Project XXX (To say it, it is simply Project Triple-X) is the name given to a young Unicorn filly actually named Over Yonder. She is part of a group of ponies that have been turned to cyborgs. Some don't survive long, but XXX is the one who has adapted the most.

This roleplay is about XXX's stuggle to release herself and other ponies from the hooves if the Alliance, the group of sentient robot ponies behind this.

To see information about the cyborg group, go here.

This is also a written rp.



Project XXX (Over Yonder, Unicorn filly) - Lu

Project 372 (Wind Whistler, Pegasus filly) - Lu

Project Copernicus (Willow, Earth Pony colt) - Lu

Project Zeruel (Unknown, Alicorn colt) - Ishi

Project Sigma (Bolt Runner, Pegasus colt) - Ishi


Orre - Lu

Quartz - Lu

Zeta - Lu


Moon Drop - Lu

Pitter Pat - Lu

Test Tube - Lu

Lightblade - Ishi

The White Knights - Ishi

Gravity X-Fold - Ishi

Professor Smartycoat - Trudge


It was a dark night in the lab. Every few seconds, a blue jolt would pierce the surrounding black. Whirring would arrive shirtly after, silencing for the next spark. And monitor appeared, dark cerulean with a simple Pi symbol. A head lifted itself from what it was doing, then tapped the screen with a dark green hoof. Within a second, a dark shadow appeared, the only evidence of something being two pale blue eyes, glowing with unatural light.

"Is she ready yet?" A voice asked. It was hollow, metalic, and cold. There was no evidence if a mouth moving. Without speaking, the other figure nodded. "I just finished the headpiece, mistress." The owner of tge voice stepped back, hooves clapping against the sleek metal floor. A small platform only a couple inches off the ground was illuminated in a soft orange glow. On it was a smaller figure, similar to the one that was in the room with it.

The smaller figure, obviously younger, was covered head to toe in chrome metal. It was in sections, like an armadillo's shell. The tail had been left out, a mystic blue with a few strands of lightning yellow. From the helmet, the mouth was left uncovered as well, obviously to provide a better chance of getting air and nourishment. The coat around it was a pale lilly purple, looking pink in the glow. A horn of the same color poked from the top, short and thin.

"Good. Remember to give her the nullifiers when she wakes up." The metalic voice echoed in a soft ping, then the monitor switched off, sliding away on a track. The other figure, a Pegasus pony of a dark mottled green with a crimson mane and tail nodded to himself. He turned to the small figure, and tapped the metal. It gave out a loud noise, and the smaller one flicked its eyes open, metal covers sliding up. The eyes, deep green, looked around, startled, then rested on the Pegasus. She only said one thing to him.


Chapter One: Another Day

XXX walked down the hallway, followed by two others. Unliker he blue-silver armor, one was a regal bronze and the other a dainty silver-white. The silver-white covered one had a red tail sticking out of her, curly and bobbing as they hurried. The bronze had a short and stiff dark brown one. The silver-white figure was a Pegasus, her wings forced to be folded underneath the metal coating. They were replaced on the outside with flimsy metal ines, which were more or less for show. Each of them had deep green eyes and wary looks on their faces.

"Alright. They said the training room should be around here..." The Pegasus softly chirped, twirling her head around like an owl. Her armor creaked a little, but none of them made any notice. "Test Tube said it would... here we go!" She walked up to a large door marked with big white letters. "Remember the pass, Copernicus?" She asked, turning and fixing her eye on the bronze-plated Earth Pony. He nodded, then tapped his hoof into the keypad. The door slid open, and they trotted into the room, ignoring the whirring of gear as it slid closed behind them.

XXX noticed two other figures in the room. She paid no further attention and trotted over to a treadmill. Within seconds, she was at full speed. Project 372, the Pegasus, went to the dodge course, quickly avoiding any and all obstacles. Copernicus simply looked around the room, not partaking in any of the stations.

One of the two original residents of the room was donned in golden armor, and was a lean and thin pegasus. He was practicing dodging and retaliation course, set to one of the hardest difficulty modes. He seemed to be conquering the challenge easily. The other, taller and slightly more muscular than the other, and outfitted in pale rose armor was standing in a training hub, silently waiting his challenge. The alicorn was confronted by a large training robot, which featured a multitude of weapons. He easily avoided all of them and destroyed the robot just by punching it. Another quickly appeared, and he took this one out as well. A few minutes of this later, the alicorn promptly released a concentrated forward burst of energy at one of the robots, destroying not only it, but his station, and his neighbor's station as well.

The pegasus quickly zommed out of his destroyed station, shaking a bit.

"What the heck, man!" He shouted at the rose armored alicorn.

"You almost killed me!"

"I didn't, did I?" The alicorn responded coldly.

"No, but you almost did!" The pegasus retorted. "Isn't that, like, the fourth and fifth ones you've destroyed this week?"

"Who cares?"

"The guys who have to fix them."

"I don't care about them." He said, walking out of the room.

"Sheesh." The pegasus said, dusting himself off. "Always in a bad mood..."

XXX walked over to the Pegasus, then spoke in a quiet, clipped voice. "Hello there. What, may I ask, is your title? I am Project XXX."

"Project Sigma." He replied. Sigma tested out his systems to make sure nothing was damaged from the previous blast. "Nice to meet ya."

XXX nodded slightly. "A gold project, I see. About how long have you been in the facility?"

"Well I've been active for about four years now." Sigma smiled as a friendly gesture. "One of my buddies in the higher-ups told me I was kept in hibernation for even longer. He wouldn't say exactly how long though."

"I've only been active a month now. Never been in hibernation." XXX replied, a distant look falling into her gaze. "Same with Copernicus and 372. Odd how us new arrivals are a bit higher ranked. Not sure why."

"Yeah." Sigma agreed. "Maybe you have more potential than I do or something. I don't really question the bosses, I just do what I'm told. Unless it's totally ridiculous."

"Hm." Was all XXX said. She still had a distant look, and seemed to be lost in thought. After another minutes, she snapped back into a attention, a small whirr emitting from her armor. "Well, I'm to head to conference room A. I'll see you in a bit?" She looked back at Sigma as she left the room, leaving the other three ponies.

"Well, I think I'll just do my own thing." Sigma said. "Seeing as I have nothing better to do now." He nudged toward the destroyed stations. "So, I'm off. See ya later."

Sigma walked casually over to the door, and left the room.

XXX soon arrived to her designated chamber. Looking around the empty room, she sat down. She quietly waited for whatever she was there for. After a few moments, another pony in silver-white armor walked up to her.

"Project XXX, I am Zeta. I am here to tell you that during your time in the facility, you have shown very much potential. Because of that, we have agreed to let you go on a mission. You may take four other projects if you wish. We will also require you to use fake names. Yours shall be Phantasia. If you decide to take anyone with you, they will be sent their fake names. We shall also give you cloaking devices when you leave. They shall hide your amor so ponies will not suspect, but they can still go through them and feel your plating. Do you understand?"

XXX sat for a moment, then nodded. "I wish to take Projects Copernicus, 372, and Sigma."

Zeta nodded slightly. "Very well. We shall relay them information now. Your mission is to infiltrate a pony named Twilight's house and get a book titled Advanced Mechanics and their relation to ponies by Monkey Wrench"

XXX nodded again and left the room when she was dismissed.