Since I FINALLY have seen the finale of season two, here is a roleplay!


Quite a few ponies are acting odd. They come off cold, rude, or even malicious. Can the heroes find out what is going on and stop them?


Regular poniesEdit

Diamond - Lu

Damsel In Distress - Lu

Lost Cause - Lu

Moon Drop - Lu

Star Gazer - Lu

Lightblade - Ishi

Melody - Ishi

Gravitz - Ishi

Justice - Ishi

Terror - Kas

Moon Prism - KoolKoopaGirl


Queen Chrysalis (Disguised as Lunaris) - Anyone

Cold Shoulder (Disguised as Diamond) - Lu

Mosquito (Disguised as Moon Drop) - Lu

Dark Skies - (Disguised as Star Gazer) - Lu

Nightrider - (Disguised as Light) - Ishi

Garin - (Disguised as Melody) - Ishi

Evil Intentions - (Disguised as Gravitz) - Ishi

Rising Darkness - (Disguised as Justice) - Ishi

Black Crystal - (Disguised as Lost Cause) - KKG

Roleplay Part OneEdit

QC: Hmph. They think they can simply abolish my plans?! Well, we'll see about that.

Dark Skies: Ssso, what shal be our main coursse of action?

QC: What do you think, Darkie?

Rising Darkness: I really wish you'd stop calling me that, with all due respect, m'lady. And maybe we can perform a subtle infiltration of some sort? A different approach than last time. A more discreet way.

QC: First off, what's the harm in a little nickname? And secondly, I WAS discreet. It was only because that meddling unicorn happened to be an old friend to Cadence or whatever her name was that we failed.

Darkness: I mean an even MORE discreet way. Perhaps we could all mimic others in Ponyville until we can get closer to Canterlot, instead of just going straight for it. Instead of you just going alone, we could all be there, so we'll have multiple backups. And instead of directly siezing power, like last time, we can force Canterlot to crumble on its foundations. Something like that. Plus, I don't think they'll be expecting another attack so soon, so their guard will be lowered to us.

QC: Hm.. Well, if there's anything you're ever right about, it's that.

Mosquito: Oooh! You got SERVED, Darkness!

Darkness: [Looks away] Hmph.

Nightrider: [Phases out of the darkness] I think it might work. Needs a few changes, but the base plan seems solid enough to work.

Mosquito: Well then, I already have an idea of who to go as! Ha-ha! [Phases into a purple pegasus with brown mane/tail] Saw her last time.

Darkness: I saw this one. [Changes into a gray pegasus with red and white mane] He was quite the fighter. I saw him on the raid last time.

Skies: Ooh! Oooh! [Shifts to a tall pale silver-blue alicorn with a black mane/tail] Pretty cool, huh? I think this one is the mother of yours, Mosquito.

Mosquito: Great. JUST GREAT.

Cold Shoulder: [Trots in as a white unicorn with a red mane] How about this? at least Darkness and I are actually going to disguise ourselves as ponies our own gender.

Nightrider: [Forms into a white pegasus with light blue and silver mane and tail] Hm. This one was powerful, from what I saw.

Mosquito: Let's go! I can't wait!

Skies: Wait, shouldn't we get rid of the ponies we're disguised as?

QC: He's right. Leaving them out in the open will cause confusion and doubt amongst the other ponies. Find the ones you're diguised as, then bring them here. I will try and get to Celestia directly. [Shimmers into a small navy blue alicorn filly] I believe this is her daughter.

Nightrider: We'll see what we can do, Your Majesty. [Fades back into the shadows]

[In Ponyville]

Diamond: Melody, have you seen Fluttershy or Moon Drop? I do believe there is a small error in the book they made, Classification of the Everfree Forest. It says the Timber Wolves species is Ligna Mora, when it should be Ligna Lupus.

Melody: Not recently. Maybe they're both at Fluttershy's place taking care of the animals?

Diamond: You see, I checked there. There was a not saying Fluttershy had gone to see Rainbow Dash, so I went to her home, but another note said she had gone to see the Cakes, and let's just say I was sent on a wild goose chase.

Melody: Well that's wierd. Maybe my brother knows... all we have to do if find him.

Diamond: Maybe... But I just had an idea. I'm to scared to go alone, though.

Melody: What is it?

Diamond: Everfree forest. But even though this book lists a variety of species in it, I don't think I'll be prepared.

Melody: Yeah, my brother can definitely help with that. [Looks up to a cloud, that's giving off some electricity] Oh! [Flies up to it] Shiden!

Shiden: [Wakes up and squawks in slight annoyance]

Melody: Sorry. Um, do you know where my brother is, by any chance?

Shiden: [Ruffles feathers a bit, then flies toward Canterlot in a lightning bolt]

[Half a minute goes by. Shiden comes back with Light]

Light: Hey, sis. Shiden said you were looking for me?

Melody: Yes. Diamond and I need to go into the Everfree Forest to fix something in a book Fluttershy and Moon Drop made, Classification of the Everfree Forest. And it might be dangerous and stuff.

Light: Agh. Escort duty again? You ever thing of getting yourself a blade or something?

Melody: I'm a librarian, not a fighter.

Light: Alright, alright. I'll help.

Melody: [Claps her hooves] Perfect! Diamond, lead the way.

Diamond: Right! [Slips the book into a saddlebag, then trots off to the woods, Light and Melody following]

Light: So what exactly are we looking for around here?

Diamond: We're mainly seeing if Fluttershy or Moon Drop are here, but I guess if we come across a Timber Wolf, I can double check and see if the species is correct.

Light: Oh. Hm.

Diamond: Yeah...

Light: [Stops and holds his head] Ngh. Ow... [Small sparks of lightning fly from his hooves] Agh, damn...

[In the shadows]

Cold: There are the ones we're disguised as, Nightrider. We just need that other pegasus to go away and we can get them.

Light: I feel a really dark presence around here... I don't know what it is... [Regains control over his powers] We should be careful around here.

Diamond: [Nods] Even for Everfree forest, it is getting a bit spooky...

Light: So, can Timber Wolves be anywhere in the forest?

Diamond: I think so, but most are nocturnal.

Light: Okay, so one should show up soon?

Diamond: Quite possible. If any do, try not to show your teeth. Baring fangs is a sign of aggression in canines. Just ignore them and they should leave you be.

Light: What do we do when we find one?

Diamond: Like I said, I'll be doing a quick observation to see if it is the correct species as indicated in this book, and if it isn't then I have a reason to bother the writers of it.

Light: Okay, then...

Nightrider: It doesn't seem the pegasus is going to leave any time soon...

Cold: Hm.. I actually have an idea. Let's find one of those Timber Wolves they're talking about.

Nightrider: Alright.


Diamond: [Stops, looking around] Do you hear something?

Light: I hear a lot of things. But yeah.

Diamond: Sounds like growling... Melody, do you hear it, too?

Melody: Yeah... think it's one of the wolves?

Diamond: I can't determine that... Many animals sound the same...

[A loud howl splits the air]

Diamond: Yes, definitely a Timber Wolf.

Light: Well let's check it out then.

Moon Prism: (heads over) Are you crazy? We could die!

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