Oh dear! Discord has returned! He has the elements of discord with him! Let's join together and take him down!

Elements of Discord

Cruelty - Dawn Luster - Trudge

Greed - Emerald Eyes - 1LL

Darkness - Dusklight - 1LL

Betrayal - Sugarcake - Trudge

Fear - Black Adder - 1LL

Pride - Dipsy - Trudge

Falsehood - Hazel - Trudge

Ignorance - Sour Ball - 1LL

Elements of Harmony

Kindness - Fluttershy - 1LL

Generosity - Rarity - Trudge

Magic - Twilight - Trudge

Loyalty - Rainbow Dash - 1LL

Courage - Moon Drop - 1LL

Laughter - Pinkie Pie - Trudge

Honesty - Applejack - 1LL

Wisdom - Coma Surge - Trudge

Other Characters

Prince Eclipso - Trudge

Princess Clipsia - 1LL

Princess Luna - 1LL

Princess Celestia - Trudge

Spike - 1LL

Primary Pulse - 1LL

Secondary Shot - 1LL

Lord Icysky - Trudge

Lady Icysky - Trudge

Discord - 1LL

Cheerlie - Anyone

Whitebeard - Trudge

Rainbow Skip - Trudge or 1LL

Amber - 1LL

Copperhoof - 1LL

Brandy - 1LL

Sasparilla - 1LL

Dead Air - 1LL

Zecora - 1LL or Trudge

Roleplay Part One

Cheerlie: Okay everyone! Class dismissed!

Black Adder: Ha! Finally! I think I might fly off to Fillydelphia and buy some sweets from Lickety Split's. Maybe even pay Sour Ball a visit.

Moon Drop: Listen, you think you can keep out of trouble for one day?

Black Adder: Hmm... Nope! You know what, I'm more in a destructive mood. Off to Canterlot Castle!

[Black Adder flies off and bumps into Dipsy]

Dipsy: WATCH IT!

Black Adder: Hey! Sorry! Watch where your ego is going sometime, 'kay?

Dipsy: Shut up! I don't need you telling me how to run my life now leave the awesome Dipse alone you freak!

[Dipsy smacks Black Adder with his tail]

Black Adder: [Hisses, baring her fangs and unfurling her wings, making her seem a lot bigger]

Dipsy: Woah! Calm down Little Miss Overreaction it was only a joke! DUH!!

Black Adder: Hmph! [Flies into the castle gardens]

[Sugarcake is sitting there reading]

Sugarcake: Wah?

Black Adder: Heh. Hey there.

Sugarcake: H-hey...I think...

Black Adder: [Looks around, then walks up to a statue] Perfect for smashing....

Sugarcake: WHAT?! You can't do that, it's the Princess' property!

Black Adder: Does it look like I give a darn?

Sugarcake: But...STOP THAT!!

Black Adder: [Stops for a moment, then sharply turns and walks right up to Sugarcake] Since when did you become queen of the world? Like anyone's gonna miss a simple statue! Besides. [She looks over to it] I think I'd be doing you a favor.

Sugarcake: [Gets defensive] Leave it alone...NOW!!

Black Adder: And what if I don't?

Sugarcake: You'll regret you were ever born!

Black Adder: And a little pipsqueak of a nerd is going to do that? Don't make me laugh!

Sugarcake: What. Did. You. Just. Call. Me?

Black Adder: What are you referring to, the Pipsqueak or the Nerd?

Sugarcake: That's it you freak of nature. [Charges up magic]

[The statue suddenly starts shaking]


Sugarcake: Huh? This can't be...

[The statue glows brightly, and then shards of rock fly everywhere. When the glow subsides, Discord is stading there, looking triumphant]

Discord: Ha! Thanks for freeing me, ponies! [Flies off]

Sugarcake: YOU IDIOT! Look what you've done!

Black Adder: Wait. I think we BOTH did it.

Sugarcake: Whatever! I gotta go tell the princess!

Black Adder: Whatever floats your boat.

Sugarcake: You better never show your face here again!

Black Adder: And who's gonna make me? Doubt you can.

Sugarcake: Whatever you dunce, I'm off! [Gallops away]

[Dipsy soon catches up]

Dipsy: I JUST SAW SOME KIND OF THING FLY OVER ME!! Oh look it's the drama queen!

Sour Ball: ..Huh?

Dipsy: Just stay away from me, I don't want to cacth anything!

Sour Ball: [Gasps] Are you sum kin'a discriminatory- driscrimin- raci- jerk? I may not look very good, but I'm descended from one of the last Flooter- Flittle- Fluttaponies!

Dipsy: Oh dear, another idiot. Just leave me alone you freak!

Sour Ball: Oh yeah? Fine! [Flies away, leaving a trail of sparkles]

Dipsy: Not too bright eh?

Black Adder: Nope, she isn't.

Dipsy: Who asked you anyway?

Black Adder: I think you did.

Dipsy: No I didn't, it was RHETORICAL! Idiot...

Black Adder: Oh, stop being so stuck up! Oh wait. Nevermind, it's the only thing you're good at. Wouldn't want you to make your cutie mark confused!

Dipsy: Ha! Your insult was so weak I think your cutie mark is too ashamed to show itself!

Black Adder: Ahem. [Shows him her flank, showing a deep black snake with bright yellow eyes, then suddenly spreads her wings and bares her fangs, hissing loudly]

Dipsy: Oooh, an ugly snake, I'm SOOOOOOOOOO scared. NOT!

Black Adder: [Leaps at Dispy]

Dipsy: Woah! [Backs away] Calm down Missy Hissy!

Black Adder: Then watch what you say around me! [Folds wings]

Dipsy: Whatever, just don't come near me! Your such a freak!


Luna: Sis, Sugarcake needs to tell you something. She says it's urgent!

Celestia: Yes?

Sugarcake: Well...menandthiscrazydestructiveweirdlookingpegasuswithdragonwingswerearguingwhenanuglystatuecrackedandamichmashofrandomanimalpartsflewawayfromus. [Hyperventilates]


Luna: Wait... Statue? Cracked? Random animal parts!? Sis....

Celestia: It can't be...he's already been destroyed twice before!

Luna: Well... He's back again... I think we should call in the elements.....This reminds me of when Clipsia... [Trails off]

Celestia: Focus! This is serious Luna!

Sugarcake: And what of that strange-looking pegasus?

Luna: She doesn't really seem important. [Begins to write to Twilight and Co]

Sugarcake: Hmph. Why must it be Twilight? Her magical abilities aren't any better than mine!

Luna: Well, um, she and her friends have the elements, of course.

Sugarcake: Don't we have the elements in here?

Celestia: I think you should run along now Sugarcake.

Sugarcake: WHA?!

Luna: Sugarcake, we thank your for your notification, but your presence is no longer required.

Sugarcake: [Grumbles as she trots away]

Celestia: If Discord really is back we must inform Twilight and her friends...

Luna: Right. [Sends to message] Sis, I was wondering....

Celestia: Yes?

Luna: I sense a familiar presence... do you?

Celestia: Hmmm, can't seem to put my hoof on it...

Luna: ....You think it could be... Eclipsio and... Clipsia?

Celestia: ...It may very well be...

Luna: Ok...

Celestia: Though the presence is weak...if it is them they are not in this room...tell Phallanx to check the other rooms...

Luna: Alright. Phallanx?

Celestia: Our guard.

Luna: I know. I was calling him. Looks like he didn't hear us.. again.

Celestia: Hmmm....odd.....very odd.....I guess we should call Sprinkle.

Luna: Right. I'll go see if she's in the foyer. [Walks out of the throne room]

[In Ponyville]

Rainbow Dash: Skip, you have GOT to stop this! What if mom and dad saw? You should know not to get near me when I'm about to release a Sonic Rainboom!

Rainbow Skip: But I wanna seeeeee!

Rainbow Dash: Then see from the GROUND.

Rainbow Skip: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.....................

Rainbow Dash: Skip. Just. Stop.

[She heads over to Fluttershy, Twilight, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity]

Rainbow Dash: Sorry about that. What were you saying, Twilight?

Twilight: We have recieved an urgent call to Canterlot, the princesses are in trouble!

Rainbow Skip: Can I come too?Twi

Rarity: Er...Rainbow dear...why did you bring your little sister with you?

Rainbow Dash: My parents are out of town. Somebody needed to watch her. And no, Skip. I'm going to leave you with Lord and Lady Icysky till I get back. You're lucky I got them to say yes. You shall do as they say, because they'll tell me if you don't.

Rainbow Skip: No way am I staying with Lord and Lady Killjoy! I'm coming with you!

Rainbow Dash: I said NO, Skip!

Rainbow Skip: NO!!

Rainbow Dash: YES! Look, here come the Lord and Lady already.

Twilight: L-L-Lord and Lady I-I-Icysky?

Rainbow Skip: Yeah...

Lord Icysky: Hurry up now, I don't have all day!

Lady Icysky: Quite.

Rainbow Dash: Go on Skip. I'm sure I'll be back soon.

Lord Icysky: Hurry up now!

Rainbow Skip: Awww...

Rainbow Dash: Come on girls. Let's hurry to Canterlot Castle.

Lord Icysky: Humph, off you go!

Lady Icysky: Yes, now come along Rainbow Skip.

Rainbow Skip: [Shoots Rainbow Dash a murderous glance before flying off with the Icyskies.]

Twilight: ...Dash is right, we better get going!

Rarity: To the do we even keep the balloon?

Pinkie Pie: Good question! I always wondered...

Rainbow Dash: Doesn't matter. We always end up flying in it anyway.

[Soon, Twi, Rairity, Pinkie, and Applejack are in the balloon, with Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy flying beside it]

Applejack: Almost there, gals.

Pinkie Pie: Ooh, pretty that...CHOCOLATE RAIN?! [Jumps out the baloon]

Twilight: Pinkie Pie!

Fluttershy: Wait, Chocolate rain? Then that means- It CAN'T mean that, can it?!

Pinkie Pie: Who cares?

Twilight: The whole of Equestria! This must be why the Princess is calling us.

Rainbow Dash: Then There's no time to lose! Let's get this thing moving! [She gets behind the Balloon and starts pushing it at a fast rate]

Rarity: Carelful, I just got these! [Wiggles hoof in front of Rainbow Dash showing off her new shoe.]

Rainbow Dash: Then why'd you wear them?! We're probably gonna have to fight Discord! I'm pretty sure you don't want to get those things dirty.

Rarity: As if I knew we were going to rough-house with that thing!

Twilight: Girls!

Rainbow Dash: Sorry. Anyway, here we are. Canterlot castle.

Pinkie Pie: Ooh!

Twilight: are we supposed to land this thing?

Rainbow Dash: Who cares? We usually find a way later on.

[Soon, they are in the castle garden, standing with Luna and Celestia next to the remaining shards of the statue]

Luna: Sugarcake says she was arguing with a Pegasus pony. After a few minutes, Discord managed to escape.

Twilight: That idiot!

Celestia: Anyway, this problem can only be solved with the elements.

Luna: Yes, but I think there's a chance he may be a bit too powerful for just you six. You see... there's two other elements...

Celestia: Not too mention Discord has learnt from his error.

Twilight: Two other elements?

Luna: Yes. One is wisdom. The other is courage. Who represents them, we don't know. That's one thing we need you to do. Find those two elements representatives before Discord does.

Twilight: But they could represent anyone!

Pinkie Pie: It could even be...

Rarity: Yes?

Pinkie Pie: Derpy.

[Everypony looks at her]

Twilight: Our point is, we have no clue as to where they are.

???: Perhaps WE can help.

Applejack: Who the hay said that?

[A blue unicorn colt and a purple pegasus filly walk up from around a corner]

???: I am Moon Drop. And this is Coma Surge. We can help you look for them.

Coma Surge: Indeed.

Twilight: Er...Princess?

Celestia: It's okay Twilight Sparkle, Moond Drop and Coma are here to help.

Appljack: Alright. Now let's think. Where would a positively brave and super smart pony be?

Twilight: I'm super-smart!

Coma Surge: It may also refer to Sugarcake.

Twilight: [Gives him a murderous look]

Pinkie Pie: Oooh! And Rainbow Dash is really brave, except for that time when she was scared of those trees, TREES! Can you believe it?!

Luna: Actually, only ONE Pony can be ONE element. So we know its none of you six.

Moon Drop: Well, a brave pony might do stupendous deeds for other Ponies!

Rarity: Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo what you are basically saying is that you are the element of courage?

Moon Drop: Wait, WHAT?! I've never done anything brave before. Let alone do a stupendous deed. [Blushes]

Pinkie Pie: Hmmmm...Oooh! What about Big Mac?

Coma Surge: Or it may very well be somepony within these castle walls.

Luna: Yeah.. well... Celestia and I have sensed some things we haven't since a long time ago.

Celestia: Yes. We think these elements are closer than they appear.

Moon Drop: Then it must be somepony here in Canterlot Castle! Let's start looking!

Coma Surge: I second that opinion.

Twilight: Where shall we look first?

Coma Surge: Why don't we all split up for a larger chance of discovering who it is?

Twilight: That's an excellent opinion me and-

Pinkie Pie: Oooh! Look what I found!

[A tapestry illuminated with eight ponies was hung up torn behind a stone block.]

Celestia: How could we have missed that?

Coma Surge: We must analyse this with extreme caution. The colours appear to be faded...

Fluttershy: Twilight, don't you have a spell or something for this?

Twilight: It seems to be magic resistant...

Coma Surge: There are you six...and...these colours here look like you...Moon Drop.

Twilight: Moon Drop! You're one of the two missing elements!

Moon Drop: What?! But, then, how do we know which one I am?

Coma Surge: Simple. We must inituate a test to reveal which of those elements you represent. Have you considered yourself an extremely smart pony.

Moon Drop: Um, not really. I DO know a lot about animals, but probably not enough to be considered really smart.

Coma Surge: Then have you ever considered yourself a brave pony?

Moon Drop: Well, as far as I know, not very. You know, lots of brave ponies have no clue if they're brave or not, so I guess I could fit in there.

Coma Surge: And lots of intelligent ponies don't know they are intelligent until they're challenged. You must prove yourself in either categories.

Twilight: Like a test?

Coma Surge: Exactly.

Applejack: Well then, let's get to testing! ...So how do we test her bravery, though? I know we can ask fancy questions and such for intelligence, but bravery?

Celestia: This is a tricky situation...

???: Ah, you silly little ponies.... You're on the right track, but you have such a long way to go...

Celestia: Huh? Who said that? Reveal yourself!

???: Celestia, you should very well know by now.. [Discord appears, flying above the statue of Victory]

Celestia: Discord!

Coma Surge: Incredible!

Twilight: It's not incredible! THIS MEANS DISASTER!!

Discord: Actually, dear Twilight, it means Chaos!

Moon Drop: [Flies up to Discord] You know what? You're just a....a...

Discord: A what?

Moon Drop: A BIG OL' PAIN. [Kicks him in the face]

Discord: Oof!- ... Hmph. How immature. Well, I must be going. [Vanishes]

Celestia: Moon Drop!

Twilight: [Looks at her]

Coma Surge: What courage! What valour! Undisputedly you must be the Element of Bravery!

Moon Drop: ! I guess so! [Flies back down] Then we just need to find who is the Element of Wisdom!

Pinkie Pie: Oooh! What about...I got notihing...

Rainbow Dash: Well, only a super smart pony would know x+20=98!

Coma Surge: X would be 78.

Twilight: I knew that!

(Damnitt, read the wrong thing!)


(Misread it as 90 - 28! Dope...)

Rainbow Dash: Well... what about.... half the square root of 36?

Coma Surge: 3.

Twilight: That too!

???: Well look who knows everything! Aren't you a ner- dor- squi- smarty pants!

??: Why not leave the talking to me, dolt?!

???: Fine.

Twilight: Discord?

Celestia: No!

??: Close. We are the ELEMENTS of Discord! I am Greed! [Emerald Eyes steps out]

???: And I am Stu- Du- Ign- Not Very Bright!

Emerald Eyes: Ignorance. You're Ignorance, Sour Ball.

Sour Ball: Oh, right!

Celestia: What is the MEANING OF THIS!?

Coma Surge: Leave now, frauds!

Emerald Eyes: I don't think so. You see, me, Sour Ball, and the other six Elements of Discord have been sent.

Rarity: By who?

Emerald Eyes: By Discord of course! Our elements are the opposite of yours! Let's see... Darkness is the opposite of Magic, Ignorance is the opposite of Wisdom, Fear is the opposite of Courage, Cruelty is the opposite of Kindness, Falsehood is the opposite of Honesty, Pride is the opposite of Laughter, Betrayal is the opposite of Loyalty, and Greed, Me, is the opposite of Generosity.

Celestia: Elements of...Discord? LEAVE NOW!

Sour Ball: Okay...

Emerald Eyes: Actualy.. Hmm... Lemme think... NO.

Roleplay Part Two

Celestia: You dare disobey a direct order from the princess?!

Twilight: The Elements girls!

Applejack: Right!

Emerald Eyes: Uh-uh-uh. Don't worry. This is simply a kind visit. But Discord DOES have a little surprise.

[Moon Drop and Coma Surge vanish]

Emerald Eyes: He has told me to give you a riddle. Here it is. You solve it, you find them.

"One with wits shall be down by a bog

Surrounded by Flasehood's drenching fog

The Darkness covers him, and Pride insults him

You better hurry before Ignorance corrupts him

Little one of Courage, so bold, so brave

Lost in the woods when she couldn't find her way

Greed and Cruelty torment her for some time

While Betrayal and Fear alter her mind"

Twilight: We have no time for this! [Prepares a magic spell]

Emerald Eyes: Neither do we. Farewell, ponies. [Walks off, Sour Ball following after a moment]

Twilight: Princess! We have to follow them!

Celestia: Not now Twilight. We have to make sense of the situation...

Fluttershy: Right. We need to find Coma and Moon.

Applejack: Emerald said that Coma was by a bog, and Moon was in a forest.

Celestia: Perhaps Moon is in the Everfree Forest...

Rainbow Dash: That would be a little too obvious, but we can look.

Twilight: Maybe we could ask Zec-


Rainbow Dash: [Sticks hoof in Pinkie's mouth] Shut it already with the enchantress stuff!

Pinkie Pie: [Muffled] Okay.

Rarity: But that place is so...icky!

Fluttershy: And scary!

Applejack: So? Let's get going, gals.

Twilight: Right! Now...where did we land the baloon?

Rarity: Maybe those Elements of Discord have stolen it.

Pinkie Pie: Oooh! Maybe...something...ask the view-

Twilight: Oh, there it is! [Hops in the baloon]


Applejack: Here we are, gals. Huh? Now just who are they?

[Copperhoof and his family approach from the edge of the forest]

Amber: Excuse me, but do you have any reason for being here?

Twilight: Sorry, but we're looking for-

Pinkie Pie: SHE'S AN EVIL-

Twilight: Zecora.

Copperhoof: Oh really? Well she is currently out of the forest, so I suggest you come back later.

Twilight: But it's not time for Zecora to visit Ponyville.

Copperhof: Well then you'll have to think of another place where she'd be, because she is NOT HERE.

[A zebra appears behind them]

Zecora: Copperhoof, there is no need for them to shoo. I am here, so what may I do for you?

Twilight: Oh there you are Zecor-


Rainbow Dash: STOP IT PINKIE!

Copperhoof: [Scoffs, then walks back into the forest with his family]

Zecora: Now that they are gone and we are alone, follow me and talk in my home.

Twilight: Phew...thanks Zecora.

[They follow her]

Twilight: Now, Zecora, have you seen any other ponies here apart from us?

Zecora: Well, I did see a filly somewhere near the largest tree, But she might be moving, so you better move quickly.

Twilight: Thanks Zecora, come on girls-




Rarity: Is this it?

Twilight: No-one seems to be here. Should we split up?

Rainbow Dash: Right. Me and Fluttershy can look from above.

Twilight: Right. Pinkie, you and Applejack go that way. Me and Rarity will go this way.

Applejack: Right. Come on, Pinkie.

Fluttershy: [Flies off as well as Rainbow Dash]


Pinkie Pie: Soooooooooooooo, where do you think they are?

Applejack: Dunno. But I have a feeling we might run into Elements of Discord.

Pinkie Pie: You really think so?

Applejack: Yeah, remember? "Greed and Cruelty torment her for some time While Betrayal and Fear alter her mind" Greed, Cruelty, Betrayal, AND Fear are Elements of Discord.

Pinkie Pie: Oh yeah...hey...are you feeling that chill?

Applejack: Yeah...

Pinkie Pie: Best to keep walking...come on!

Applejack: Alrighty.

Pinkie Pie: [Stops in mid-walk looking pale]

Applejack: Something wrong?

Pinkie Pie: [Begins to turn grey] Who ask you anyway?

Applejack: Pinkie, what's going on? You're not looking like your usual bright and cheery self.P

Pinkie Pie: Are you laughing?!

Applejack: No.. I'm concerned...

Pinkie Pie: Shut up! Why am I even here?! Let me go!

Applejack: Oh dear. It's that same ol' gray nonsense what happened when we first fought Discord!

Pinkie Pie: I'll fight you now! Let me out of here!


Pinkie Pie: You wouldn't dare!

Applejack: HA!

Pinkie Pie: ...I...HATE YOU!

Applejack: Hmph!

Pinkie Pie: [Leaves angrily]

Applejack: Just great....

[In another part of the forest]

Rainbow Dash: I don't see her anywhere...

Fluttershy: Neither do I.

Rainbow Dash: You think she's somewhere else?

Fluttershy: I don't - [Cuts off, starts turning gray]

Rainbow Dash: Fluttershy? You alright?

Fluttershy: I don't know. Why not ask yourself that?

Rainbow Dash: Huh?

Fluttershy: Whatever. [Flies off]

Rainbow Dash: What?

[In another part of the forest]

Rarity: This forest is certainly [shudders] creepy...

Twilight: Yeah, best we keep going.

Rarity: Wait...

Twilight: What?

Rarity: I hear something...

Twilight: C-come on, I'm sure it's nothing.

Rarity: Sure?

Twilight: Well...

[A grey pony appears]

Rarity: Aaah!

Fluttershy: Hmph! Is the little baby Rarity afraid of me? [Kicks up some dust in Rarity's face]

Rarity: Ugh! F-Fluttershy?!

Twilight: What the-WHAT!?

Fluttershy: Twilight, there's something on your leg! [Kicks Twilight] IT WAS PAIN.

Twilight: Aah! NOT MEME POWER!

Rarity: Don't worry Twilight, I'll get help.

Fluttershy: That's right, run away like the little baby you are!

Twilight: Fluttershy! Snap out of it!

Fluttershy: NO.

Twilight: Fluttershy, I'll ask you only once more, snap out of it.

Fluttershy: [Scoffs] Like you can make me!

Twilight: I don't want to hurt you but remember what I am capable of.

Fluttershy: Maybe so, but I'm not afraid!


Moon Drop: [Running from something] Leave me alone! [Screams and trips over a root]

???: You think you can run from me?

Moon Drop: [Gets up] Who are you?! Stay back!

???: Make me, coward!

Moon Drop: [Appearance bcomes a bit more gray, backing up against a tree.]

???: You'll never be as brave as the other ponies. You'll always be the little worm you are.

Moon Drop: [Sniffles] Why are you being so cruel?

???: Why shouldn't I be?

Moon Drop: Because it's not nice!

???: In case you haven't noticed...I'M NOT NICE!

??: Oh, shove off it, Luster!

Dawn Luster: Grrr...

Moon Drop: Who was THAT?!

??: Surprised ya don't recognize me, cuz! [Black Adder appears]

Moon Drop: Eek!

Dawn Luster: Aww, isn't that sweet?

Black Adder: [Snorts] Dawn, aren't you supposed to be looking about for those six meddlers? And where are the other two?

Emerald Eyes: Right here, Adder.. no need to worry.

Black Adder: And the other one? Nobody told me who it was, so one of you speak up or they better get here quick.

Dawn: I'll go stop those puny ponies. *Gallops off.*

Emerald Eyes: Betrayal will arrive when we need her. By now, some of the other ponies should be Discorded...

Dipsy: The Dipse is in the house.

Emerald Eyes: Dipsy! You're not supposed to be here! You're to be with Sour Ball, Hazel, and Dusklight!

Dipsy: The Dipse can be anywhere he wants because he's the Dipse.

Emerald Eyes: Dipsy. Don't make me get Discord.

Dipsy: You don't threaten the Dipse. Do you Dipse Jr? *Makes hoof talk.* No, the Dipse is awesome.

Emerald Eyes: [Sighs] Adder, if you will?

Black Adder: With pleasure. [Grabs Dipsy and flies off with him, making sure he's in the proper place]

Dipsy: Aaah!

Black Adder: Know your place, Dipsy. [Flies off]

Sour Ball: Thank goodness you're back, Dipsy! Things have been quite Heck- Scu- Busy-

Dusklight: She means hectic. You're supposed to wear Coma down so he can be Discorded.

Sour Ball: Ayup!

Dipsy: Does the Dipse really have to talk to that lesser thing?

Dusklight: We do too, Dipsy. Hazel? Have you found Coma yet?

Hazel: I'm working on it, he has to be somewhere in this region.

Sour Ball: Uh, isn't that him over yo- in- there? [Points behind Dusklight]

Hazel: Darn, you got me. Alright, do it Dipsy!

Dipsy: Do what?

Hazel: Dance.

Dipsy: Wasn't I supposed to insult that one?

Hazel: Just dance.

Dusklight: She's right, Dipsy. Besides, you are the best dancer out of all of us. [He passes a sly smile to Hazel, hinting he is flattering to get Dipsy to listen]

Hazel: [Winks]

Dipsy: I guess you're right! [Begins tapdancing]

Sour Ball: [Whispers] Errr.. why are we getting him to dance again?