Yes, I steal stuff, get over it. The three major powers (Equestria, Precepane and Galavan) and the Changeling Clans have gone to war. There will be battles, there will be bloodshed but will there be peace? Feel free to add your characters in any of the categories (except leaders).




Celestia - Anyone

Luna - Anyone

Eclipso - Intrudgero


Eclipso - Intrudgero

Lightblade - Ishi

Shining Armour - Anyone

Field StrategistsEdit

Coma - Intrudgero

Blizzard - Ishi

Affinity - Ishi

Diamond - Lu


Random Equestrian Soldiers - Anyone

The Rest of the White Knights - Ishi

Justice - Ishi

Backlash - Ishi

Gravitz - Ishi

Phasecast - Ishi

Backlash - Ishi

Ambient Grace - Ishi

Eagle Eye - Lu

Clover Field - Lu


Axis Lunaris - Lu

Serenity - Ishi



Emperor Cyrill - Intrudgero

Empress Apolla - Anyone


Emperor Cyrill - Intrudgero

Mounsier Gris - Intrudgero

Kaodin Riil - Ishi

Field StrategistsEdit

Griol Mantaz - Ishi


Random Precepane Soldiers - Anyone




Starlight - Intrudgero

Serpentos - Intrudgero

Galavan Council - Anyone


Starlight - Intrudgero

Hallith - Ishi

"Snake in the Grass" Dreig - Intrudgero

Serpentos - Intrudgero


Random Galavan Soldiers - Anyone


Serpens - Intrudgero

Draco - Intrudgero

Changeling ClansEdit


Queen Chrysalis - Anyone


Nightrider - Ishi

Field StrategistsEdit

Nightrider - Ishi


Random Changeling Soldiers - Anyone

Rising Darkness - Ishi

Evil Intentions - Ishi


Garin - Ishi

Prologue (Don't Edit)Edit

Battle of FillydelphiaEdit

Equestria versus Galavan.

Eclipso: [Looking across no-pony's-land.] Remember, Galavan has a few tricks up his sleeve. Most of his soldiers are hiding in shallow pits on their land, they shall never capture Phillydelphia. I say we move in a line of troops on the Eastern flank there, they'll avoid immediate hit by dragon fire and they hopefully will not be seen. What do our strategists say?

Coma: We've got to be careful and not act to quickly. We have a good defensive structure so I suggest we let them make the first move-

Eclipso: Of course not! We might as well just surrender, we should attack in waves, waring them down.

Coma: As soon as our troops get there, they will be torched!

Eclipso: Then we'll attack their unguarded flank.

Coma: I don't-

Eclipso: Who's in charge of the army here?

Coma:, sir.

Eclipso: Indeed, full throttle.

[Equestrian soldiers march forwards, the unicorns clear the field of any explosives.]

Starlight: Set their camps alight!

[Dragon soldiers jump from pits and breathe fire at Equestrian soldiers who scatter.]

Starlight: Pierce them!

[Dragon soldiers reign down on Equestrian soldiers burning them to cinders.]

Coma: I told you-

Eclipso: Take flight!

[Pegasus soldiers fly up, raining on the dragong with arrows from the crossbows on their backs.]

Starlight: Take cover!

Blizzard: Prince, with all due respect, your tactics are predictable and inefficient. We are gaining minimal ground and our forces are being taken out. With your strategies as they are we wont have any forces to fight with at all by day's end.

Eclipso: What do you propose we do?

Blizzard: Thos dragons should be considered a priority target. If we can take them out it should give us an opportunity to break their lines. However, eliminating the dragons is near impossible at the moment. They could easily destroy any soldiers that come within range. The only way I can see that would work would be a high altitude strike attack. That should eliminate the dragons and give us many more options. However, the pegasi who employ this tactic will most certianly be killed by the enemy ground forces. On top of that, the positions the dragons are in will be incredibly tough to hit, and will run a great risk of them being shot out of the air before they reach their target. Either way, this tactic will kill those troops, but it's the only tactic we have to eliminate the dragons at the moment.

Eclipso: Pegasi, fly!

[The pegasi shoot upwards and the battle plans out exactly as Blizzard stated.]

Starlight: We should starve the filthy bastard's army to death. Soldiers, scorch their food supply.

Winged Galavan Soldier: But sir, that is brutal-

Starlight: Do not question me, peasant.

[The winged Galavan soldiers soar towards the ponies shelter.]

Eclipso: Unicorns! Blast them out of the sky.

Unicorn Equestrian Soldier: [Goes out and tries to magically take them out.]

Starlight: That fool!

[A winged Galavan soldier swoops down and kills the unicorn with one swipe of it's claw.]

Eclipso: Earth ponies! Fill those cannons with stack of hay and shoot them from here!

[Earth ponies shoot hay at the dragons who easily dodge and lay waste to the food supplies.]

Eclipso: Calm down everyone, one regiment should go and check the city walls-

Coma: No! We are running low and troops as it is. The best we can do is ration our food. It's Hell out there.

Equestrian Soldier: We need to barricade the end the dragons blew off or they'll get right inside here.

Eclipso: Yes, unicorns, block off that end and rally your troops west of the wall.

Coma: The walk will take hours! They'll spot our soldiers and destroy them.

Blizzard: Not to mention our front lines will fall quite easily if we separate troops from out main forces. The most we can do now is to hold out as long as we can.

[A lightning bolt flies through the air which forms into a blue bird that lands next to Blizzard, and pecks once at his hoof]

Blizzard: Shiden. What news do you bring?

Shiden: [Unties a note from his back and hands it to Blizzard, then squawks]

Blizzard: Hm. It seems that Lightblade will be on his way soon. He should be here in a minute at most.

Eclipso: Good. It seems they have stopped attacking us now.


[Flaming catapults shoot flaming rubble at the shelter, it crushes ten ponies.]

Eclipso: Oh my! How many civillians are still in Phillydelphia?

Coma: Three thousand refused to leave their homes...

Eclipso: Let us hope they do not lay siege to our fair city.

Coma: Starlight is brutal, his bloodlust shall never be satisfied...

[Another volley of rubble flies over the battlefield, toward the city. They are stopped in mid-air by magic, and are broken apart into smaller bits, which immediately fly at high speeds toward the enemy, hitting them at a wide range.]

Lightblade: [Flies in next to Shiden, who perches himself on his back] What's the current situation?

Coma: We are losing. badly, already we have lost our pegasi force and our food supply. Our shelter won't hold off much longer...

Light: What about the city?

Coma: The dragons are hurling flaming debris at them but we are trying to hold them off.

Starlight: [Looks across the land.] They haven't surrendered yet, we will MAKE them surrender. FIRE!

[Dragons rain down flames upon the shelter.]

Starlight: Draco, how are the wounded doing?

Draco: Exceptionally well.

Starlight: Good, good...

Light: I think it's time to end this battle. [Instantly appears on no-pony's-land]

Eclipso: This is suicide!

Starlight: [Chuckles.] Foolish pony, trying to play the hero. Equestria's greatest industry shall be ours by sundown. Dragon, attack!

[The dragons instantly blow flames at Light.]

Light: [Deflects the flames effortlessly] Hm. Pathetic. [Launches a beam of energy that pierces through the dragon, killing it instantly] Come on. Let's see who's the most pwoerful out of you. [Forms a blade and slashes at the air, sending a large blade of energy toward the enemy]

[The dragon barricades defend easily.]

Starlight: [Grinning.]

Eclipso: He's doing well, send in the troops behind him!

Starlight: That cowardly wart is hiding behind this weakling of a pony. We shall conquer them easily.

Light: [Begins to grip their entire fortress with telekinesis] You. Starlight. Baron of Blood is a name I've heard some associate with you. [Straining to get a hold] Heh, I think I like that name. A fitting title for you to die with. [Crushes the fortress only slightly, then lets go] I am Lightblade, First of the White Knights, come recieve your judgement!

Starlight: You should no, Lightblade, that a single pony cannot win a battle alone. The troops behind you have all been slaughtered by my dragons. Your commander is ready to surrender any second now!

Light: Not as long as I'm alive. [Forms an energy blade and points it in his direction]

Starlight: RAISE THEM TO THE GROUND! [Dragons fly over Light and burn the Equestrian shelter.] Do you surrender Eclipso?

Eclipso: I-I do. [Raises white flag with teeth.]

Coma: What have you done?!

Eclipso: Surrendered, Phillydelphia is theirs...

Starlight: Put down your arms, cur!

Light: Damn you, Eclipso! I'm not giving them this fight! [Bolts up and begins to take out the dragons]

Eclipso: Don't defy me Lightblade, we have already surrendered. Turn back or you shall be executed for insubordination!

Starlight: Phillydelphia has fallen!

Winner: Galavan

Post BattleEdit

Light: [Walks into the throne room, where Eclipso is]

Solarflare: Hey, Light- um....

Light: [Starts to walk up to Eclipso]

Thunder Shock: Light... you okay?

Light: [Charges up a punch]

Solarflare: Woah, WOAH!

[Solarflare and Thunder quickly grab Light's arms to hold him back before he can punch Eclipso]

Thunder: Woah, man, hold up. Ngh, come on, take it easy.

Light: What the hell were you thinking?! We could've won! We could've still fought, and you just give up?! What the hell?!

Eclipso: I shall think of my army more than I shall think about one soldier. Powerful you may be, or army was undertrained and I do not think you could have won the battle by yourself. I have minimised the bloodshed on our part.

Light: You have no idea what I'm capable of, Eclipso. Not at all.

Blizzard: Light. I understand how you feel, and I don't believe that surrendering at that point was the best idea either, but I also don't believe you could take on the entirety of their forces there by yourself.

Light: You don't know either, Blizzard. Nobody does! The only ones who have any idea are the Princesses. Eclipso, this war has to end soon, and we need to push the enemy forces back. It's tough enough dealing with the Galavan, but we have the Precepane to deal with as well. I can do that. I know I can, even if you don't believe it.

Eclipso: Don't be naive! You are powerful, yes, but your obnoxiousness is holding me from giving you an army to command. Our next battle is in three days, we are the attackers this time. Do not rush to act and we shall see the outcome.

Diamond: [From behind] To follow the words of Athena, it is not brutatilty that wins, but strategy. Sorry I am late, Prince Eclipso.

Light: [Shakes Solarflare and Thunder off him] I don't even need that. I can fight on my own.... I just want this to end. I hate how so many people are dying, and we're almost powerless to stop it. All this power I have and I can't do a damned thing to protect anyone!

Blizzard: Light, strategy is necessary to win any battle. In the end, you will be able to show them your power, but we must find away to allow you to do that with certainty.

Light: I've never been one for strategizing.... [Sighs] I'll do what you need me to. But only on one condition.

Eclipso: What is that?

Light: We don't lose.

Eclipso: Obviously. I have planned for two attacks and I shall give you your own army to see how well you cope. I want you to attack the city of Coltdale on the west coast of Preceprance, do I make myself clear? This is a very important battle for us because it gives us access to the Bay of Princely, very useful for launching sneak attacks on Galavan. The big guns will be too preoccupied with me attacking their nothern front where they send their troops into our land. We must prepare, our unicorn forces need buffed up and more pegasus air strikes is needed.

Light: Alright. Coltdale is under control of the Galavan, right?

Eclipso: Indeed, Starlight won a crushing victory over Cyrill a few days ago.

Light: When do I start?

Eclipso: Now...

Battle of ColtdaleEdit

Light: Blizzard. What've you got?

Blizzard: It seems that they are unaware of our presence here. They're focusing on the battle Eclipso is waging on the Northern Front. Nevertheless, their barricades are strong, and will be hard to break. They have multiple defensive lines with varying types of troops, including dragons, although not that many. With the forces we have, it looks as though we will be able to win this battle if we can launch an immediate surprise attack and hit them as hard as we can before the real battle begins.

Light: Sounds good, what do you think we should do?

Blizzard: What you should do, rather. The only one who can get in fast enough, hit them hard enough, and escape quick enough without them knowing is you. I would do it, but it would take time we don't have. Lightblade, you need to infiltrate behind their lines, and hit them all hard, afterwards we can begin the first assault. If you can do that, we should have a good advantage to take back Coltdale.

Light: Well, I'll give it a shot. Wouldn't want to disappoint Eclipso, would I? Celestia forbid. I'll go along and far flank them. I'll be able to get in and get out relatively unnoticed. [Turns flies out and begins to circle around to the enemy lines in a wide arc.]

Blizzard: Solarflare.

Solarflare: What's up?

Blizzard: Have the heavy strike forces ready to hit them from range.

Solarflare: [Does a little salute and flies down to prepare the forces]

Blizzard: Almost time...

Monsieur Gris: Hou, hou, hou, Cyrill told me to keep guard on zis city while he fights Eclipso on zee northern front. Nothing will attack but zat paranoid high king insists I keep a large force.

[An energy explosion rips through the back lines. Light escapes back to the Equestrian forces]

Light: Well, they know we're here now.

Monsieur Gris: Sacrebleu! What was that? What are you waiting for you buffoons? ATTACK! [Magic bullets speek across no-man's land and hit Equestrian soldiers.]

Light: Solarflare!

Solarflare: Right. Fire!

[Heavy artillery troops fire on the enemy soldiers from behind allied lines]

Light: Unicorn forces, if any get within range, hit them with everything you got. Don't let them get past. Pegasus forces, prepare for a strike run on my mark.

Blizzard: It looks like your little stunt weakened their forces a good bit.

Light: I can see they still have some dragon forces left. We'll have to take them out before we can launch a full assault to take the city.

Blizzard: Right. We can use the Pegasus forces to slip around and take out the remaining dragons before they can get within range. With any luck, they'll be able to bust right through the line and back out the other side. With that, the dragons will be gone and we'll still have our strike force.

Light: First we'l have to give them an opening to do that. Exposing their left flank should give them all they need. Solarflare.

Solarflare: Yeah?

Light: Have half of the artillery focus on their left flank. We need to open up an area for the strike forces to get in to take out the dragons.

Solarflare: Righto. [Follows Light's instructions]

Monsieur Gris: What is zee meaning of zis? Send the dragons to dispose of those tanks!

[The tanks burst into flames as the dragons swoop in center]

Monsieur Gris: Now, rally troops at point A, B and C.

Light: Strike force! Go now! Take out the dragons!

[Strike force circles around the left flank and takes out the dragons behind enemy lines]

Solarflare: We still have two operational artillery units! They're slightly damaged but we can get them back to full power in a few minutes.

Light: Good.

Pegasus Commander: Successful strike, sir. We took out the dragons behind the enemy lines. That opening gave us just enough wiggle room to get in and out.

Light: Okay, good. Have your team on standby for another strike run.

Pegasus Commander: Yes, sir.

Blizzard: It looks like they're rallying at three points on the battlefield. They might try a three way assault that'll seal serious damage to our front defensive line.

Light: Unicorns! Prepare for assault!

Unicorn Commander: Yes, General! To arms!

[Unicorns ready to fire at the three points should they advance]

Earth Pony Commander: Sir, the dragons are down-

Monsieur Gris: We shall not lose! Zey have lines of unicorns waiting for our troops, if we blow apart zeir left flank we can create anozair rally point where more hardened veterans can get into zee action quicker. Unicorns, use your mine magic to destroy zeir flank, pegasi prepare an air strike on zeir commander.

Light: Looks like we're doing good so far. Hopefully we can keep up this pace.

Blizzard: It looks as though they have their pegasus strike force in the air now. Let's wait to see what they do with them.

Monsieur Gris: ATTACK! [The Pegasus air force attack their left flank exposing a line where more troops quickly rally.]

Light: Damn. Unicorns, take them out! Solarflare, help them!

Solarflare: On it! [Jumps in to assist the unicorns] Let's get this started. [Fires jets of flames at the enemy troops]

Light: Artillery, keep pounding at the front lines!

Artillery Operator: You got it, General.

Monsieur Gris: Sacrebleu! Hold on!

Light: He said hold on. Should we?

Blizzard: We can take him as a prisoner of war, see what they seek to gain out of this.

Light: Right. All forces cease fire. Set up defensive lines.

[All forces stop attacking, and the Equestrian forces set up defense]

Light: Ready for a surrender?

Monsieur Gris: Oui, oui, oui, oui! Let us go! [Orders him army to run back.]

Light: Okay. We'll let your forces go. You however. Strike Force, capture the commander.

[Pegasi move in and apprehend Monsier Gris]

Pegasus Commander: Got him.

Light: Let's bring him in to Canterlot. Don't worry, you'l be released as soon as we get what we need out of you. Shiden.

Shiden: [Phases out of a lightning bolt next to Light]

Light: Send word to Eclipso. Coltdale has been successfully liberated from the Galavan, and Monsieur Gris has been captured and will be ready for interrogation by the time of his arrival back at Canterlot.

Shiden: [Flutters wings and chirps in approval, then flies off to the Northern Front.]

Monsieur Gris: At least send word to High King Cyrill that I have been captured...

Light: Don't worry about it. We'll make arrangements for the conditions of your release. As soon as my Blitz gets back I'll let Cyrill know.

[A few minutes later, Shiden comes back]

Shiden: [Hands Light a note]

Light: Agh. Dammit, Eclipso! He is so going to get it sometime. [Sighs] Okay. Shiden, let Cyrill know that we've captured Monsieur Gris and are willing to discuss the terms of his release. If they try to kill you, just bolt out of there. Don't pick any fights. Promise?

Shiden: [Nods and chirps]

Light: Good boy. Go on.

Shiden: [Flies out to deliver the message]

Light: Okay, let's head back to the castle so I can give Eclipso a piece of my mind.

Blizzard: I'll arrange the forces for the way home.

Winner: Equestria

Battle of the Northern FrontEdit

Eclipso: Looks like Precepance brought almost their whole army, this won't be as easy as I thought...

Clover Field: Ha! Come on, we can take on anything! We're ponies, for Celestia's sake!

Eagle Eye: I would refrain from using his sister's name in vain, as well as being overconfident if I were you.

Eclipso: Preceprance are ponies too...[Looks worried.] They do not know we are here, we should use a sneak attack and then, in the confusion, slit a few throats...

Clover: Totally my kind of thing!

Eagle: Very well.

Eclipso: [Fires a sneak attack.]

High King Cyrill: What the? Big mistake Eclipso...

Eclipso: [Looks to see his army outnumbered at least twelve to one.] Er, let's work this out-

High King Cyrill: Surrender.

Eclipso: Very well, RETREAT! [His army runs back to Equestria.] Falcon, send a message to Lightblade, telling him that we fought a valliant battle but their army was too strong.

Random Soldier: In other words, you chickened out after a dirty sneak attack.

Eclipso: No, no, it was logic, not cowardice.

Shiden: [Flies in and lands nex to Eclipso. Pecks at his hoof once]

Clover: What is it, boy? Has Light fallen down a well? There's trouble in the old barn? What?

Shiden: [Looks annoyedly at Clover, and pecks Eclipso's hoof again]

Eclipso: What's this?

Shiden: [Unties a message from his back and hands it to Eclipso. Chirps once]

Eclipso: They won and captured the commander? That's good! Tell him that we, er, won a spectacular victory!

Shiden: [Taps the ground twice, detecting his bluff. Squawks.]

Eclipso: Fine, tell him we put up a long and glorious fight but they overpowered us with foul play!

Shiden: [Taps the ground twice and squawks again. Gives him a look]

Eclipso: Alright fine! I surrendered afterly a cowardly sneak assault and ran trailing my tail all the way back to Equestria simply because they had a larger army, happy?!

Shiden: [Nods approvingly and flies off]

Eclipso: Hrumph.

Winner: Preceprance

Post BattleEdit

Light: Are you kidding me, Eclipso? You surrendered again?

Eclipso: We had to play safe! I knew we'd lose even if we engaged in battle, we must preserve our soldiers. Now where is this prisoner of war?

Light: Agh, whatever. He's in the interrogation room.

Eclipso: [Goes into the interrogation room]. So, Monsieur Gris, is Preceprance planning an attack on Equestria?

Monsieur Gris: Non, monsieur, Preceprance is actually attacking western Galavan.

Eclipso: We never did repay Galavan for taking Phillydelphia, did we?

Light: You never planned on attacking Equestria in the first place? Only Galavan?

Monsieur Gris: Well, non monsieur, our two nations are still technically at war, however we could have a temporary cease fire and attack Galavan togezair, we're both ponies, right? Also, if we win zis attack you may reclaim Phillydelphia.

Light: Fair enough. What do you think, Eclipso?

Eclipso: Great idea...however Starlight has threatened us and I hear he is marching troops over to Trottingham, you should meet his army face on there.

Light: Nice. I'll finally get to finish what I started in Fillydelphia.

Eclipso: It's settled then.

Light: I'll start the preparations for the defense. [Leaves the room]

Battle of TrottinghamEdit

Blizzard: Light, this one isn't going to be easy.

Light: What's up?

Blizzard: Starlight has a major battle force set up in defense for any potential attack. He has enough troops to launch an invasion on Canterlot.

Light: What? Why would he need that many?

Blizzard: Not sure. But we need to work out a way to take back Trottingham.

Light: I think we're going to need a bigger force for that...

Affinity: You could help, couldn't you? We all could help.

Solarflare: Yeah! We can take these creeps!

Light: Right. When the time comes, I'll go down and help out with the front lines. For now though, we need to set up our initial assault.

Blizzard: Okay.

Starlight: A tiny force of ponies? This shall be easy...but I am underestimating my enemy...

Light: Pegasu Strike Force. Launch.

[Pegasus force fly up and drop explosives on the front line, scattering them]

Light: Perfect. Solarflare, fire the artillery.

Solarflare: Light em up!

[Artillery begins to fire on the enemy front lines]

Light: Unicorns, get ready for any troops that try to flank or get to close.

Unicorn Commander: Yes, General.

Starlight: Take our their artillery and fire the heavy cannons! Black Dragon Force, torch their right flank from a distance.

Affinity: They're sending out their dragon forces.

Light: Front line take up defensive positions!

Dragons: [Destroys front line before they can change postition]

Light: Damn. Those dragons are fast... Strike force, move in to take out those dragons! Single strike!

[Pegasi move in at high speed to take out the dragons]

Starlight: Curses! You! Fourth Regiment! Burn the town.

Galavan Soldier: [Sets fire to Trottingham]

Starlight: Now blast those puny ponies!

[The Galavan soldiers quickly torch the front lines of the ponies]

Light: No! You little bastard! [Jumps in to the front lines, energy blades activated] I'll kill you for that!

Starlight: Haha! Dragons, defend. [A giant forcefield surrounds the dragons, a unicorn Light knows as a unicorn commander for Equestria is seen generating it]

Light: What the hell? You're siding with them?!

Unicorn Traitor: [Blushes and continues to make the forcefield.]

Light: Fine then. [Fires a spear of energy that first pierces straight through the force field and one of the dragons, then ridirects downwards and kills the traitor. Slashes a blade through the air and creates a large energy blade that soars through the air and takes out the remaining dragons] Time for you to pay for Fillydelphia, Starlight.

Starlight: I don't think so! We already have Gris and Eclipso as POW's as they were making their way to the frontier. We ambushed them and slaughtered the army!

Light: If I take you out here it wouldn't matter much, would it?

Starlight: The fact is you won't!

Light: You want to test that theory?

Starlight: NAARGH! [His troops take out many ponies]

Light: I've had enough of you! [Extends energy wings to their full 50 foot wingspan] ARE YOU GOING TO FIGHT OR ARE YOU GOING TO COWER AWAY?!

Starlight: [Stabs Light]

Light: [Smiles at Starlight maliciously and stabs him back, then throws him to the ground and jumps up, then nosedives down, stabbing him again]

Starlight: [Chokes one last laugh and dies.]

Galavan Forces: [Sees lord dead and rush back to Galavan.]

Winner: Equestria

Post BattleEdit

[As Light returns to the castle a notice is pinned on the walls, he is to march his army to Copperingham, a city of Preceprance not far from Canterlot.]

First Battle of CopperinghamEdit

Celestia: [Dressed in full military regalia.] Light, as you know Galavan had Prince Eclipso and a Preceprance commander captive. Whence you defeated Starlight in battle they were promptly set free except Preceprance has taken my brother captive. We must defeat them.

Light: So there's no further use for our truce now that Starlight is gone?

Celestia: No, a new Dragon Lord shall be chosen...

Light: Well I guess we'll have to deal with that later. We definitely need Eclipso back (Whispers to self) As hard as that may be to believe. So what's our first manner of attack?

Celestia: These. [Opens a box containing bees but the wind blows them into her face.]

Light: Um... [Uses magic to put them back into the box] Bees?

Celestia: [Uses magic to put bag over her head.] Yes, bees. [She releases the bees and they attack the Preceprance soldiers, taking out their front lines.] I can't see very well, how's the attack going?

Light: They're badass bees, that's how the attack is going. How can bees do that?

Celestia: I enchanted them. Do you think it's safe to take off my bag?

Light: Probably. Pegasus strike force standby for air strike. Solarflare, start the fireworks.

Solarflare: On it. Artillery, go for it.

[Artillery begins to fire on the enemy forces]

Celestia: [Removes bag and suddenly bees swarm her face again.]

Random Preceprance Soldier: Your majesty, the bees have stopped attacking!

High King Cyrill: Why might that be?

Preceprance Soldier: I'm not sure...

Light: Um... yeah, you might want to keep the bag on.... weird....

Celestia: [Puts bag back on and the bees dispell.] Alright, light cavalry charge their inner ranks.

Light: Unicorn Longbow Squad, hit them at range.

High King Cyrill: There is not way we can hold on...unless...give them back their commander.

Unicorn Commander: But sir-

High King Cyrill: Just do it!

[Eclipso is released and he flies to the Equestrian forces.]

Eclipso: You are no longer needed, Celestia.

Celestia: Eclipso, I believed we need to use all the help we can-

Eclipso: No! The battlefield is not place for you!

Celestia: I actually passed my military training-

Eclipso: ENOUGH! [Teleports Celestia away.] And take your damn bees with you! [Sends the bees after her.] Now, all forces, charge!

Coma: But that is suicide-

Eclipso: I said charge!

[All forces charge and are quickly taken out by Preceprance unicorns.]

Light: [Whispers to self] Oh I'm gonna do it. Hey, Eclipso. With all due respect. [Punches him in the face, knocking him out] DAMN that felt good. He shouldn't even be allowed on the battlefield. Remaining forces, pull back and reinforce the front lines, artillery, keep hitting their main forces, Unicorn Longbows, force their flanks to spread out, Pegasus Strike, prepare for a Delta sweep.

Pegasus commander: Gotcha.

Light: Coma, any suggestions on what else we should take care of?

Coma: shouldn't have done that. Boy, when he comes around you'll be...never mind, our forces are weakened severely however I noticed a small passage where Preceprance soldiers rally. We could dress up our soldiers as Preceprancians so we can get closer to the inner portions of their army.

Light: First, I don't care. He deserved it. Second, good idea. We need to get some of their uniforms, though.

Coma: We have a few prisoners of war down there.

Light: Great. Think you can take care of that? I have to command the battle from up here.

Coma: Sure.

[A few minutes later Equestrian forces turn up dressed as Preceprancians.]

Light: Alright. Your misison is to infiltrate the Preceprance base through a passage where their soldiers rally. Once inside you're going to find their munitions room, where they keep backup artillery shells. You need to detonate them with this. [Hands a timed bomb to them.] It has a delay of 10 minutes, so you should have enough time to get out before it goes.


[The ponies are forces to charge and the Equestrian forces are subsequently slaughtered.]

Eclipso: Abandon mission! [All forces scatter].

Winner: Preceprance

Post BattleEdit

Light: I hate you so much, Eclipso. Celestia, please can I knock him out again?

Eclipso: You do not talk to me like that! Due to your bad generalship we must rebuild our army! You must be ashamed of yourself.

Light: Screw you! You're always the one who charges the army right into a slaughterfest! You've proven to multiple times now that you don't know how to command an army. I can't even think of anything you're good for!

Eclipso: Watch yourself! I am the finest general in these lands! Armies cower and tremble before me!

Light: Which is why you haven't won a single battle. Yeah, must be.

Eclipso: You haven't won every battle yourself! Phillydelphia was your biggest defeat.

Light: You were the one commanding that battle! If you'd let me fight we would've won! It was your choice to surrender that made us lose!

Eclipso: What about Copperingham?

Light: I was breaking up their ranks until you send all the troops in at once to get slaughtered.

Eclipso: Well you have to have lost a battle, you're not Ponexander the Great!

Light: Since you've enstated me my own army? No, I haven't. And I even killed Starlight and captured a Preceprance general.

Eclipso: You conspired with the Preceprancian!

Light: And you agreed with it.

Eclipso: The point is we no longer have a powerful army. We must wait and recruite troops.


Galavan Council: Which of you dragons believe you have the power to become the next Dragon Lord?

Hallith: Someone who doesn't get killed so easily? Someone who can both command and fight with an army. Starlight fell quite easily to that one fellow.

Serpensos: I believe that I would make an excellent dragon lord! Just wait and see, let me command the army attacking Preceprance!

Hallith: I'll take the liberty to take back Copperingham, if you would allow me. I haven't had a taste of battle in this entire war as of yet.

Galavan Council: Very well, three battles shall be fought at this precise moment with Preceprance, Hallith will attack Copperingham, Snake-in-the-Grass will attack Mareseilles and Serpensos will attack the capital itself; Ponis.

Hallith: Hm. This should be entertaining. [Leaves the room]

Battle of MareseillesEdit

Snake-in-the-grass: Ponies, bring out your weapons!

Second Battle of CopperinghamEdit

Hallith: Seems that we have a good position to launch an attack against the Preceprance. With the number of forces that we have it shouldn't be a problem taking this place.

Random Galavan Soldier: Sir, we are ready for the first assault, awaiting your orders.

Hallith: Launch artillery first. Hit their forces hard.

RGS: Yes, sir.

[Artillery begins to fire on the Preceprance forces]

High King Cyrill: Send the Equestrian POW's on the first strike!

Prison Commander: Yes sir! [Sends the captured Equestrians from the last battle of Copperingham onto the field]

Hallith: Hold fire!

[Artillery stops]

Hallith: They have nothing to do with this battle, Cyrill! Prisoners of war cannot be used as soldiers!

Cyrill: We are fighting by Preceprancian law dragon, besides, I don't think the Galavan Council will take kindly to your soft and justice loving nature. You're not brutal enough to be a Dragon Lord!

Hallith: It isn't about becoming Dragon Lord! It's about honor in a battle, something you obviously do not have.

Cyrill: How dare you! There is no honour in Galavan! May your sons be cursed.

Hallith: [Growls deeply] You do not deserve to command a battlefield... Strike dragons move in and capture the Equestrian soldiers. Do not harm them.

[Smaller dragons quickly move in ad high speed and snatch the soldiers and bring them up to his position.]

Hallith: Kill them all. Leave nothing of their forces left.

[Artillery begins to fire again and dragons begin to raze their front forces]

Cyrill: Slaughter them! [Forces retaliate]

Hallith: First assailt team, move in.

[A large force of Galavan soldiers move in to attack the Preceprance forces]

Cyrill: Call in for reinforcements!

Hallith: Stop them!

[Strike dragons move in and kill the messengers]

Hallith: Keep hitting their front lines.

Cyrill: Too late, they're already here! Bombard them with our unicorn forces!

Hallith: Keep their front lines from advancing and take out their unicorn forces. Second line take defensive. Dragon strike force punch a hole through their ranks, force them to scatter.

Cyrill: Hold fast!

Hallith: Keep pushing them! Make sure their unicorn forces are completely gone before we launch the final offensive!

Cyrill: Dig trenches you dogs!

Diamond Dog: Who are you calling a mule?

Hallith: That's it! Strike dragons go trough the enemy lines right there! Hit them with everything you've got!

[Strike dragons punch through the enemy lines and hit their fortress defenses hard]

Cyrill: We worked too hard to protect this town from the Equestrians, keep on firing!

Hallith: Hm. If he keeps this up he'll lose his entire army, and his life. Admirable, but foolish. Focus artillery on their fortress, dragons reinforce the front lines.

Cyrill: Send a shock team out, now build the back lines.

Hallith: Strike dragons, engage their shock team. Keep taking their front lines out.

Cyrill: Its going to be a hard battle, send in a cavalry charge.

Hallith: Longbow Squad, engage their cavalry. Artillery move up and hit their fortress, defenders protect the artillery.

Cyrill: Attack while on horseback with your unicorn magic! Now, lay rocks on the catapult.

Hallith: Do not let their cavalry get too close. Artillery keep hitting their fortress.

Cyrill: Set up iron defences!

Hallith: Longbow squad, switch to armor piercing nagic bolts. Punch through their defense!

Cyrill: Hold it!

Hallith: Are you ready to surrender yet?

Cyrill: Never! We Preceprancians surrender to nothing! Unless we're trying to save the Pieffel Tower...

Hallith: Hm. Fine by me. Longbows keep hitting their defenses and clear a path to their fortress. Artillery keep hitting their back lines.

Cyrill: Unicorn, dive bombers, blast them apart!

Hallith: Defend!

Cyrill: Keep on attacking.

Hallith: Longbows break through their front lines, keep on the offensive.

Cyrill: Counter!

Siege of PonisEdit

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