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The date is May 25th. Today, ponies from miles around will gather at the castle and celebrate for some reason.


Ponies with DatesEdit

Diamond (With Coma Surge) - Lu

Heartskipper (With Lab Colt) - Lu

Coral Beat (With Solaris) - Lu

Lab Colt (With Heartskipper) - Lu

Solaris (With Coral Beat) - Lu

Blazen (With Lovebird) - Ishi

Backlash (With Songbird) - Ishi

Melody (With Phasecast) - Ishi

Coma Surge (With Diamond) - Trudge

Ponies without Edit

Lunaris - Lu

Moon Drop - Lu

Snapshot - Lu

Lightblade - Ishi

Shiden - Ishi

Dipsy (claims he is with himself) - Trudge

Raven Eye - Trudge

Bumble Bee - Trudge

Bread Crumbs - Trudge

Roleplay Part OneEdit

Solaris: Everything ready?

Lunaris: [Nods] They can come in now!

Solaris: Alright! [Opens a large pair of double doors with magic, letting a large group of ponies inside]

Coral Beat: Hello you two! [Is wearing a sea blue gown adorned with pearls and seaweed]

Lunaris: Coral! Your dress is lovely.

Coral: Thank you!

Solaris: Heh. All I'm wearing is my same old orange tux.

Lunaris: Well Solaris, you know looking pretty is a mare's job.

Solaris: [Shrugs]

Light: Hey, Solaris! [Is wearing his regal knight armor] Where's the food? I'm starving.

Dipsy: The Dipse is in the house! All you lessers can leave cause the Dipse is taking home the crown.

Coral: You are aware you must have a partner to be elligible for a prize, correct?

Solaris: Oh, it's over there [Points] Careful though. Pinkie was in charge of it, so expect really sweet stuff.

Light: I don't care. [Flies over and takes a big bite out of a random food item. Immediately bolts into a wall] Agh! What is this thing? Like, all sugar?! I was hoping for at least chips or something.

Dipsy: The Dipse does have a partner-the Dipse!

Light: ...Really?

Melody: [Walks in with Phasecast] Brother! [Waves] I didn't know you were coming.

Light: I came for the free food. Too bad it was all made by Pinkie. All sugar...

Phasecast: Well that figures. It is Pinkie, after all.

Light: Try anything with my sister and I'll kill you. [Gives a warm smile]

Phasecast: [Laughs a bit] Yeah, don't worry I'm not like that.

Light: Better not be.

Blazen: Light! Waddup? [Walks in with Lovebird]

Light: Wow, you actually found a date. Is the world ending or what?

Blazen: Did better than you did.

Light: I didn't want a date.

Lovebird: Don't want a date?! [Rushes up to him] Why not?

Light: [Lightly pushes her back] Because I'm not interested right now...

Lovebird: Well that's just silly. It's never a bad time for love, you know.

Light: I'd say there are, but hey, you're the expert.

Shiden: [Flies in and lands on Light's back, nuzzles him lovingly]

Light: Hey, bud. If you're looking for eats there are none to be had.

Shiden: [Hangs his head low]

Light: [Does the same]

Solaris: Let me go see if I can find anything in the kitchen, guys. I'll be right back!

Coral: Oh! Let me help! [Trots after Solaris]

Lunaris: Is it me or was she a little... Eager?

Light: Does it matter?

Lunaris: A little bit. At least, to me it does. Nevermind, though.

Dipsy; Where's the food?

Lunaris: Unless you want instant cavities, you'll have to wait.

Dipsy: Waiting? You can't keep the Dipse waiting!

Light: I can...

Lunaris: Excuse me, but I believe you should at least retain some manners during a social party such as this. The food will arrive when it arrives.

Light: Meh. [Lies on the floor]

Lunaris: And I'm talking to you too, Dipsy. Both of you try not to cause a ruckus...

Solaris: [Gallops in with a few other ponies, trays all on their backs] We've got juice, greens, fruits, and more!

Dipsy: [To Lunaris] Quiet, can't you see your boring the Dipse? [Leaps at the trays and begins devouring all food in sight]

Light: Hey! Save some for me.

Lunaris: Again, please retain some manners, Dipsy. Other people are hungry too. If you cause any more disruptions, I may have to consult my mother about this.

Light: Hm. [Takes a bite out of an apple] Hmmmm.... [Thinking about nothing]

Lunaris: Light! Can you at least help a little? I have a feeling he's not going to take things seriously without proper authority, and I don't have that.

Solaris: Calm down, sis. Go dance with Coral for a bit. I'll handle this.

Lunaris: [Shakes head while rolling eyes, but walks off anyway]

Light: Hmm. [Uses magic to pull Dipsy away from the table] No. Bad Dipsy. [Takes another bite] Now go in the corner and think about your life.

Dipsy: Hey! You don't talk to the Dipse like that.

Light: I'll put both of you in the corner is you don't quit it.

Dipsy: Hey, I just realised, there's this weird pony outside looking at the Dipse!

Light: ...You're a nutcase...

Solaris: Dipsy, if you're trying to distract us, it won't work. Please, for the love of mom, behave.

Bread Crumbs: [Arrives] Hey guys, is this where the party's at?

Solaris: [Nods] Like most big celebration shared by ponies, it's at the castle.

Melody: Hey, thanks for coming, Light. I know parties aren't really your thing...

Light: Yeah... had to get dressed up and everything...

Melody: You never know, somepony might want to have some fun with you.

Light: I don't do dates, Melody.

Melody: I'm just saying.

Dipsy: HAH! The Dipse is the only one with a proper date.

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