We begin our story in Canterlot. The council is discussing various ways to defend Equestria from further events that could damage it permanently. They decide on one. To form a large magic bubble.

The task is easy for Unicorns across the land, but each must take shifts the generate it. Pegasi have limited airspace to fly around. The Earth Ponies notice the magic is doing odd things to their crops.

Each pony must either adapt to the new way of life or think of another way to defend Equestria.


Please note it's reccomended you have quite a few characters of various species, because this roleplay is about the result on many areas if Equestria.

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Roleplay Part One

There was a flurry of voices, each trying to be louder than another. Nopony could make any sense of another pony, but they didn't care. Only one of the ponies in the room was silent. She stood at the head of the table, wings folded and mouth closed in a slight frown. She waited a few minutes until the last voice subsided, her royal aura alerting them of her annoyance.

"Now that we have finished our 'debate', let's offer ideas one by one. We aren't going to be able to protect Equestria if we squabble like a bunch of foals." She moved her colored mane away from her eye. After another moment if silence, she shone her horn, lifting a smaller pony from the group.

"Solaris, you are here as a guest. I hope that next time you will not threaten the group into silence, even if I cannot speak over everyone else. If I have to give you another warning like this, you will be removed from the room."

The smaller alicorn clenched his teeth in fear. "Sorry, mother. I'll behave." He flicked his orange and yellow tail after she set him back down next to his sister.

A reddish gray pony with a small horn and various fins raised her hoof. After she had everyone's attention, she spoke. "If it's a defense issue, why not recruit more knights?"

"That would cause more problems than it's worth." A white pegasus spoke up. "Recruiting the knights necessary to defend all of Equestria would take a lot of time and money that we need to keep the nation stable. Besides, there aren't many others actually willing to be a knight, and drafting them wouldn't be the right course of action either."

"Quite." A pale silver-blue deer commented. "Also, there are small issues with the deer clans. I doubt they'd want ponies defending their land, let alone sending their own to become knights." He gave a slight nod, quickly pointing out a main issue between ponies and deer, which was his job, as he was to look over the unity of the two species.

The finned pony lowered her head in slight shame, then spoke to a black merpony next to her. "Eternity, you're more active in the ocean than I am. What limits are there in the ocean territories?"

Eternity shook her head slightly. "The hostile species appear and stay about two miles offshore. There's not much space for seaponies to live. We need to find a solution that is best for all kinds of creatures in Equestria."

"That'd be difficult if not impossible." The white pegasus stated. "There's just too much strain between different species for anything to work for the benefit of eveyone."

A dark blue alicorn sighed. "The only thing coming to my mind is a big bubble across the land, streached to the limits where all hostiles appear, but do not attack. This includes the sea." She shook her head. "Stupid idea, though."

"Yeah, I think that'd disrupt a lot of stuff." The white pegasus leaned back in his chair. "I definitely wouldn't like it."

The deer shifted on his hooves uncertainly. "It's the best idea we have so far out of two. So unless somebody can come up with something else, we'll have to vote on them." Powder Snow looked around the table, only to be met by stares. He immediatley lowered his head and became silent.

"I'm pretty sure a lot of others wouldn't be too happy about it." The white pegasus started to get a bit uneasy at the thought. "It would most likely interfere with a lot of things..."

A dark purple alicorn covered in dark armor grunted. "It's the best idea we've got. I say aye."

The white pegasus shifted a bit in his seat. "I say nay."

"I know I'm not a council member, but I say aye. We can change it to where it works for ponies." Solaris looked over at the older pegasus. His eyes flickered with doubt, then confidence.

"I agree with Lightblade," A silver-blue alicorn with a black mane said slowly. "We'd have to wait and see the results, and then it may be too late for change."

Soon, the vote lay in the hooves of Celestia. Tied seven to seven she would be the breaker. After a moment of thought, she submitted her vote. "I say aye. We shall do it, but with fair warning to the people of our land."

Lightblade got a bit uneasy at the choice. "I have a feeling this isn't going to end well..."

"The council will revert it should we see it necessary." Celestia assured him.

"Alright. I think I'm done here." Lightblade casually walked out of the room.

"Right. Council dismissed."

Ponies slowly trickled from the room. Only four were left.

"Sister, do you know what you're doing?" Luna asked, looking up at Celestia.

"Aunt Luna is right." Lunaris murmured. "How do we know this won't throw our land further into danger?"

"I don't know." Celestia said, staring out a nearby window.

A pure white pegasus pony slowly walked down the halls of the castle. She held a small broom in her hooves, sweeping dust every once in a while. Her plum and aqua mane fell straight against her. After a moment, she glanced out the window, watching some knights of the castle take flight.

Two voices were the heard from across the hall.

"Stop messing with my wings, I need those..." One said.

"But they're so soft!" Another, a female voice said. "It's weird for a boy to have soft wings..."

"Go mess with someone else, will you? I have things I need to do."

"C'mon, Justice, it can wait."

They were both visible from down the hall now. The one named Justice was a gray pegasus with red and white mane and tail, most likely a knight. The other was a pale purple pegasus with black mane and tail. She skipped out in front of Justice to halt him.

"Besides I need your help with something."

"If it involves risking a felony again I'm out."

"Hey, that was an accident."

They both noticed the white pegasus watching them both.

"Oh, hi!" The purple pegasus called.

"Um, hello." The pegasus mumbled. Her face grew to a slight shade of pink. "Sorry. I tend to get distracted a lot."

"What do you mean?" She asked. "You clean around here?"

The pegasus nodded. "Part time. I can't really do any weather jobs because..." She held out her stump of a wing meekly.

The other held a hoof to her mouth. The other gray pegasus looked over her shoulder, a bit surprised, but then regained his previous composure.

"Oh, my..." She said. "What happened?"

"A manticore." The white pegasus said simply. "During the Great Darkness. Tore it right off."


"Ouch..." Justice said. "That must've hurt..."

"Shut up, Justice..." She smacked him lightly on the head. "Anyway, my name is Ambient Grace, this is Justice. We're both knights here. Well, I am at least. He's a White Knight."

"I'm Downbeat. Pleasure to meet you. I tend to watch the castle knights fly around. Reminds me of birds." Downbeat gave a small nod.

"Oh, I see." Grace said, looking out the window at the knights. "Oh, speaking of birds."

She pointed out the window at a bird, perched on the opposite roof.

"That's Shiden." Justice stated.

The bird raised a wing an rubbed its beak under the feathers, before tucking it back in.

"Oh yeah, it is, isn't it?"

"He looks lovely." Downbeat commented. "I mean, he would probably look even better up close, but still."

"Oh, no problem." Justice said. He pushed the window open and stuck his head out. "Hey, Shiden!"

The bird cocked his head to him and whistled.

"Come over here."

The bird extended its wings and gave one large downward thrust that launched him high into the air. He slowly glided the rest of the way, and perched himself on the window sill. He looked at Downbeat curiously, not sure of who she was.

"Ah." She sighed. "Even better."

Shiden looked at Justice in confusion.

"I don't know, she likes birds." He said.

Shiden jumped off the window sill and flew over and stood on the ground in front of Downbeat, staring up at her.

"Hello." She gave a small wave to Shiden. "I've never seen a bird like you before..."

"He's a blitz." Justice stated. "They're closely related to phoenixes, however instead of being attributed to fire, they're element is lightning. They're a lot rarer than phoenixes as well. I've never heard of any others other than him."

Shiden nodded in confirmation.

"Ah." Downbeat nodded slowly. After a moment, she asked something. "He seems awfully tame around ponies. Does he have an owner?"

"Yeah," Grace said. "He's Lightblade's pet. Maybe less of a pet and more of a friend. They ususally do just about everything together."

"Lightblade?" Downbeat blinked. "I've heard of him. The Manticore used a voice trick and explained a white flash I saw."

"You mean the really big one at the end?" Grace scratched her ear. "Yeah, I heard people from hundreds of miles away saw that... I'm not sure what it was, nobody else seemed to know either."

"I see." Downbeat gave a small nod to herself.

"Justice!" A voice called. Two young alicorns, Solaris and Lunaris, hurried to the other four. "Oh, howdy Grace, didn't know you were here. Shiden." Solaris nodded at the purple pegasus and the blitz, but faltered at Downbeat.

"Oh dear. Guess I'm quieter than I think in the castle. Downbeat."

"Downbeat." Solaris repeated. He then turned to Justice. "Lightblade wants all the knights present so he can explain the council's choice. That includes you, Grace."

"Aw." Grace moaned.

"Right." Justice complied. "Come on, Grace."

"See ya around, Downbeat." Grace said.

They both began walking down the hall. Shiden flew out the window to return to his owner.

"See you." Solaris said, giving a farewell nod to Downbeat. He quickly followed Justice and Grace.


Most of the Canterlot Royal Guard were already in the courtyard for Light's announcement. They were all crowding around each other, trying to find their own space. Justice had taken a stand up front in a reserve section for the White Knights, while Ambient Grace had secured herself a front row spot. Solaris quickly shuffled in and took a spot next to Justice, making all the White Knights present.

"What do you think the Council decided on?" Affinity whispered to Justice.

"Haven't the slightest idea." Justice answered. "We'll see in a few minutes."

"All I'll say is not many people may like it." Solaris muttered.

After a few more minutes, Light came out to make his announcement. He stomped on the floor repeatedly until all the chatter stopped.

"Okay..." Light began. "A few hours ago, the Canterlot Council discussed how we were going to protect Equestria from outside dangers. Foreign nations, gangs of thieves, ultra powered villains. The good stuff. And we've come to a 'solution'." He made air quotes when he said that word. "Basically, we're putting up a huge magic dome around Equestria."

Solaris knickered. "Told ya." He gestured to the other knights who had started to chatter once more, much louder.

One of the knights called out from the crowd.

"You agreed to this?"

"What? No, of course not." Light said. "Just, majority rules... so I don't know when we're gonna start it, today, tomrrow, whenever, but it's gonna be soon, and I'm guessing we're going to iron out the details when we get to it."

"If you ask me, things would've been better if we didn't change anything." Another knight muttered. He looked over at Solaris. "You're Celestia's son, right? Can't you do anything about it?"

Solaris shook his head. "It would go against my vote, sorry."

"Can't the Warfare Division do something?" Another knight shouted over everyone.

"The Caterlot Warfare Division is only called in durin war time. They're job isn't to perform guard duty for the country, only to fight against an invading foreign power. So no, they can't do anything." Light shook his wings. "Anyway, that's pretty much it." Light concluded. "You can go back to whatever you were doing."

Light lifted himself from the ground and flew off, Shiden following closely behind, leaving the other knights to shuffle out of the courtyard.

"He seemed kind of upset." Affinity noted.

"How could you tell?" Lazarus Vector walked over to her side.

"I've been working with him long enough." She said. "It's subtle, but it's there."

"Eh, he's fine." Justice said, walking back toward the castle. "He always is."

"Yeah." Gravitz said, somewhat hesitantly. "Probably nobody's happy about this. Anyway, I'm off."

Gravitz flew off in Light's opposite direction.

"So now what?" Backlash asked anyone.

"I guess we just wait until the council decides to put their plan into action." Solaris said quietly

"Right..." Backlash scratched his ear. "I'm gonna grab something to eat." He lifted off the ground and headed to Ponyville.

"Twilight! Celestia is making a very important announcement! Come see." Rarity ushered her passing friend into the boutique, moving her in front of a television. "So far she says the council had a discussion on Equestria safety. The decision they made may not appeal to a majority of ponies."

Twilight sat there, befuddled. Celestia didn't talk to her about council stuff very much, but why not this? Twilight usually had very good ideas, and could probably come up with something better than what was about to be revealed.

"Attention, mares and gentlecolts. The council's choice was either to recruit more knights around Equestria... Or form a magic dome over the land. We voted, and our choice came to..." Celestia paused, biting her lip. After a moment, she spoke again. "We chose the magic dome."

The crowd in front of the castle went wild. There were several murmurings and a few shouts. Celestia shone her horn to quiet everyone, then continued. "Each and every unicorn is to contribute. They shall report to their hometown's main building and recieve a slip with all their shifts for supporting the wall. That is all."

Celestia turned and walked back inside the castle, ignoring the jeering she was recieving from the mostly unicorn crowd.

"What?" Twilight was confused at the council's somewhat impractical decision. "Isn't there some other way to protect Equestria other than that?"

"I don't know," Rarity said. "But it's really going to cut into my work time."

Twilight sighed. "We better head over to the city hall and get our shifts." She and Rarity got up, then made their way outside.

Roleplay Part Two

"Are you freaking kidding me?!" A loud shout was heard throughout the entire district of Ponyville. Nightshade was looking at the pieces of paper tacked to a billboard outside, with names of the unicorns who would take shifts, when and where.

"I have a daytime shift?!" Nightshade complained. "That's not fair! I barely got up this morning!"

"Darn..." The white unicorn next to him said. "I have a shift today..."

"Hahah!" A white pegasus flying above the crowd cheered. "Sucks to be you, Trinity!"

"Stuff it, Destiny." Trinity recoiled, before pushing her way back out of the crowd.

A lime green unicorn with a camera around his neck scowled. "I can't have my shift at five! I have an interview with Cattail then. How am I supposed to tell readers how her library is set up if I'm busy supporting some magic dome?" He flicked his yellow mane and stomped his foot. "Not to mention she won't reschedule. Not again, at least."

Another, pale pink unicorn with vibrant purple eyes behind a pair of glasses took a look at her schedule.

"Oh..." She said. "I have one tomorrow. That'll cut into my time at work..."

"You having trouble too, Serenity?" Nightshade asked.

"Yeah, I need to keep my job." She said, lowering her head. "This is all just a big mess."

"You're working at the hospital now, right? Didn't apply for the second generation of White Knights?"

"Oh, no. I mean, I enjoyed it and all, I made friends and everything, but fighting isn't my forte."


The two shuffled out of the crowd as quickly as they could.

A dark rasberry unicorn with a plum mane sighed. Shaking her head, she muttered "Guess ponies will have to get used to me closing the store early." She walked away from the crowd, bumping into a few other ponies. "Sorry." she lowered her head and continued walking.

Affinity was standing away from the crowd. She dropped her head in relief. "Whew. It's times like this that make me glad I'm a White Knight..."

Due to the White Knights having the status and duties that they do, they have been excused from serving with the magic dome. They will continue with their operations relatively unhindered.