Long before Equestria was made, there was a single pony named Divine. She was known as the mother of all ponies, but was soon to be forgotten. Before her death, she gave Celestia and Luna half of her powers. the thing is, there are rumors she has three descendants. who are they? Will they be able to stop the froces of every evil pony from taking over the Canterlot Council? Join to find out.


Put your characters, then (G) for Protagonist, (N) for Neutral, and (B) for Antagonist

Lugia's Characters

Moon Drop (G)

Star Gazer (N)

Heart Skipper (N)

Cheshire Cat (B)

Winkie (B)

Sooth Sayer (B)

Mezzo Forte (B)

Raven (B)

Wishing Well (G)

Tormented Spirits (G)

Eternity (G)

Millenia (G)

Solaris (G)

Lunaris (G)

Powder Snow (G)

Lab Colt (N)

Trudge's Characters

Coma Surge (G)

Prince Eclipso (N)

Monsieur Gris (B)

Lord Icysky (N/B)

Lady Icysky (N/B)

Whitebeard (G)

Jade Dragon (B)

High King Cyrill (N)

High Queen Appola (N)

Ishimura's Characters

Lightblade (G)

White Knights (G)

Phasecast (G)

Justice (G)

Backlash (G)

Storm Surge (G)

Wrath (B)

Greed (B)

Gluttony (B)

Sloth (B)

Envy (B)

Lust (B)

Pride (B)

Anyone's Characters

Celestia (G)

Luna (G)

Discord (B)

Elements of Harmony (G)

Elements of Discord (B)

Roleplay Part One

[One night, a large rally of Ponies clamored. They seemed shifty and dark]

???: [A sea blue mare with icy green hair] Hmph. If those silly ponies think we're gone, they have another thing coming! Jade, is everyone here?

??: It appears so.

???: Very well. [Goes up on a rocky ledge, then calls to the crowd] Fellow ponies! Why are we here?

Ponies: Revenge!

???: And why do we want revenge?

Ponies: We were humilated!

???: And HOW are we going to get our revenge?

Ponies: Overthrow the Council!

[There is raucous cheering]

(The next morning)

Lab Colt: Quit lagging, guys! We are going to be late!

Coma Surge: *Rolls eyes.*

Tormented Spirits: [Yawns] Sorry.. Mom was up all night for some reason. She thought she sensed a large group of ponies and wondered if it was a party. It took forever for me and the Cakes to calm her down. Luckily Mr.Cake gave her some chamoile tea.

Lab Colt: Fine, fine. We really have to hurry on if we don't want to miss Coma Surge's fellow Elements of Harmony plan out how they'll prepare for Night Mare Night! Because even if they are important in ways such as vanquishing foes and bringing peace to the region, they must contribute their own portion of community service, isn't that correct, Coma?

Coma: It is indeed.

Lab Colt: [Nods] Just as I had estimated, yes, yes. Did you get that all down, Solute?

Solute: [Glub glub!]

Lab Colt: Exquisite! Now, let me evaluate our surroundings and see which route we are to traverse from this point...

Moon Drop: You're already here, Lab.

Lab Colt: Ah! The fair Moon Drop! Daughter of Star Gazer, the weather chief of the Canterlot Council, and the Element of Bravery! How fare you, gentle mare?

Moon Drop: [Looks at the others quizzically] Uh... fine?

Coma Surge: As you were.