary swears and you will be removed from the roleplay for a day. (The B, S, and F words are not allowed WHATsoever. Use of them is immediate removal from the roleplay)
  2. You may describe wounds, but please don't make it a fountain of never-ending blood. If you do, you shall be warned and you part removed. Doing it again is removal of the roleplay for an hour and all your violent parts removed
  3. Please do not kill off other player's characters unless they allow it. Their deaths will not be canon unless they want it to, but if you do so without permission, you will be removed from the roleplay.


It has been a dark time in Equestria. It has been attacked by Serpensile for unknown reasons, but there are other lands attacking as well. The following being: (Add your own, five max)


Serpensile is a reptilian land, and used to be one of free travel. Many natives from all of the lands tend to immigrate there, but since the war announcment, they attack any that are not legal citizens.

There are four main species of Serpensiles, called Serpensilians altogether. They are Lizadius, Draconequus, Pure Dragon, and Slizzard.

Draconequus (Draconis [Pronounced Drak-own-knees]) - Each is an amalgum of different animals, but they keep a reptilian appearace. In fact, this proves that Serpensile is Discord's home land.

Lizadius (Lizadians) - These creatures resemble dinosaurs and are far larger than ponies. They come in shades of red to green, and sometimes have large frills.

Pure Dragon(s) - These creatures were the true ancestors of the Dragons ponies know today. Surprisingly, they are much smaller when fully grown, but their flames tend to be more powerful.

Slizzard(s) - Snake-like amphibians. They are about three yards long when fully grown and they may have small front legs.


Dusknoir's relations with Equestria weren't great from the beginning, but now it fights all kingdoms with brutal efficiency. It has taken over hundreds of nations, making Dusknoir a lethal and dangerous opponent, more so than Serpensile.

The Dusknoirians have a diverse army, consisting of their own creatures and kidnapped Equestrians forced to fight against their homeland.

Consumed - Dark manifestations. The foot soldiers of the Dusknoirian army, these are easy to defeat.

Dark Mage(s) - Mages that practice dark magic. They can summon mythical monsters and cast curses.

Psychic(s) - Similar to the Consumed, they are dark manifestations. They can use psychic powers such as telekinesis, mind reading, and mind control.

Other Info

This is a war were almost everywhere is fair ground for battle or camps. The main residents have evacuated, leaving Celestia and Luna's army. Will the lands continue till one remains, or will they form peace in their adventures? The fate of all lies within their armies...


Equestria Army

Celestia (General, ruler of her land) - Ayone

Luna (General, ruler of her land) - Anyone

Clipsia (Mage) - 1LL

Axis Solaris (Knight/Mage) - 1LL

Axis Lunaris (Archer/Mage/Healer) - 1LL

Moon Drop (Archer) - 1LL

Star Gazer (Mage) - 1LL

Dew Point (Mage/Archer/Knight) - 1LL

Lightblade (White Knight/Multipurpous/Commander) - Ishi

Affinity (White Knight/Mage/Archer) - Ishi

Blizzard (White Knight/Tactician/Fighter) - Ishi

Serenity (White Knight/Illusion Master/Healer) - Ishi

Solarflare (White Knight/Heavy Fighter) - Ishi

Thunder Shock (White Knight/Strike Fighter) - Ishi

Sonic Rush (White Knight/Speed Fighter) - Ishi

Heaven Dawn (White Knight/Fighter/Mage) - Ishi

Justice (Knight/Fighter) - Ishi

Backlash (Knight/Fighter) - Ishi

Moon Prism (Mage/Commander) - KoolKoopaGirl

Heavenly Light (Healer) - KKG

Dawn Dancer (Healer/Songstress/White Knight) - KKG

Dusk Dancer (Healer/Songstress/Black Knight) - KKG

Serpensile Army

Ignis (General) - 1LL

Sapphire (Healer, ruler of her land) - 1LL

Tinsel (Mage, ruler of his land) - 1LL

Redien (Fighter) - Ishi

Enshal (Heavy Figher/Commander) - Ishi

Ordin (Knight/Commander) - Anyone

Maya (Healer/White Knight) - KKG

Dunbar (General) - Anyone

Dusknoir Army

Darkorb (General, ruler of his land) - Anyone

Margus (Dark Mage/Commander) - Anyone

Lora (Psychic) - KoolKoopaGirl

Roleplay Part One

[Flashes of speech, backgrounded by commotion]

Moon Drop: They're breaching the wall!


Solaris: No time, just patch it up and go!


Clipsia: Our forces are wearing, yet they give no mercy.


Celestia: Is this really what the land has come to?

Three days into battle

Solaris: [Charges in, another pony on his back] Lun? Serenity? Either of you here? I've got a survivor.

Serenity: [Rushing back and forth between patients] Yes, I'm here. Set him down on that bed over there. [Points to a bed]

Solaris: [Sets the pony down] Where's Lunaris? Isn't she supposed to heal the wounded too?

Serenity: I'm not sure. She left without telling me where she was going. Now that she's gone my workload doubled. It's getting harder and harder to keep up with everything.

Solaris: [Scowls] Great. Now I gotta look for her. Let me know if she comes back, okay? [Exits the tent]

Moon Drop: There you are! There's a small gang of Slizzards heading this way. We need some ponies to help. The arrows won't go through their scales.

Solaris: About half of our whole battallion was lost or injured in the last battle! What do you expect me to do about it?

Moon Drop: Maybe get some soldiers that can still fight. The White Knights, save for Serenity and Blizzard, have gone to Fillydelphia Plains to try and form a treaty with a group of Serpensilians.

Justice: [Flies in and lands next to Moon Drop] I can fight with you. We need to assemble a squad before the Slizzards arrive however. We don't have much time.

Moon Drop: [Nods] Alright. Let's look around.

Justice: I think Backlash is around here somewhere, I'll go look for him and anyone else I can find. [Flies off]

Moon Drop: [Trots over to Clipsia, who has returned from another battle with a few other ponies] A group of Slizzards are making their way here. The archers are unable to get arrows through their hides.

Clipsia: [Nods] Very well. Let's hurry then.

Moon Drop: Justice went to get Backlash and a few others. He should be back soon.

Blizzard: [Walks up to the group] I have been requested by Princess Celestia to assist in the battle for a while. I have also recieved word from Lightblade that he and the others are returning from a failed negotiation attempt.

Justice: [Flies in with Backlash] I found Backlash, but I couldn't find any others. [Notices Blizzard and Clipsia and her group] But I see I didn't need to.

Clipsia: Shall we head off, then? We've little time to spare.

Justice: Right, I'll follow your lead.

Backlash: Me too. Let's do it!

[They head off]

Slizzard 1: Over there! They're attacking!

Slizzard 2: Charge!

Backlash: [Spins chain blades] Oh, I'm gonna enjoy this!

Justice: Don't let your guard down, Backlash.

Backlash: Relax, Justice. I know what I'm doing.

Clipsia: [Floats some of the Slizzard's weapons a few feet away] That won't distract them for long. Attack!

Justice: [Extends wrist blades and begins slashing at Slizzards]

Backlash: [Swings blades in a wide arc and takes out several Slizzards at once]

Moon Drop: [Strikes some in the eyes with her arrows] Ha!

Solaris: [Charges into a Slizzard, mane and tail ablaze]

Backlash: [Looks up] What it that?

Justice: What? [Looks in same direction]

Backlash: Oh, not sure. Maybe the um, GIANT DINOSAUR LOOKING THING!

Justice: What's a Lizadius doing here?

Backlash: Trying to kill us?

Justice: Other than that!

Clipsia: There's a chance it may be here to wipe out this section of our army. We need all the mages here, as soon as possible!

Solaris: We're going to have to do without Lunaris. She flew the coop shortly after the last battle.

Clipsia: Damn! Well, gather all you can find, then!

[A bright blue trail of energy wraps an energy tether around the Lizadius and binds it before using another tether to wrap it's neck and slam it into the ground, then the tethers phase away.]

Lightblade: [Phases out of the blur and lands next to Solaris] Solaris, you're with me.

Solaris: ! Right.

Dew Point: [Hurries in, followed by Star Gazer] We just got cleared by Serenity. We're ready to hop back into the battle.

Light: Okay, then. [Hovers and activates two energy blades] Let's finish things up here. Dew Point and Star Gazer, you might want to leave the Lizadius to us since Serenity just released you. Take care of the remaining Slizzards. Justice and Backlash, we're taking this thing down.

Backlash: Alright! [Spins chain blades at high speed]

Justice: [Nods] Got it.

Dew Point: [Darts over to a group of the remaining Slizzards, quickly followed by Star Gazer]

Light: Solaris, take him from behind, Justice and Backlash, the sides. I'll take the front.

Solaris: [Nods, then heads around to the back of the Lizadius]

Justice: [Moves to the right of the Lizadius]

Backlash: [Moves to the left]

Light: [Flies up in front] Take him down. [Flies in to attack with energy blades]

Solaris: [Charges at the creature's back, creating enough friction to engulf himself in flames]

Backlash: [Swings chain blades and slashes at its neck]

Justice: [Extends wrist blades and slashes at it]

Light: [Wraps an energy tether aound its neck and thrusts backward, pulling it and sending the Lizadius to the groud, where Light binds it completely]

Lizaduis: [Struggling against the restraints]

Light: Easy enough.

Justice: Nice one. I truthfully didn't think it was even possible to completely bind a Lizadius.

Thunder Shock: [Flies in] Hey, Light! I- wow. [Notices the Lizadius] Did I miss something?

Light: Not much. What do you think we should do with this one?

Thunder: Think Serenity could make it fight for us?

Light: Probably not. It would be really tough on her, and we need her magic for healing the wounded.

Thunder: Well that's a shame.

Light: Guess we just finish him off. [Walks over to its head, blade extended, and trusts it into its eye, killing it] Where are the others, Thunder?

Thunder: They said they'd head back to the camp.

Light: Well let's not keep them waiting. We better head back. I need to see the princess as well.

Later that evening

Solaris: You mean Lun's not back yet?

Moon Drop: No. Your mother was thinking about sending a search party, but it hasn't been announced.

Dew Point: I'm sure she's fine. Besides, even if she is in danger, she knows how to handle herself.

Solaris: [Sighs, muttering] Fine...

Light: Hey, Solaris. You okay?

Solaris: [Looks over at Light] Yeah... Just a little worried about my sister. She left sometime this morning without saying where she was going, and hasn't returned yet.

Light: Well, that doesn't sound good. Need help finding her?

Solaris: Well, we were going to wait and see if mom would send a search party.

Light: I don't think it's a good idea to wait. [Looks around a bit] Do you know where she was last?

Solaris: When I last saw her, she was leaving her tent to head to the healing tent. Then there was a battle, and when I came back with some wounded, she was gone.

Light: Well let's head to her tent first. If I can pick up some of her energy signal I'll be able to track her down easily.

Solaris: ...Alright. [Walks Light over to a dark blue tent within the maze of other colored ones] This one is hers. Everything seems to be in place, so she probably didn't go here before leaving camp.

Light: Hm. [Eyes turn slightly opaque as he looks around the tent] Nothing outside. [Peeks inside] Wierd. There's not even a trace of her signal anywhere in here. That's not right. [Looks back to Solaris] You said she went to the healing tent next, right?

Solaris: Like she usually does, yes.

Light: Alright then. [Both walk over to the healing tent, and Light looks around] This isn't right. There's nothing here either. If it was just this morning a trace of her signal should still be here.

Solaris: Mom says the only way to remove somepony's signal is to use magic, but you'd need to be pretty powerful. Even I can't do that.

Light: Could Lunaris do it?

Solaris: [Shakes head] No, and I'm nit sure anypony else except maybe somepony in the White Knights can.

Light: That's not good. We need to find her somehow, she might be in danger.

Solaris: Right, but how can we if there's no trace of her?

Light: I'm not sure. We're going to need some help.

Solaris: Right, but who? [Thinks for a moment]

Blizzard: [Flies in and lands next to Light] Lightblade, Princess Celestia requests your presence immediately.

Light: Alright. Sorry, Solaris, it's going to have to wait, just a bit. Don't worry, we'll find her I'm sure. [Flies off toward Canterlot Castle]

Solaris: [Sighs] Alright. [Heads back out to assist other soldiers]

At Canterlot Castle

Light: [Walks through the throne room doors]

Celestia: Ah, Light. Thank you for coming on such short notice.

Light: [Bows before her] No problem. What do you need?

Celestia: As you are aware, we are being pushed back by the Serpensile Army. We need to find a way to hold our lines until we can send more reinforcements.

Light: Couldn't we call for the help of Skyrift?

Celestia: The king insists that Skyrift stay neutral unless they themselves get attacked as well. We cannot call for their help unfortunately.

Light: Then what do we do?

Celestia: I want you and your knights to go out to the front lines, excluding Solaris.

Light: Why not him?

Celestia: I need him to reinforce the camps. We cannot let anything in. Just in case you let a few past, he'll be there as a last resort.

Light: And you're aware that Lunaris is missing?

Celestia: Yes... I am aware... Neverteless, we cannot allow the Serpensile Army to take Equestria.

Light: Even if it means sacrificing your daughter?

Celestia: ......

Light: I'm going to get her back, princess. [Turns around and begins walking]

Celestia: You have your orders, Light.

Light: [Looks back to her] With all due respect, the White Knights are mine. They are under my control. I may be under your jurisdiction as your royal knight, but not as leader of the White Knights.

Celestia: ..... Light, I-

Light: I'll send the Knights to the front lines and keep Justice and Backlash back at camp with a small squad. Solaris and I are going to find Lunaris. [Walks out]

Celestia: .......

Back On the Battlefield

Light: [Flies in] Solaris!

Solaris: [Looks over to Light] Yes?

Light: We're going after Lunaris.

Solaris: ! But we just got a report of another Serpensilian wave!

Light: How many?

Solaris: They estimate about a hundred. Even if everypony was healed, we's still be outnumbered by a margin.

Light: Dammit! I am not waiting! [Activates energy wings] I'll take them all out.

Solaris: You cannot be serious?

Light: I've taken on worse than these things. [Energy wings shine brighter] Stay here. I don't want you to see this. [Immediately dashes off in the direction of the the enemy in a bright blue blur, which turns golden in a powerful shockwave].

[Half a minute passes]

Light: [Returns to Solaris, lightly shrouded by a golden aura which fades a way after a few seconds] There. Done. Now lets go.

Solaris: Right.

Light: I think I know someone who can help. She's not that far away.

Solaris: Really? Who?

Light: Someone . . . Look, we need to go fast. She's in the Forest of Dreams. I'll explain when we get there.

Solaris: If you say so...

[Later, at the edge of the Forest of Dreams]

Light: Okay, let's see if I can find it again.

Solaris: [Looking around] I doubt Lunaris has ever been here, but you can try...

Light: I know that. Just follow me. [Leads Solaris into the forest]

Solaris: [Follows after Light, still glancing around the forest]

Light: [Arrives at an empty clearing] Here we are.

Solaris: And just what are we doing here?

Light: [Looks at the middle of the clearing] Hey, Solaris . . . you trust me, right?

Solaris: ...! But of course! Not only do I see you as a role model, but a friend, too.

Light: Great! Soooo...... here's hoping this doesn't kill you. [Uses telekinesis to throw Solaris into the middle of the clearing, where he disappears] Hope he doesn't hold that against me... [Casually walks into the middle and disappears as well]

[Light and Solaris are now in a brighter more lush and lively version of the forest they were in, and there is a small pool of water in the middle of the clearing.]

Light: Hey, you're alive. That's good. Nothing broken?

Solaris: [Shakes wings a little] Yeah, fine. You just startled me.

Light: Good. [Looks around] Hey, Aia. You here?

Solaris: Aia? Who's that?

Light: Tough to explain. I think she should do it.

Aia: [Appears in the pool in the middle of the clearing] Hello again, Light. I see you've brought company.

Light: Yeah. Is that okay?

Aia: Of course. Now, why have you returned?

Light: Well, as you probably already know, there's a war going on down there. How are the Celestial Beings fairing?

Aia: Well, Peace is displeased, as well as Justice, among a few select others. However, they are content with your efforts to bring an end to this war. May I ask who your guest is?

Light: Oh. This is Axis Solaris. [Nudges him and whispers] Say hi, she's nice.

Solaris: Oh, uh, hello?

Aia: Hello, young one. Light, why did you bring him here?

Light: We're looking for his sister, Axis Lunaris. She disappeared just over a day ago and we have no leads to where she could be.

Aia: And you believe I can help?

Light: Well sure. You can do a lot of stuuf, can't you?

Aia: Where do you think she is?

Light: I think she might've been captured by someone. I don't know. But if that's the case we need to get to her fast.

Aia: You have an ability to track down individuals over large distances, do you not?

Light: Her energy signature has been covered up.

Aia: I see. Well, I may be able to help you yet. [Conjures an item through magic and hands it to Light] This will lead you to where you need to go.

Light: [Holding up a small white orb of Light] How does it work?

Aia: You'll need something that can be connected to her. Something it could use to track her down. You say Axis Solaris is her brother, correct?

Light: Yes.

Aia: His blood should work. Not too much just a drop.

Light: Oh. Okay. [Nicks Solaris with an energy blade and immediately heals it] Painless. [Applies it to the orb, which glows in a slightly red hue before returning to white]

Aia: There. It's ready.

Light: Great. Thanks. I guess we'll be leaving now.

Aia: Oh, and one more thing. It cannot exist for long outside this world. You have at most an hour. [Opens a portal in the pool] Off you go.

Light: Come on. [Jumps in]

Solaris: Right. [Leaps in after Light]

[Light and Solaris are now back in their world in the Forest of Dreams]

Light: Right then.

[The white orb starts to vibrate and hover in the air. It quickly dashes off in one direction.]

Light: Come on, let's follow it.

Solaris: [Hesitates] How can you be sure this will work?

Light: Trust me. If Aia says it'll work, it'll work. She wouldn't lie to me.

Solaris: ...If you say so.

Light: Come on, we need to keep up with it. [Chases after it]

Solaris: [Hurries after Light]

[After following the orb for about fifteen minutes, Light and Solaris are led to an enemy camp]

Light: Oh, crap. [Quicly snatches the orb out of the air and dashes to ground level, hiding behind a tree] Close. I don't think they spotted us.

Solaris: ! An enemy camp? She was captured?

Light: If this thing is leading us into enemy territory, then probably, yeah. But she's probably not here. They'd most likely take her to a more secure location, past this camp. We'll have to work our way around the camp.

Solaris: That'll be difficult.

Light: Can't you just teleport?

Solaris: ...Oh! Of course. Sometimes I just forget things like that. [Chuckles weakly]

Light: Well I can't. I mean, I can, it's just that I never practice it, so I can end up completely off the mark.

Solaris: I can teleport both of us, if you want.

Light: Right. Go for it.

Solaris: [Closes his eyes, and his horn starts to glow a pale yellow]

[In a second there is a flash around the two of them and they are in a different location]

Solaris: [Opening one eye] Did we make it?

Light: [Looks behind him] Yeah, we made it. Now let's keep going. [Releases the orb again]

[After another half hour, Light and Solaris arrive at an enemy fortress. The white orb flickers and fades away.]

Light: Are you kidding me? They're keeping her in a fortress?

Solaris: [Seems to shrink a little] Ohdearohdearohdear [Begins muttering to himself]

Light: [Nudges Solaris] Hey, take it easy. We'll make it through this.

Solaris: I don't know now... I mean, if there's a fortress, then there's a whole lot of enemy soldiers and...

Light: Listen, Solaris, we're going to get your sister back. I don't care what happens. I'll make sure both of you are safe even if I have to kill everything in this fortress.

Solaris: [Sighs halfheartedly] Okay... [Shakes head then raises it back up] Let's do this!

Light: They're probably keeping her underground in some sort of holding cell. I can detect her magic signature if we're getting closer, so it shouldn't be tough locating her. Come on, let's get inside.

[The two sneak around the exterior of the fortress and make it inside the ground level floor]

Light: Right. Now to find the stairs . . .

Solaris: ...Wait. This is a Serpensilian fortress, correct? Can't they...climb on walls?

Light: Okay, then. Let's find a wall that goes down through the floor then.

Solaris: [Nods] There should be a gap somewhere then... [Trots around the large room, looking at the floor for a decent-sized gap]

Light: Hang on. [Closes eyes and lightly taps on the wall a few times in 5 second intervals] This way. [Drifts around a corner to a gap in the floor] Right here. It looks like it leads all the way down to the bottom level of the fortress.

Solaris: Alright. [Hurries over and goes down after Lightblade]

[After descending to the bottommost level]

Light: She's on this level. Close too. Come on.

Solaris: [Begins to get a bit jumpy, being so close to saving his sister] Alright...

Light: [Arrives at a door] She's in here, but I'm also sensing something else in there... not sure what it is and I can't pin it down. Whatever's going on, Lunaris isn't the only magic user in that room....

Solaris: Oh dear... [Begins to prattle off on what it could be, letting his imagination get the best of him] What if it's a vampire unicorn that wants her blood? Or maybe some old pony that is attacking her for revenge on mom? Or maybe... [Trails off, noticing what he said]

Light: Then we kill it. Simple. [Opens the door]

[In the room, there are various places for prisoners to be chained. Across the room, a small, white, dragon with various blue marks has her back to them. Lunaris appears to be behind her, singes covering her coat]

Solaris: Lun! [Charges, tail smoking, straight at the dragon]

Dragon: [Turns, markings changing to a bright scarlet. A jet of flames knocks Solaris back]

Light: Wrong move. [Activates dual energy blades and quickly flies in and slashes at its chest, but gets pushed slightly by its wing so its only a small cut]

Ignis: [Suddenly inflates herself to twice Lighblade's size, markings glowing crimson. A sharp growl emits from her throat] I suggest you watch yourself, you little four-legged pest! Or do you not know who you are dealing with?

Light: [Ignites energy wings to up to Ignis' height] I don't care who you are, we came for Lunaris.

Ignis: [Coils her tail around Lunaris and lifts her up] You mean her? Well, I'm afraid you can't. Without knowing where she is, her mother might make a wrong move, and it will eventually cost her the war.[Hisses and fires and jet of blue flames]

Light: [Braces his wing in front of him, blocking it] I wouldn't worry about that. See, she knows for a fact that I'm coming back with her daughter. I won't let you or anything else stop me.

Ignis: Well, today will be a first. [Leaps at him, claws outward]

Light: [Blocks it effortlessly with a shield of energy, and immediately ducks under and lunges upward, slashing at Ignis' face]

Ignis: [Hisses, covering her snout and dropping Lunaris]

Solaris: [Dives and catches his sister]

Ignis: [Roars in fury, then whole scales turn red. The room starts increasing in temperature]

Light: Solaris, we should go now.

Solaris: Right! [Hurriedly darts out of the building, Lunaris on his back]

Light: [Hovering over the fortress] Looks like we caught a little attention.

[The entire fortress is on full alert. Ignis promptly crashes through the roof of the fortess]

Light: Solaris! Get back to the castle and get Lunaris to Serenity! I'll hold these guys off.

Solaris: Alright! [Zooms off]

Ignis: [Screeches] You'll pay for that, buzzard! [Lashes at Light with her tail, pinning him to the ground]

Light: Hng. Damn! [Struggles against her tail]

Ignis: [Prepares another column of blue flames]

Light: [Stops struggling and closes his eyes]

Ignis: [Stops flames] ...What's your game, Equestrian?!

Light: No games. [Releases both inhibitor rings] Only slaughter. [With telekinesis, lifts up Ignis and slams her into the ground. Floats up into the air, wings fully extended but not flapping] I'll make this quick.

Ignis: [Hisses] You'll do no such thing. [Vanishes with a burst of flames]

Light: Hmph. [Uses one energy beam to completely destroy the fortress and everything in it. Inhibitor rings fly back onto his arm and he returns to normal] Next time I see you, you're done. [Bolts toward Canterlot Castle]

At the castle

Celestia: ...

Light: Princess....

Celestia: Yes?

Light: Serenity is treating Lunaris right now. She'll be fine.

Celestia: Alright.

Light: We found her at a fortress being guarded by a dragon. She escaped, but I don't think she'll be gone forever.

Celestia: The dragon... What did it look like? How did it fight?

Light: Well. She was white, with blue markings, which glowed red when she used fire attacks, which consisted of mostly blue flame. She got away by disappearing into a burst of fire. Oh, she also could increase her size, up to twice my height, from what I saw.

Celestia: Ignis! She's not just any dragon, but an Elder Dragon.

Light: (Laughs slightly) Well I think I put a pretty good dent in her reputation, then. I wasn't even going all out and I gave her trouble. Until . . . well, I destroyed everything.

Celestia: Lightblade. I told you, you must refrain from using High Luminous.

Light: I needed to get back as fast as possible. To make sure everyone was okay.

Lunaris: I'm fine! It's jut a few burns... Light: Lunaris . . . [Sighs] My duty, as a knight, is to protect you, and the rest of the royal family, with my life. Even just a few burns makes me feel like I've failed my job. I don't want to see any of you hurt in any way ever.

Lunaris: Yes, but I am old enough to take care of myself now. I'm not a little filly anymore. Not only that, but it is also your duty to follow orders. And I am ordering you to step down. I can barely handle Solaris' worrying as it is!

Light: Sorry, but I'm going to have to disobey that order. Can't help myself. [Sits down and mutters, barely audibly] I've failed at that more than once now....

Solaris: Light, I think you should listen to her. She may be the youngest, but there are times when she can be the fiercest.

Light: Geez. Fine....

Lunaris: Now, are there any changes in ours or the enemy's defenses?

Light: Well, taking out that fortress probably took out a good portion of their mainstay defensive lines eading into their country. There are probably more just like it that propably contain a couple thousand troops each.

Lunaris: Very well. Now, I have a feeling that like the first one, the other fortresses will have a general overseeing the troops. If we take out or capture as many of the generals as we can, there should be an even greater chance of unorder.

Light: I guess I'll just go find them and kill them then.

Lunaris: ...[Purses lips] Light, you need to think strategically in war. It's isn't always "oh I killed them, guess we win". I was thinking we could capture a majority of the generals, we can interrogate them as to their next movements. We might also find out who's the ruler of Serpensile.

Light: You can do whatever you want. Killing my enemies is pretty much the only thing I know how to do. Been doing it since you were just a tiny filly. If you want me to capture them, fine, I will, and sorry if I seem a little anxious, but despite the fact that I've been killing most of my life, I don't praticularly enjoy it.

Lunaris: Hm. Are you sure you've never focused on strategic attacks? I mean, I know it's Blizzard's thing, but it is best for each member of a group to have a little of each skill than to have one powerhouse for each.

Light: Of course I do. But it doesn't really matter. The end result of a strategy is still taking a life, no matter how it's executed.

Lunaris: Well, I can see in a way what you mean. Even if there isn't any bloodshed, yes, it is metephorically taking a life. Anyway, I'm going to talk with Moon Drop and her mother about where we shall move our battalion.

Light: Alright then. I'll be ready in case you need me.

Heaven Dawn: [Zooms into the room] Light! We need you back on the battlefield, something's come up!

Light: What's going on?

Dawn: Some of out forces, including the other knights, save Blizzard, are being beaten back by the Serpensilian Army.

Light: How many?

Dawn: Reports say . . . just one . . .

Light: [Takes on a serious look] What's the situation?

Dawn: Most of the forces that went to engage the enemy have been killed. The other knights are holding out but I don't know how long they'll be able to last without your help.

Light: Okay. Come on, Dawn. [Rushes to the doorway] I'll be back, guys. [Flies out after Dawn]

Lunaris: [Looks at Solaris quizzically]

Light: [Flies back in] Solaris, you coming or what?

Solaris: Sorry! [Hastily takes wing, accidentally knocking a few books off the table]

Lunaris: [Mutters a few things under her breath, putting them back with her horn]


Enshal: [Swats Solarflare out of the air sending him to the ground] Hah! Is this the best the elite force of Equestria can do?

[Light, Solaris, and Heaven Dawn arrive]

Enshal: Hm? [Looks over to them] I heard that the leader of the prestigous White Knights was coming. Which one is it?

Light: That would be me.

Enshal: [Towers over Light] You don't seem too tough. But then again, these other pests have proven a greater challenge than I had expects. [Distances himself] Come! Give me all you got!

Light: [Sheathes his wings in energy and forms an energy blade] Knights. Take him out.

[The Knights move in to attack at once]

Solaris: [Sets mane and tail ablaze, lifting into the air to get a better vantage point]

Light: [Flies upward and extends his wings in the air fully, launching hundreds of energy bolts from them]

Enshal: What was that? Was I supposed to be hurt by that?

Light: Don't get too cocky. [Bursts toward him with anenergy blade and slashes at him, but gets caught mid-air] What the-?

Enshal: [Slams him into the ground, pinning him] Hm. Easy.

Thunder: He caught Light!

Heaven Dawn: But how? Light's too fast to be caught!

Light: [Releases a shockwave and slips out of his grasp, then gets some distance] This isn't good...

Solaris: We need a blind spot... Blind spot.. That's it! [Dive forwards at Enshal's face, then curls into a ball and begins to twirl]

Enshal: [Swats Solaris out of the air]

Light: How can he track all of us at once? It doesn't make sense...

[Light's eyes flicker slightly]

Light: His reflexes aren't hightened. Ours are weakened. He's using an energy field to throw off our coordination. Affinity!

Affinity: I'm on it. [Casts a release spell that takes out the magic field] We only have a few seconds! Go for it!

Light: [Dashes toward Enshal with a blade and grazes his face] Damn, missed.

Affinity: His field is back up. My release spell wont work!

Enshal: Hah! You're nothing compared to my might! [Snatches Light up]

Light: [Activates a blade, stabbing him through his hand]

Enshal: Worm. [Squeezes down on Light hard and throws him to the ground]

Blizzard: What the-?

Serenity: [Flies over to Light] You okay, Light?

Light: Dammit. Broke my leg and both my arms. What is this thing?

Solarflare: Hey, Solaris! Let's torch him! Maybe that'll do something.

Solaris: [Shakes head clear, then nods] Right.

[Solarflare and Solaris both fire off jets of fire, making them combine and blast Enshal]

Enshal: [Shakes off the flames] Pathetic. Hm? [Pauses for a moment] Well, it looks like this is where I take my leave. Farewell, for now, little ones. [Suddenly disappears in a large crackle of electricity]

Sonic Rush: That was unreal.... What was he?

Light: No idea. Whatever it was, it took a number on me. Ngh, ow...

Serenity: Hold on, I'll get you patched up [Works to mend Light's broken limbs]

Solaris: These reptiles seem to be getting stronger and stronger. I'd hate to see what their leaders are like.

Light: Yeah. [Slowly stands up] Right. Thanks Serenity.

Serenity: Mm-hm [Smiles cheerfully]

Blizzard: I wonder why he left in such a hurry?

Thunder: Who knows? Who cares? Really, I'm just glad that's over with.

Affinity: We'll probably be seeing him again soon. From what I saw, he took more of an interest in Light than any of us. He obviously saw that you were the strongest out of all of us.

Light: Great. I hate the aggro I get with this.

Blizzard: I think it's best if we report back to the Princess immediately.

Solaris: [Nods] The more mom knows, the more she can plan our next move.

[Back at the castle]

Light: Princess. Something interesting happened! Very interesting! It hurt like hell, but it was interesting.

Celestia: Hm? What would that be?

Light: We encountered one of the Serpensile. He was powerful. Really powerful. Broke my leg and both my arms. He was able to emmit a sort of energy field that slowed our reflexes. Affinity was able to dispel it temporarily, but after that it became resistant to her magic. I think he should be considered a high priority enemy that should be avoided at all costs by everyone.

At a wasteland

Moon Prism: I can't believe I'm back here again... What happened here? They really made a mess of things...

(two Serpensile approach her)

Moon Prism: Ah, you want to play with Moon Prism? (horn starts glowing) If you want to defeat me, you're going to be in for a bad time.

(she starts firing blasts of light at the Serpensile)

Moon Prism: Everything's in tip-top shape, isn't it? (sees some more Serpensile with their backs turned to her) What's this?

Ordin: Alright, men, no messin' around! We're taking this fight to the source! (points to Canterlot Castle) If we capture their leader, Equestria's gotta surrender! Forward march!

Moon Prism: I should warn them. (teleports to the castle)

Back at the castle

Heavenly Light: Guys! Guys! I found another surviv- Wait. Where's Serenity and Lunaris?

Dusk Dancer: (comes in) They're busy at the castle. My sister, Dawn, found a town with injured ponies and they're working around the clock to make sure wounds are tended. A lot of pressure. I really feel sorry for them.

Heavenly Light: Ah. So should I just drop this patient off and wait for one of them?

Dusk Dancer: Oh come on, Heavenly. You're better than that. I'll go fetch Serenity.

Heavenly Light: You know, for being fillies, you and your sister are really dedicated to making sure Equestria wins the war.

Dusk Dancer: I'm glad you think that about me. Unfortunately, with every bit of good news comes some bad news.

Heavenly Light: What is it?

Dusk Dancer: I don't think Skyrift can help us...they're currently fighting a war against the kingdom of Dusknoir. And Dusknoir is fighting another war with Serpensile. And Aralia. And Crenai. And...pretty much every kingdom in the world. I can't believe Dusknoir is able to focus on all these wars, much less is actually winning them.

Heavenly Light: WHAT??? (falls over in shock)

Dusk Dancer: I am unfortunately right. (lowers voice) How long do you think it'll be before they set their sights on Equestria?

Heavenly Light: Based on what you told me...I'll give it two weeks, maybe three or four, before we can stop worrying. Dusknoir can focus on multiple wars, but we can't.

Dusk Dancer: I'll alert my sister. She'll tell Light.

Heavenly Light: You know, Dusk, I've heard people calling you a worrywart...

Dusk Dancer: Admittedly, I am a worrywart.

Heavenly Light: ...but in this situation, your worrying could save us all. However, there's a few things I've always wondered about you. What's a Black Knight? And why are you and your sister alicorns?

Dusk Dancer: Black Knights are just White Knights, but black. As for the alicorn thing...I honestly don't know. Dawn and I are orphans.

Moon Prism: (suddenly materializes) Sorry to bother you guys, but I just saw some Serpensile coming to Canterlot to destroy us!

Dusk & Heavenly: WHAT?

Dusk Dancer: I'll tell Light. Heavenly, and...ah...

Moon Prism: Moon Prism.

Dusk Dancer: Moon, you guys can get everyone ready for battle! (in her head) If they're going to try to take Canterlot away from us, they're in for it now!

Siege on Canterlot

(four ponies stand outside the castle)

Dawn Dancer: Unfortunately, everyone's at an enemy camp preparing to engage, so us four have to defend Canterlot.

Moon Prism: Understood... Where's Dusk? She should be here...

Dusk Dancer: (flies over) They're coming! Their commander appears to be a Lizadius. He's leading two hundred Slizzards into Canterlot!

Moon Prism: Two hundred versus four. At least Celestia's not in Canterlot...

Heavenly Light: I think, unfortunately, Canterlot might be enough. Once we're gone, they can ready an ambush on those who will return.

Dusk Dancer: If we die, we die with honor.