This Roleplay is mainly just a social one, to let each other's characters know one another. It focuses on two classes of education. Bunsen Burner teaches the older ponies, while Cheerilee teaches the younger ones.


Add yourself and then list your characters!

Name of character (Teacher, if any)


Axis Solaris (Bunsen)

Marigold (Bunsen)

Raven (Bunsen)

Mezzo Forte (Bunsen)

Tickle-Me-Pink (Cheerilee)

Axis Lunaris (Cheerilee)

Brandy (Cheerilee)

Sasparillla (Cheerilee)

Moon Drop (Bunsen)


Diamond (Bunsen)

Bunsen Burner


Coma Surge (Bunsen)

Rainbow Skip (Cheerilee)

Ishimura Elite


Melody (Bunsen)

Rest of the White Knights

Holly (Cheerilee)

Destiny (Bunsen)

Trinity (Bunsen)

Nightshade (Bunsen)

Lovebird (Bunsen)

Songbird (Bunsen)


Opium (Middle Grades)



Applebloom (Cheerilee)

Scootaloo (Cheerilee)

Sweetie Bell (Cheeilee)

Twist (Cheerilee)

Diamond Tiara (Cheerilee)

Silver Spoon (Cheerilee)


[One day... in Ponyville's school...]

{Room C4}

Bunsen Burner: Alight, please take your seats, I am about to call roll. Solaris?

Solaris: OH! Here, sir!

Bunsen: Raven?

Raven: Hmph. Here.

Bunsen: Mezzo Forte?

Mezzo: Present.

Bunsen: Marigold?

Marigold: Here, seeing as I'm currently the only dragon in the classroom.

Bunsen: What about... Destiny, Trinity, Nightshade, Lovebird, and Songbird?

Destiny: Here!

Trinity: Here.

Nightshade: [Yawns] Reluctantly here. [Puts head on desk]

Lovebird and Songbird: Here.

[Coma Surge bursts in looking shaken.]

Coma: [Panting] Present...

Bunsen: You must be Coma Surge. Take your seat. By the looks of it, everyone is here, so let's begin the lesson!

Coma: Yay!

{Room A6}

Cheerilee: Okay, class! Is anyone not here today? Let's see... We have Scootaloo, Applebloom, and Sweetie Bell... Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara... Tickle, Lunaris, Brandy, and Sass... Oh, and Holly! Looks like that's everyone!

Lunaris: Actually, Twist isn't here...

Cheerilie: Oh! Okay then.

Brandy: [Whispers to Holly] You think Cheerilee wouldn't mind if I forgot my homework? My dad threw it out. Said it was bad enough he was letting me go to a pony school.

Holly: [Whispers back] It'll probably be fine. Your dad needs to lighten up though.

Brandy: I know, right? If he doesn't like ponies that much, why live in a forest right next to a town with ponies?

Rainbow Skip: [Bursts in with style.] Rainbow Skip is right here! [Does some laps around the classroom as some fillies cheer.]

Cheerilee: Rainbow Skip! Sit down or you will have lunch detention!

Rainbow Skip: AWW! [Takes a seat.] So when are we going to be FLYING?!

Holly: That's what flight school was for, wasn't it?

Rainbow: My parents don't want me attending, don't see why NOT! [Wings burst open and she knocks something over.] Oops! Anyone, do you know who my BIG SISTER IS?!

Holly: Yeah. You remind us every day.

Lunaris: [Rolls eyes] Yes, yes THE Rainbow Dash. Even if you didn't badger us about it, we would guess. I mean, you have the same name part, and your mane and tails are the same as well.


Holly: Not by herself.

Lunaris: Yes, as Holly said, she had help from Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie.


Holly: Whatever you say, Skip. It's pointless trying to argue with you.

Lunaris: Quite.

Cheerilee: Alright class, please settle down. Today we are going to be drawing opposites. I shall partner you up accordingly.

Diamond Tiara: [High Hooves Silver Spoon]

Cheerilee: Diamond Tiara and Brandy, Lunaris and Rainbow Skip, Holly and Sasparilla, Tickle and Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Twist, and Scootaloo and Silver Spoon! Oh, but Twist isn't here (Curse me for making these pairs yesterday)... Why not make a group of three things with Scootaloo and Silver Spoon?


Cheerilee: Sorry, but the partners have been decided. Choose a pair of opposites and get to work drawing them.

Holly: I'm not too big on drawing. I guess I'll give it a shot. [Looks around thinking of who to draw]


Lunaris: How about Fast and Slow?

Rainbow: No you dolt, AWESOME AND UNAWESOME! Like you and me! YOU'RE UNAWESOME!

Lunaris: Hm. And you're calling the daughter of a Princess unawesome. Listen, I already hve a Turtle drawn for slow, so you draw something fast.

Rainbow: *Quickly draws her sister.* THERE!

Lunaris: [Puts hooves up in mock surrender] Okay, okay.

Rainbow: HAHAHAHAHA! School is so boring!

{Bunsen's Class}

Bunsen Burner: Alright, class. Does everypony have their silent reading books? Alright. I don't want to hear a single word from anyone, then.

Nightshade: [Stands book upright and hides head behind it while sleeping]

Coma Surge: [Fifty books pop all around him.] *Whispering to self.* Had to lighten the load... [Begins reading ten at a time.]

Moon Drop: [Has her nose stuck in a fantasy novel]

Mezzo Forte: [Reading a few pages each from a small stack of historical fiction]

Solaris: [Engrossed in a book of combat skills]

Destiny and Trinity: [Read the same book and compete to see who can read the fastest.]

Songbird: [Reads a book on the history of music and a book of different songs]

Lovebird: [Reads a romance novel]

Coma: [Reads all fifty at once, dashing from book to book.]

{Cheerilee's Class}

Cheerilee: Alright, let's see your opposites!

Sweetie Belle: Well, me, Silver, and Scoot did Morning, Noon, and Night. I drew the moon for Night.

Silver Spoon: I drew Celestia for Morning!

Scootaloo: I just drew a few ponies eating lunch for noon.

Cheerilee: Very good, girls. Anyone else want to share?

Holly: I drew the schoolhouse.

Sasparilla: And I drew a regular house!


Cherilee: Lunaris, Rainbow Skip.

Lunaris: Yes. We drew Fast and Slow. I drew a turtle for slow.


Cheerilee: Rainbow Skip! Corner! Now! I am calling you parents to meet me after class.

Holly: Uh-oh. [Giggles]

Lunaris: [Whispers] Where did she get that kind of language?

Holly: [Whispers back] Maybe from her sister? I don't know. Somepony else.

Lunaris: Pft. Probably Dash's friend, you know, that griffin?

Holly: Oh, yeah. Gilda. Though she's not really her friend anymore. Not sure what happened.

Lunaris: Pft. Looks like Dashie should be a little more around her sister.

Holly: Yeah, right.

Cheerilee: Anyone else have their opposites ready?

Diamond Tiara: We drew pretty and ugly! I drew myself for pretty!

Brandy: I drew a frog for ugly.

Tickle: Oh! We drew hot and cold. I drew a snowflake.

Apple Bloom: I drew an oven!

Cheerilee: Alright!

Rainbow Skip: THIS IS BORING!


Bunsen: Alright, now it's time to show your science projects.

Nightshade: [Holds out an ornamental star map, still more than half asleep]

Destiny and Trinity: I made a project on the physics of sound! [Both hand out nearly identical projects] What?! You too? You cheated off me! No, you cheated off! Agh!

Lovebird: Um. We started ours, but then . . . um . . .

Songbird: Blazen was practicing his pyrotechnics and burned it to the ground.

Lovebird: Yeah.....

Bunsen: Hm. Well, I'll give you some extra time to try and recreate it, then.

Raven: Mine's about the weather. It's basically just the different parts of the water cycle and how each part contributes to the world around it.

Solaris: I measured the growth rate of various plants depending on the time and portion of sunlight they get. This one didn't get any... [Points to a wilted flower]

Mezzo Forte: I studied the buoyancy of hard boiled and raw eggs.

Moon Drop: I tried to see if ants like sugar water more than cheese...It looks like they aren't hungry... Um... help? [Various ants are crawling from an ant farm and onto Moon Drop]

Trinity: [Uses magic to gently lift all the ants and put them in a separate container]

Moon Drop: [Nods a quick thanks, closing the farm with a mesh screen]

Coma Surge: I spent all month trying to unify physics. I came up with a few theories here and there. It didn't turn out as I intended, meaning I didn't manage to unify physics, but I did draw the behaviour of quarks inside baryons and messons. For extra credit I mapped the geological surface of Earth in one million years, it's just an approxamation. [Shows his project(s)]

Bunsen: ...Well, I'm afraid I am not accepting extra credit, Coma. But I'm glad you like to spend your time studying.

Lovebird: ...Wow.

Moon Drop: [Raises hoof]

Busen: Yes, Moon Drop?

Moon Drop: I just remembered. Didn't you say today was the day the new exchange student would be arriving?

Bunsen: [Count silently in his head for a moment] You're right! ...she's a bit late, though.

Diamond: No I'm not! I was waiting until you noticed me. I knocked five times.

Bunsen: ...Sorry, sometimes I get distracted.

Trinity: Hi, there!

Diamond: Hello. My name is Diamond. I live in Canterlot, but decided to get into the exchange student program.

Solaris: I was wondering why Lab Colt was missing...

Diamond: Ah yes. The one with the big words.

Songbird: Well, I hope you like it here. Trinity, Destiny, you aren't going to do anything to drive away Diamond here, are you.

Destiny and Trinity: [Simultaneously] No. No! NO! No..... [Both look away from each other, also simultaneously]

Diamond: Um... okay, then. [Looks at the two warily]

Coma: [Pays no attention but instead is scirbbling down many notes.]

Bunsen: Coma, aren't you going to greet our new student?

Coma: What? Oh, hello. [Returns to his notes.]

Diamond: Wait a minute... [Trots up to Coma] I remember you...

Coma: Really?

Diamond: [Thinks for a moment] Hey yeah! You're the quaint little fellow at Fluttershy's! I was there returning a book, remember?

Coma: [Rolls eyes.] Yeah, Fluttershy.

Diamond: Now, now, sir. It is certainly not polite to... Oh, curse this lethologica!

Coma: [Giggles but abruptly stops]

Diamond: Well, that at least disproves my theory of you being an agelast.

Coma: [Raises eyebrow and then sracastically and dryly laughs.]

Diamond: What? You won't take part in a simple conversation? All you've done is merely laugh at my sentences.

Coma: Conversing is not my forte.

Diamond: Don't mean you should absatin from it entirely.

Coma: I shall make a mockery of thyself!

Diamond: ...

Bunsen: Now that everyone has met Diamond, we shall continue class. Diamond, you may take the empty desk beside Solaris.

Diamond: [Takes her seat, eyes rivited forwards]

Bunsen: Now, I hope you have memorized the lines from Shakespeare I assigned you for English. Diamond, since you are new, you don't have to participate. But if you have lines memorized, you may share.

Diamond: Um.. Okay. My mind's a bit rusty, but I think there's one. It goes like this. Out, out brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow. A poor pony who struts and frets their hour upon the stage, then is heard no more.

Bunsen: Very good! I hope the class can follow in your hoofsteps and quote good lines as well.

Nightshade: [Falls out of his desk, still asleep]

Bunsen: [Sighs] Can somebody wake up Night? Again?

Destiny: [Taps his shoulder]

Nightshade: Ngh... what?

Destiny: We're in class, you know.

Nightshade: Mm-hm... cool story, bro... [Falls back asleep]

Trinity: Every day...

Songbird: Well he does stay up all night. He is a starmapper after all. He's nocturnal pretty much. His parents force him to go to school.

Bunsen: I know... Can't they at least make him take a night school?

Nightshade: [Shoots up] That exists?!

Bunsen: [Nods] There's a school in Canterlot that offers night classes for those who have trouble during the day. If you want to go there instead, you can talk to your parents. I can give a reccomendation for you as well.

Nightshade: [Slams his head on the desk. Whispers] Yes!

Bunsen: I'll let you rest in class for the time being. Now, anyone else have any lines?

Lovebird: Uhm... hm... [trying to remember] We that are true lovers run into strange capers; but as all is mortal in nature, so is all nature in love mortal in folly. Did I get it right?

Bunsen: [Nods] From As You Like It, correct?

Lovebird: Yes, sir!

Bunsen: Alright. [Glances at the clock] Well, it's lunchtime. Meet back in twenty minutes.

Trinity: Yes! I'm starving.

Solaris: [Nods to himself, heading over to the school fridge and bringing out some lunchboxes] Here you are, Raven and Marigold.

Raven: [Takes her lunchbox from Solaris] Thank you, Sol.

Marigold: [Nods] What she said.

[The three head outside to the lunch tables]

Destiny: Hey, Sol! I heard you've been training with the knights, huh?

Solaris: [Nods] They're tough, though. The only one I'm close to actually having an upper hand is Heaven Dawn, but her magic can go straight through my fire!

Raven: Have you tried a Brick Fire spell? It makes it so the only thing that extinguishes the flames is the person controlling them.

Solaris: I've heard of it, but it's a bit too advanced for me. besides, it would kind of ruin the fun!

Marigold: Destiny, stop me if you've heard this before, but you and Trinity are so much alike, you could be a bit more than just sisters. Like... Clones, even.

Destiny: [Laughs] I don't think so. If we were clones I think we'd get along a bit better! [Takes an apple out of her bag and prepares to take a bite]

???: Swoops down and snatches the apple and flies up to the roof.

Destiny: What the-?

Light: [Munches on the apple] What? I'm hungry. You got two.

Destiny: Good point. [Throws the other apple at him]

Light: [Hits him in the face and he falls off the roof] Hm... [Takes another bite of the apple] Didn't hurt! Hi, Solaris!

Solaris: Oh, hi! Why are you at the schoolhouse?

Light: Nothing else to do. Thought I'd come to see what's up.

Coma: [Sits away from everyone else reading].

Solaris: Well, we're just starting to have lunch, so we're not doing much either.

Light: Darn.

Solaris: Eh. We've got about an hour until school's out.

Light: Oh... so you usually just sit aound at lunch, not do anything?