The mysterious pony Armageddon arrives in Ponyville. Few recognize him (Twilight, for example), but even they can barely remember what he did. He also refuses to tell others of his purpose. All he says he can reveal is there shall be some sort of disaster heading for Equestria. Can the ponies discover why he is here, and who he really is, and how to stop the disaster? Find out!


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Roleplay Part One

???: It does not matter who I am. I request to speak with the princess.

???: I'm sorry, but she is currently speaking with the last case she will take. You'll have to wait until next week.

???: I don't have any time! This is a matter of all Equestria!

???: Sure it is. If you could tell me your name and residence, you can have a spot reserved for the next open court.

???: Bah! I've had enough of this! [Turns and walks to the exit, black cloak concealing his appearance]

The next day

Moon Drop: Morning, Melody. How are things going?

Melody: Oh! Hello, Moon Drop! I'm just getting ready to open up the library for the day. Want to come along?

Moon Drop: Sure! My sister likes the library. she says she's a frequent visitor. I guess her own doesn't have every book in the world.

Melody: [Laughs slightly] Well, she doesn't have someone like my brother either I guess. He's the one who usually goes out and gets the really really rare books that are in dangerous places.

Moon Drop: Yeah, my sister isn't really the one who likes to work for her supplies. Other than that, she's actually pretty fun. She spends time with my mother and helps with Holly and Ivy.

Melody: I see. Well, we're here. Let me just get the key. [Reaches into her pack and takes out a key and unlocks the door] Come on in.

Moon Drop: Thanks. [Follows Melody inside] Wow. I can see why my sister likes this library. Lots of old informational books.

Melody: Yep. [Sets her pack down on the front desk] I have an entire section around the back that has books well over 1000 years old. Some are so sensitive that you can't even touch them or they'll fall apart. Only magic users are able to read them since they don't have to touch them.

Moon Drop: Hm. Makes me envious I'm the only Pegasus in my family.

[A thumping noise comes from on top of one of the book shelves]

Melody: Huh? [Flies up to the top] What? How did he get in here?

Moon Drop: Who?

Melody: It's Shiden.

Shiden: [Looks down at Moon Drop and gives a little whistle]

Moon Drop: Ah. Little odd for him not to be with Light, isn't it?

Melody: Yeah, it is. You know where Light is, Shiden?

Shiden: [Squawks awkwardly]

Melody: Well wherever he is I hope he's not in any trouble.

Moon Drop: If he was, I'm sure he would alert you or the other White Knights, correct?

Melody: Probably not. He likes to handle things himself. Either out of stubborness or that he doesn't want anypony else to get hurt. Maybe a bit of both.

Moon Drop: Okay... Oh? [Turns to the doorway, where an Alicorn in dark grey armor has appeared]

Melody: [Looks in the same direction] Um. May I help you?

Shiden: [Eyes the Alicorn suspiciously]

???: Greetings. I was wondering if you have any books on scrying.

Melody: Yes, I do. They're over in the magic and psychic section. [Flies over to an aisle] Right over here.

???: Many thanks. [Disappears into the aisle]

Moon Drop: Hm.. He seems a bit shady, if you ask me.

Melody: Yeah. Gives me a strange feeling.

Shiden: [Keeps an eye on the aisle]

Moon Drop: Well, I'm going to go and see Fluttershy. It was nice talking to you, Melody. [Exits the library]

Melody: Yeah, see you later. [Sits on a chair behind the main desk and keeps the aisle in her peripheral vision]

???: [Walks back to the front of the building] Bah. Nothing I don't already know. Excuse me, but do you know a Twilight Sparkle?

Melody: Yes. What do you need her for?

???: That isn't really of your concern, now is it? But I do have some news that I would like her to convey to the princess.

Melody: I think she's busy at the moment.

Shiden: [Flies over to the door excitedly]

Light: [Opens the door and walks in] Hey Shiden.

Shiden: [Perches onto Light's back]

Light: Sorry I left without you. Something I needed to do on my own. Hey sis. [Notices the Alicorn] Who's he?

Melody: Don't know. He wants to see Twilight for something.

???: If you MUST know my name, it is Armageddon.

Melody: He also said that he has a message he wants her to send to the princess.

Light: Well then, Armageddon. I can take the message to the princess if you would like.

Armageddon: Really now? Because this isn't just some "Hello, how are you doing, I have returned". To be blunt, it focuses on the fate of all Equestria!

Light: Good. I'm bored today. Now you want the message delivered or not?

Armageddon: Fine. Tell her to meet me at the old ruins tonight.

Light: ... Fine. [Flies off to Canterlot Castle]

Armageddon: [Scoffs, then exits the library]

Melody: ... Well that was wierd.

[At the Castle]

Lab Colt: Simply a wonder you could allow me to partake is Solaris and Lunaris' daily activities around the castle, dearest Princess Celestia.

Light: [Flies into the room] Princess, I need to talk to you.

Celestia: [Turns to Light] One moment, then. Solaris, why not show Lab Colt your room or the field?

Solaris: [Gets the message] Okay. Follow me, dude.

Lab Colt: Exquisite! [Follows Solaris out of the room]

Light: Princess. Someone requests you meet him in the old ruins tonight. Someone named Armageddon. He said he has a message of extreme importance.

Celestia: Armageddon? ...Oh. It has been some time since he has set foot in Canterlot. His family must be worried, even though their oldest daughter is the only child who remembers him. Thank you for your message, Lightblade. I shall handle the rest.

Light: Alright. [Walks out of the room]

Celestia: ...[Gazes at a stained-glass window]

[Meanwhile, Cheerilee's class is having a family presentation day]

Rainbow Dash: So I hear you little colts and fillies want to learn how to be a REAL Pegasus! There are three skills you need to learn first. Speed, which is what I specalize in, Flexibility, making sure you're able to time your aerial moves just right, and Coordination, because you never know if you're going to have a second performer suddenly join your show.

Rarity: [Mutters to herself] More like showoff.

Rainbow Dash: Now, one good thing to do to see if you have what it takes for these skills is to look at your parents. Mine, for example. Meet Primay Pulse and Secondary Shot. They were the fastest in their flight school.

Primary: That is correct. Nobody could top us. not even each other.

Rainbow Dash: When I learned how fast my parents were at my age, I suddenly had the need for speed. I enrolled in flight camp as soon as I could, and you should know the story from there.

Moon Drop: ...[Whispers] What was the point of this demonstration again?

Sonic Rush: [Zooms in] Hey, Rainbow Dash, have you seen Light anywhere?

Rainbow Dash: [Shakes head] Nope. Not since yesterday.

Sonic: Wierd. Nobody's seen him. Well I'm sure it's not a big deal. What're ya guys doing?

Moon Drop: The class is having a family presentation day. Rainbow Skip decided to have her sister and parents show up.

Sonic: Oh. Well my parents are at Canterlot and probably wouldn't care about things like this. Hey wait........ there he is. [Jumps up and creates a sonic boom directed at a blue blur, which stops it]

Light: OW! Seriously, Sonic?

Sonic: How else was I gnona stop you without critically injuring myself?

Light: Hm... point. What's going on over here?

Sonic: Some family thing for the kids or whatever. Come to think of it, you've never told any of us about your family.

Light: Oh, well, there's my sister, Melody.

Sonic: What about your parents?

Light: Yeah, cool story, going that way. [Dashes off]

Sonic: ..... Wierd...... what was that all about?

Moon Drop: Not sure. Me and my family are up next. Ivy, Cattail, and my mother. Hm... Makes me wonder where my father is...

Sonic: Your father?

Moon Drop: [Shrugs] Only Cattail remembers him, and she won't say a word.

Sonic: Oh. Well anyway, I got stuff to do back at the castle, so I'll see you later. [Flies off toward the castle]

Moon Drop: See ya.

Back at the Castle

Celestia: Light, I need to speak to you for a moment.

Light: Yes, Princess? What is it?

Celestia: ...Well, as you know, you are a junior member of the Canterlot Council, as well as Powder Snow and Coral Beat. Other than me and Luna, can you name the elders?

Light: Well, there's Star Gazer and Eclipso. Aren't they the only others?

Celestia: To be honest, there is one more. I thought him to be gone for good, but he is back. His name is Armageddon, and he is the one you talked to earlier today.

Light: [Ruffles feathers in slight discomfort] That one? He's an elder of the council?

Celestia: [Nods] He is also a scryer and Star Gazer's husband. The two of them together were a good prediction team, which is why any news he has I do not take lightly.

Light: So do you know why he's returned?

Celestia: If I know Armageddon, it's probably to convey another prediction.

Light: But he isn't telling anyone what that is?

Celestia: I think he wants just me to know first. If he told the wrong pony, it could plunge the land into a panic.

Light: Well, you're supposed to meet him tonight, right?

Celestia: That is correct.

Light: Well tell me how that goes. In the meantime, I'll be taking an enthusiastic walk through the woods.

Celestia: Very well.

Light: [Walks out of the room]

That evening

Armageddon: Ah, Celestia. It appears that Pegasus actually WAS capable of handling my message.

Celestia: You've become quite bitter since you left, Armageddon.

Armageddon: What do you expect? While relaying information about future events, you learn that emotions tend to get in the way. Speaking of which, I have some news.

Celestia: Out with it, please.

Armageddon: Our land is soon to be plunged into a widespread drought. I suggest you make sure that any and all ponies learn the process of removing salt from saltwater, because that's all that will be left for a few months.

Celestia: A drought? How soon?

Armageddon: In a month's time. Also, how has my family been since my absence?

Celestia: Star Gazer is fine, as are Holly, Ivy, and Cattail. Moon Drop was recently recognized as the Element of Bravery and helped fight Discord a second time.

Armageddon: ...Very well. Hmph. [Stalks out of the decaying stone room]

Celestia: ...[Takes her own path outside]

That morning

Light: [Flies into the throne room] Princess.

Celestia: Lightblade. Is there a reason you are here?

Light: Yes. Just wanted to tell you, I already know about the upcoming drought. I was there. Sneaky me.

Celestia: [Smiles slightly] I already knew that, Lightblade. Don't think I don't know how you act.

Light: Just making sure. So what are we going to do?

Celestia: Well, like he suggested, we are going to make sure everyone knows how to convert seawater into fresh water.

Light: Seems simple enough. But I'm a bit worried that there may be some sort of panic when we tell them about the drought.

Celestia: ...That is true. Most of the ponies in the south are farming ponies. Without water, their crops won't grow.

Light: Right. What about Skyrift? They have a huge cloud production facility there to keep the place floating. They probably have reserves as well.

Celestia: You're right...That reminds me, we will need to make sure Cloudsdale doesn't evaporate. Unlike Skyrift, they rely on the regular weather for their clouds.

Light: Yeah. How are we going to let everyone know without worrying them too much?

Celestia: Well... I shall tell them this evening. Hopefully I can calm them, but in case I cannot, I will need help to send them calming magic signals.

Light: Serenity and Affinity should be able to help with that.

Celestia: [Nods] As well as Twilight and Rarity. I shall send them a message via Spike. Until then, I suggest you act as though nothing is going to happen when in public. You may tell the rest of the White Knights, but nopony else.

Light: Of course. Do you need anything else?

Celestia: That should do for now. Thank you for your time.

Light: [Bows then leaves the room]

Later in the day

Light: [Flies into the throne room] Princess. How are things coming along?

Solaris: Just fine. Mom is teaching us how to use tranformation magic.

Lunaris: [Nods, galncing up from a spell book]

Light: Oh. Well that's nice.

Solaris: Yup. Watch this! [Changes Lunaris' book into a frog]

Frog: [Croaks and leaps off the table]

Lunaris: Very funny, Solaris. [Changes the frog back to a book midjump, sending it to the floor with a thump]

Light: Hm. I can beat that. [Changes Lunaris' book into a mid-sized dragon] CRAP! [Changes it back before it does any damage] Whoa. Maybe I should work on that....

Lunaris: [Giggles]

Solaris: Well, I think that wraps it up for today's lesson.

Lunaris: What do you mean? All you've done is turn things into frogs this morning!

Light: I'd say I'm good. I made a dragon.

Lunaris: Well of course! Besides, you're older than us and have had more experience.

Light: Not really. I never practiced tranformation magic that much. Like teleportation. Can't do that well either.

Solaris: Still, you've got stronger reserves than us. We're only a couple years old. So, magic aside, is there anything you wanna do?

Light: I don't know. The others are off doing their own thing so I'm stuck with nothing to do. I'm not used to having free days.

Solaris: Hm. Well, Lunaris and I were going to go check out Cattail's library. Want to come?

Light: Sure, why not?

Solaris: Alright!

[Soon, they step into the library. Shouting almost instantly reaches their ears]

Cattail: I was glad you left! You hardly did anything to help raise us anyway!

Armageddon: Cattail, be quiet! You know I did the best I could. Somehow you're denying it, that's all.

Light: Oh, you again.

Armageddon: Hmph. And it is you.

Cattail: Oh, Light. Sorry, me and my dad were just having a small quarrel.

Light: Dad? So then that means you're Moon Drop's father as well?

Armageddon: [Hesitates with a look of disdain] Yes.

Light: Well isn't that nice? I'm figuring out more about you every day. I even know your name.

Armageddon: [Sneers] I for one, am starting to dislike the fact I returned...

Light: Well, seeing as you're here anyway, you might as well get used to the fact that I was born in the first place.

Armageddon: You, I can do that, but I can't say the same for Moon...

Light: What? You're regretting the fact that your own daughter was born?

Armageddon: Yes. Everyone dislikes somepony, and I dislike Moon. Is there a problem with that?

Light: She's your daughter! How could you say something like that?

Armageddon: It's easy. i just put the words I, do, not, like, my, and daughter together in a sentence.

Light: [Aura crackles slightly] Why you...

Cattail: [Shakes head, mouthing "Don't"]

Light: [Walks out the door angrily]

Armageddon: Good riddance!

Cattail: ...[Follows Light outside]

Light: [Flies into the Everfree Forest and sits there]

(Somewhere else)

Coma Surge: [Sleeping.]

Moon Drop: Coma! Wake up! [Taps him sharply with a hoof]

Coma: [Lazily gets up.] What?

Moon Drop: You said you were going to help me and my sister sort her library! How are we going to do that if you're asleep? We're late as it is.