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This roleplay is all about Ed Wreck's, Double G's & Eddy Green's Backstory together on how'd they started living in Ponyville & how they became the wielders of the Elements of the Great Spirits.

(This Story takes place during the first & second episodes of the first season of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic")


  • Keep this Roleplay, "G" rated
  • No Bad Words
  • No Killing
  • Have Fun!

Users (It's a Free-Join!)Edit

  • Spongebob100 (Creator of the RP)
  • Tranzitz
  • JustLikePinkiePie
  • Spike The Awesome Hedgehog


Fanon CharactersEdit

  • Ed Wreck (SB100) (1 of 3 Main Protagonists)
  • Double G (SB100) (1 of 3 Main Protagonists)
  • Eddy Green (SB100) (1 of 3 Main Protagonists)
  • Crystal Night (Tranzitz)
  • Overdrive (tranz)
  • Harmony (tranz)
  • Ralph Apples (SB100)
  • Rose Petal (SB100)
  • Grumpy Grouch (JustLikePinkiePie)
  • Lavender Valley (JustLikePinkiePie)
  • Two-X-Four (SB100)
  • Spike The Hedgehog (Spike The Awesome Hedgehog)
  • Templar Cross (DARKEST)
  • Eagle Screech (DARKEST)
  • Kenway Blade (DARKEST)

Canon CharactersEdit

  • Twilight Sparkle (anybody)
  • AppleJack (anybody)
  • Rainbow Dash (anybody)
  • Pinkie Pie (anybody)
  • Fluttershy (anybody)
  • Rarity (anybody)
  • Spike (anybody)
  • Princess Celestia (anybody)
  • Princess Luna (anybody)


  • Angry Ogun (SB100) (Main Antagonist)
  • Chronicle (tranz)
  • Nightmare Moon (Anybody)
  • Sharon (tranz)
  • bat ponies.
  • Frenzy
  • Ponybots
  • Snake / Snake Serpent [Snake's mutated form] (SB100)
  • IvY (tranz)
  • Dr.Toothache DDS (JⓍKER)


  • Secret of Survival (sung by the bat ponies)
  • Friends at the other side (sung by JOKER)


Part 1: 3 Poines of ManehattenEdit

(Today was a beautiful day & inside the Apartment we're three male ponies, a Big Orange Earth Pony named "Ed Wreck", a medium sized Purple Unicorn wearing a white hat named "Double G" & a small Red Pegasus named "Eddy Green" & they're living together as best friends)

(We see the 3 Male Ponies in their Teenage Years, in their apartment, making omletes for breakfast in the kitchen)

Double G: Just as I thought. One teaspoon of butter, perfectly measured. Eddy Green?

Eddy Green: Got it Double G. [He grabs the entire stick & puts it in the pan. Cooking at the stove] You guys haven't lived till you've tried one of my omelets. (grabs the salt shaker filled with salt & start pouring the salt onto the pan) Ed Wreck, eggs, I need eggs!

Ed Wreck: I got 'em, Eddy Green! (gallops up to Eddy Green, but trips) Almost there, Eddy Green! [He trips & falls on the floor] Oops.

Double G: Ed Wreck! You're pitting the floor!

Ed Wreck: Aw no way, Double G, not since I had my braces removed.

Eddy Green: Eggs, Ed Wreck, eggs!

Ed Wreck: [opening the freezer] Eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs. [He finds a popsicle.] Pop freeze!

Eddy Green: (putting too much salt on the omlete) You won't find eggs in the freezer, Wreck-it-Ed! Look in the fridge? Next to the milk?

Ed Wreck: [got his tongue stuck on the popsicle stuck on the freezer wall] I'll be right back, Eddy Green! [He looks through the fridge & pulls out cartons of eggs.] I found some eggs!

Eddy Green: Bring 'em over, I'm starving!

Ed Wreck: I'm Ed Wreck!

[Ed Wreck brings them over, his tongue still stuck. Got his tongue free, accidently knocking the fridge over by the side, falls him back.]

Ed Wreck:  Contact! Whoa!

[Ed Wreck falls, releasing the eggs by accident. The eggs fly all over the place, even hitting Eddy Green & Double G. Eddy Green holds up his pan to protect himself while Double G gets hit with the rampart barrage of the eggs.]

Eddy Green: [getting up, carrying a frying pan on his back] Hmm. Ed Wreck? Oh Ed Wreck?

Ed Wreck: [licking his treat which is the same popsicle that got stuck in the freezer before] Banana flavor, Eddy Green! Wanna bite?

Eddy Green: Hold that thought. [He hit Ed Wreck in the face with the frying pan.]

[Eddy Green and Double G are trying to clean the eggs off of themselves.]

Double G: No eggs, no omelets, Eddy Green.

Eddy Green: If we had a chicken, we'd be knee deep in eggs.

Ed Wreck: Like Potato Salad?

Double G: Um Eddy Green, we've been orphans for 5 years because some mysterious force had tooken away our parents, leaving us to live together in 1 apartment, which is only has 3 beds in one bedroom.

Eddy Green: So what? We only have is 1 bedroom, 1 kitchen & 1 bathroom. There isn't another room in this apartment that has 3 beds in one bedroom.

Ed Wreck: Big enough for the 3 of us, huh Eddy Green?

Eddy Green: Yeah, more like that.

Double G: (hears a knock on the door) I'll get the door. (opens the door to see that there's no one there) There's no one here? (notices a Scroll) What's this? (picks up a scroll with a note that says "To Ed Wreck, Double G & Eddy Green") A scroll? For all 3 of us? Hey guys, check this out.

Ed Wreck & Eddy Green: (comes towards Double G)

Eddy Green: What is it, Double G?

Double G: It's a scroll. (reads) "Dear Ed Wreck, Double G & Eddy Green, I felt very sorry for your loss of your parents, so I've decided that your new home & your invited to the Summer Sun Celebration in this year's location: Ponyville, your faithful ruler, Princess Celestia." (gasps) We've been invited to the Summer Sun Celebration.

Ed Wreck: Oh boy, oh boy! We've been invited guys!

Eddy Green: What's the Summer Sun Celebration?

Double G: The Summer Sun Celebration is the one day a year we get to see the Princess herself, raise the sun at dawn. And in 3 days is the thousand year & it'll be the longest day of the Summer Sun Celebration. We must go gentleman, we must.

Eddy Green: Alright alright, we'll go. But where are we gonna travel on?

Ed Wreck: A wagon?

Double G: Um, unfortunatley we don't have a wagon. The only choice we have is to go on hoof.

Eddy Green: That's gonna take forever.

Double G: Not unless we make it in time. Let us proceed to Ponyville. (walks out of the apartment)

Ed Wreck: Okie dokie, Double G. (follows Double G)

Eddy Green: Yeah, follow nature boy. (follows Double G & Ed Wreck)

Angry Ogun

Angry Ogun

(While the 3 Male Ponies starts to leave Manehatten, they didn't take notice of a Large Black Alicorn with Red Dragon eyes, Red Stripes, Dragon Wings & Red Devil Horns is watching them leave from a dark alley & it's Angry Ogun)

Angry Ogun: (smiles evily) So those 3 Colts are off to the Summer Sun Celerbration. And when it is the thousand year of the Summer Sun Celerbration, they'll be in for a big surprize. (chuckles evily)

Part 2: Arrived in Ponyville for the Summer Sun CelerbrationEdit

(In the next morning)

(The 3 Colts arrives at Ponyville, feeling so tired)

Double G: (yawns) Excuse me. Here we are gentleman, Ponyville.

Eddy Green: Yeah, we've made it.

Ed Wreck: (yawns) Ed Wreck is pooped. Sleepy time guys.

Eddy Green: I knew it's a 2 day walk to Ponyville (yawns)

Ed Wreck: (suddendly falls asleep) (snoring)

Eddy Green: Great, now we have to pick up Ed Wreck!

Double G: Oh dear, curse the consequences of being a light heavyweight. (tries to pick up Ed Wreck & put him on his back, and succeeds, but Ed Wreck is too heavy for him) Eddy Green, I need help.

Eddy Green: Ok, here comes Mr. Muscle. (helps Double G carry Ed Wreck on his back) Man, what did Ed have for breakfast in the morning? He's really heavy!

???: And who are you exactly?

Eddy Green: My name is Eddy Green.

Double G: And my name is Greg Grape, but my friends call me Double G.

Ed Wreck: (suddendly wakes up) Hello, my name is Ed Wreck.

???: (this pony is wearing royal guard armor) hm.

Double G: (to ???) So, what's your name?

???:the name's crystal. Crystal night.

Double G: It's very nice to meet you, Ed Wreck, Eddy Green & I are all here to stay here in our new home in Ponyville & for the Summer Sun Celebration, which is the thousand year & it'll be the longest day of the Summer Sun Celebration.

Crystal: (laughing)

Eddy Green: Hey! What's so funny?

Crystal: oh nothing,........ ;)

Eddy Green: Just tell me what it is, already. I want to know.

Ed Wreck: Pretty please with gravy on top?

Crystal: no.

Double G: (to Ed Wreck & Eddy Green) Come on you two. Behave.

Eddy Green: Alright, alright.

Double G: Anyways, sorry about my friend's behavior.

Crystal: eh, OH YEAH! I just remembered something!

Eddy Green: Really, what is it?

Crystal: look out.

(A completely orange Pegasus mare is heading straight for the Ed trio)

Ed Wreck & Eddy Green: (notices the completly orange pegasus mare) AAH! / ACK!

Double G: (notices as well) (sidesteps, trying to dodge out of the way)

???:(crashes straight into Ed and Eddy) YOWCH!!!!!!!!

Crystal: (face-hoof) um, overdrive why did you go and crash into them?

Double G: Ed Wreck, Eddy Green, are you both alright?

Eddy Green: (groans in pain) How do I look, Double G?

Ed Wreck: (to Overdrive) Hello, my name is Ed Wreck

Overdrive: HAI!! I'm overdrive!

Crystal: um.... Drive? I think that's been established already....

Eddy Green: Uh, Overdrive, is it? As much as I love the way you tackled me & Ed Wreck like that...(shouts) Will you please get off of us, now? Your crushing me & Ed Wreck.

Overdrive: Oh sorry :p (gets off)

Crystal: (shakes armor off) I srsly forgot I was wearing this stuff still (stretches wings out and throws helmet at over drive with magic)

Double G: Anyways, Ed Wreck, Eddy Green & I just moved in to Ponyville from Manehatten & are here for the Summer Sun Celebration & today is the 1000th year & it will be the longest day of the Summer Sun Celebration.

Overdrive: (laughs) Ah hahahaha!

Eddy Green: Hey, what's so funny?

Overdrive: (continues laughing) DAY! HA! Like day is going to c....

Crystal: (shoves food in to overdrive mouth) Forget what she said got it?

Ed Wreck: Okie dokie Crystal.

Double G: (getting subspecious) Hmm...

Eddy Green: Oh alright, anyways it's lunch time.

Ed Wreck: (his stomach growls) What was that?

Eddy Green: Ed Wreck, that's your belly.

Ed Wreck: Uh? (notices his stomach is growling) (chuckles) I'm hungry.

Eddy Green: Come on, let's get something to eat, I'm starving.

Crys: id go to pinkie pies cupcake shop, but im leaving cya l8r! (Teleports away)

Overdrive: im leaving too ir on your own right now,

Double G: Ok then, maybe we can go to her cupcake shop.

Eddy Green: Yeah, I guess Cupcakes will have to do. After the cupcakes, we're gonna have something that is big, round & cost a gold coin & those are...

Ed Wreck & Double G: (excited) Jawbreakers!

Eddy Green: And away we go!

(The Ed Trio goes to Pinkie Pie's cupcake shop, which is called "Sugarcube Corner")

Double G: Bye Crystal & Overdrive. (leaves with Ed Wreck & Eddy Green

?????: (a pegasus is sitting on a nearby roof top) this is going exactly as planned those three dont know anything that is going to happen tomorrow morning... But that Double G will have to go if he finds out anymore....... (Dissapears)

Part 3: Finding Food to EatEdit

(At Sugarcube Corner)

Ed Wreck, Double G & Eddy Green: (arrives)

Eddy Green: This must be Sugarcube Corner. The place where Pinkie Pie works at?

Double G: Yes it is.

Ed Wreck: (knocks on the door with his hoof) Hello? Anybody home?

Eddy Green: Hello? We would like something to eat please? We're starving over here.

Double G: (waiting for Pinkie Pie)

Pinkie Pie: (comes out)

Double G: Hello there, you must be Pinkie Pie. Anyways, my name is Greg Grape, but my friends call me, Double G & these 2 are my friends, Ed Wreck & Eddy Green.

Pinkie Pie: (notices that the Ed Trio are new to Ponyville) (jumps up & gasps) (runs off)

Eddy Green: Oh great, now you scared her off.

Double G: No I didn't Eddy. She must've never met us before.

Ed Wreck: Guys, I'm hungry.

Eddy Green: Is there anyone else in town?

Double G: Come on, let's go find out

(The Ed Trio then goes off to find food)

Ed Wreck: (smells something good) Apple Pie! (runs off to follow the smell)

Eddy Green: Ed Wreck, get back here!

Double G: Prehaps Ed has found food for us

Eddy Green: Finally, I'm starving!

Double G & Eddy Green: (follows Ed Wreck)

Ed Wreck: (leading Double G & Eddy Wreck down along the path towards Sweet Apple Acres) Hey! (points to Sweet Apple Acres)

Eddy Green: (bored) The smell of Apple Pie lead us to a farm?

Double G: Why yes, from the looks of it & this states that this place is called "Sweet Apple Acres".

Eddy Green: "Sweet Apple Acres"? Why'd they call it that?

Double G: I think we're gonna find out ourselves gentleman.

???: (seen running & then stops to buck at an apple tree, causing apples to fall off the trees & into the wooden buckets)
Ralph Apples

Ralph Apples

(appears to be Ralph Apples)

Eddy Green: Who's that?

Double G: Let's find out, shall we gentleman? (to Ralph Apples) Greetings, my name is Greg Grape, but my friends call me "Double G"

Eddy Green: I'm Eddy Green

Ed Wreck: Hello, my name is Ed Wreck.

Ralph Apples: (starts shaking Doube G's hoof up & down very fast) Hello Ed boys, nice to meet you 3 in a bunch, ya? My name is Ralph Apples, also known as the son of a shepherd. I am from a family called the "Apple Family". And here in Sweet Apple Acres, we intend to make lots of new friends.

Double G: Oh that's very nice.

Ralph Apples: (stops)

Double G: (his hoof continues to shake up & down)

Ed Wreck: (stops Double G's hoof) There you go

Double G: Thank you Ed, I needed that

Ed Wreck: Your welcome Double G.

Eddy Green: Anyways, we've been trying to find some food to eat.

Ralph Apples: Ah, it's nearly lunch time I see you 3 Ed boys are hungry, ya?

Eddy Green: Yes, so where's the food?

(Suddendly they heard a triangle ringing)

???: (female southern voice) Soup's on everypony!

Ralph Apples: (runs off)

Eddy Green: Hey where are you going? Can't you tell that we're hungry?

Ed Wreck: (notices the whole apple family galloping towards the 3) AAAAAAH!

Double G & Eddy Green: Huh? (notices the whole apple family as well)


Eddy Green: Run for it !

(The Ed Trio makes a run for it & now they're being chased by the entire apple family while screaming)

Eddy Green: Go, go, go, go!

Ed Wreck: RUN AWAY!

Double G: Not good, not good!


(Suddendly they all stopped at a round table outside, including the entire apple family)

Ralph Apples: Ah, I see you've met the entire apple family, ya?

Eddy Green: Yes, but who rang the bell?

Double G: That would be a Triangle, Eddy.

Ralph Apples: Thank you, brainy Greg Boy. My cousin, Applejack have ranged the triangle. (points to Applejack) Applejack, this is Ed Wreck, Greg Grape, but friends call him Double G & finally, this is Eddy Green.

Applejack: (suddendly shakes Ed Wreck, Double G & Eddy Green's front hooves vigorously) Well, howdy-doo, Mr. Ed, Mr. Double G & Mr. Eddy,  a pleasure makin' your acquaintance. I'm Applejack. We here at Sweet Apple Acres sure do like making new friends!

Eddy Green: We know, Ralph Apples told us before.

Applejack: (stops) So, what can I do you for?

Ed Wreck: (stops)

Double G & Eddy Green: (their front hooves still shaking)

Ed Wreck: (stops Double G's & Eddy Green's front hooves)

Double G: Thank you again Ed Wreck.

Applejack: Now, why don't I introduce y'all to the Apple family?

Eddy Green: Thanks, but we really need to hurry and--

(As AppleJack introduces to the apple family, the Apple Family offers the Ed Trio)

Applejack: This here's Apple Fritter. Apple Bumpkin. Red Gala. Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Caramel Apple, Apple Strudel, Apple Tart, Baked Apples, Apple Brioche, Apple Cinnamon Crisp... [deep breath] Big McIntosh, Apple Bloom and...(feeds Ed Wreck with an Apple)...Granny Smith. Up'n'attem, Granny Smith, we got guests.

Granny Smith: (sleeping on her rocking chair) (wakes up) [snort] Wha..? Soup's on? I'm up, here I come, ahm comin'...

Applejack: Why, I'd say you're already part of the family!

Ed Wreck: Oh boy!

Eddy Green: What the...?! (chuckles nervously) Well I guess it's time to chow down cause we're starving.

Ralph Apples: Well what are you waiting for Ed boys? Dig in for the Apple Family & Ralph!

Ed Trio: (starts eating the food)

Applejack: Whoa, those colts are hungrier than a coyote chasing a road runner.

Ralph Apples: I hear that cousin Applejack.

Part 4: The Ed Trio's New Home & the Pink PegasusEdit


Ed Trio: (walking down a path with their happy bellies, with Eddy Green having a very big belly after eating all of the food)

Double G: What a delicious banquet, right gentleman?

Ed Wreck: Yummy apples.

Eddy Green: (groaning) I ate too much pie.

Ed Wreck: What do we do now guys?

Double G: We shall get going to our new home in Ponyville.

Eddy Green: Yeah, so I can rest up & we can pack

Ed Wreck: (points to a red house with a Purple Roof & a Green Chimey) Oh! Is that it?

Double G: Yes, there it is. Our new home. Let's go inside, but first our luggage.


Eddy Green: Put some muscle in it, boys!

[Eddy Green is lazing around while Double G pulls on one side of a large duffle. Ed Wreck is pushing on the other side, trying to move it inside. He suddenly stops and looks at it.]

Double G: [between grunts] Ed-Wreck-did-you-pack-only-the-essentials-like-I-asked?

Ed Wreck: [pushing it very strong] Tag! You're it!

Eddy Green: Go, Double G, go!

Double G: [trying to escape the giant suitcase] Curse my lack of galloping! [The bag catches up to, and runs over, him.] Well, there's my exercise for the day

Eddy Green: [leaping on top] Well, Mr. Ed Wreck, where do you want to set up your new pad? [helping Ed up the bag] I mean, think big, Ed Wreck! Where have you always wanted to live?

Ed Wreck: Close to a mailbox, Eddy.

Eddy Green: Time to check inside.

(The Ed Trio goes inside their new house)

Ed Wreck: (bringing in his giant green luggage) Cool.

Double G: (looks inside to see that it's like a normal house) Very nice.

Eddy Green: Guess this is where we live, huh?

Double G: Yes it is. Shall we unpack?

Eddy Green: Don't chip a hoof, Double G.

[Double G opens the latch, and the duffel bursts apart. When the dust clears, we see that Ed Wreck's, Double G's & Eddy Green's rooms are all been packaged up and put in place again in their new home.]

Ed Wreck: I love canoes.

Double G: [in the soft chair] It looks just like our old rooms back at Manehatten, Ed Wreck.

Eddy Green: [behind a totem mask] Yeah. Home sweet home.

Ed Wreck: What do we do now guys?

Eddy Green: (comes out from the totem mask) Hm, I don't know.

  • At that moment, 3 tickets fly in through the window and land on the table in front of them.*

Eddy Green: Look! 3 Tickets

Double G: Let's find out what kind of are those (examines the 3 tickets) I wonder what the tickets are for?

Ed Wreck: For potato salad?

Eddy Green: (chuckles nervously) No not like that...maybe we can figure out the tickets later, right now we have to relax for now

Ed Wreck: Yeah, this place is like a cat's tuxedo guys

Double G: (sighs) I suppose with all that hard work, we can relax after a nice big meal

Ed Wreck: (looks out the window & notices someone coming) Look!

Double G & Eddy Green: (notices someone & they're lovestrucked)

(The Ed Trio noticed a Pink Pegasus with purple eyes, a long & flat red mane & has big wings & she appears to be Rose Petal)
Rose Petal

Rose Petal

Double G & Eddy Green: (looks love in the eyes)

Ed Wreck: (blushing & feeling scared) Double G? My tummy feels all wiggly & crawly inside.

Double G: That's nice Ed

Eddy Green: She is the most beautiful filly I've ever seen

Double G: That's nice Ed

Ed Wreck: Uh guys, I'm scared

Rose Petal: (notices the Ed Trio) Oh hi there

Ed Trio: (now feeling nervous, but lovestruck, except Ed Wreck who is still scared)

Eddy Green: Uh, hi. My name is uhh...Eddy Green & these are my pals, Double G & Ed Wreck

Double G: Um, greetings young filly...(blushes)

Ed Wreck: Hello, my name is Ed Wreck

Rose Petal: (giggles) My name is Rose Petal, it's very nice to meet you three (thinking: Those 3 boys are so cute)

Eddy Green (thinking): She can't take her eyes off me.

Double G (thinking): Her hair is so clean, and not flyaway at all.

Ed Wreck (thinking): Hello? Echo! MY NAME IS ED WRECK!

Rose Petal: Well, I'll be heading off to a party tonight, you 3 wanna come?

Double G: Sure, we love to come

Eddy Green: Yeah, we love to party!

Rose Petal: Okie dokie then, see you at the party (winks as she giggles & then she trots off)

Ed Wreck: Bye bye, Rose Petal! She is a nice filly, right guys?

Double G: (still lovestrucked) Yes Ed.

Eddy Green: (still lovestrucked) Yeah, I hear ya loud & clear Ed

Ed Wreck: Uh guys, stop being unconscious now (starts slapping Double G & Eddy Green, getting them back into reality)

Double G: Ow!

Eddy Green: Ok, ok! We're good, Ed! We're awake!

Ed Wreck: (slaps Eddy Green one more time)

Eddy Green: (groans)

Double G: (sighs) Thank you Ed, we needed that.

Ed Wreck: Your welcome guys.

Eddy Green: Guys, did you hear what Rose Petal said, there's a party & we're invited. When there's a party, there's always us to enjoy it. Come on! We're gonna be cool, we're gonna be awesome, we're gonna make the scene.

Part 5: The Big Welcome Home PartyEdit

(At the Party, which is at a very large & living hollow tree, called the Golden Oak Library)

Ed Wreck, Double G & Eddy Green: (looks at the window)

Eddy Green: Check it out

(We see that the ponies are having fun in the party)

Eddy Green: Wow! Everypony's here!

Ed Wreck: Looks like fun! (about to climb through a window)

Eddy Green: Hold on mister happy (grabs Ed Wreck's tail with his teeth & pulls him down) We have to take the more heroic approach

Double G: How do we do that Eddy? It takes lots of planing to perfect it.

Eddy Green: Don't worry, I got this. The entrance to a party is everything. Lesson Number One... [The 3 huddle.]


[As the room begins to be dark, the Ed Trio enter, screaming all the way. Eddy, in a show of over-the-top bravado, dives into the center of the room, preparing to land, but suddendly it becomes so dark that the Ed Trio can't see. Eddy overshoots the center and slides on the floor. His friends land on top of him. It would be a nice stunt if they don't then run into a bookself and end up collapsed in a heap of books in the dark.]

Eddy Green: If the room wasn't so dark all of a sudden, we would've had a clear stunt.

Double G: Can we please...take a break?

Ed Wreck: I'm hungry

Eddy Green: It's nearly sunset you know. Where is everypony?

Double G: It's dark in here that we can't see anypony.

Eddy Green: First there's full of ponies in here, now there's none in the dark.

Ed Wreck: Guys? Where'd you go? I can't see you

Eddy Green: We're right beside you Ed

Ed Wreck: Hi Eddy!

(The Ed Trio hears a door opening, & we can't see who it was, but we can see their eyes & can barely see their bodies, which are actually Twilight Sparkle & Spike)

Double G: I believe we have visitors.

Eddy Green: I can't hear what their saying, we need a closer look, if I can see exactly.

Ed Wreck: Uh guys, we can't see! I can't see!

Double G: Hey, did you hear something?

Eddy Green: What are you talking about?

Double G: Just shush for a minute please? Thank you

(The Ed Trio begins to hear them)

Spike: Huh. Rude much?

Twilight Sparkle: Sorry, Spike, but I have to convince the Princess that Nightmare Moon is coming, and we're running out of time! I just need to be alone so I can study without a bunch of crazy ponies trying to make friends all the time. Now, where's the light?

Double G: Nightmare Moon?

Eddy Green: What's a Nightmare Moon?

Ed Wreck: Oh I know where the light is (finds & flicks the light switch on, only for Twilight, Spike & the Ed Trio to be surprized by loads of ponies)

Eddy Green: What the?!

Ponies: Surprise!

Double G: Oh my goodness!

[kazoo blows]

Ed Wreck: Found it!

Twilight Sparkle: [groan]

Pinkie Pie: Surprise!

[party whistle blows]

Pinkie Pie: Hi, I'm Pinkie Pie, and I threw this party just for you! Were you surprised? Were ya? Were ya? Huh huh huh?

Ed Wreck: Yes we are, Pinkie Pie!

Twilight Sparkle: Very surprised.

Double G: Thanks for asking

Twilight Sparkle: Libraries are supposed to be quiet.

Pinkie Pie: Well, that's silly! What kind of welcome party would this be if it were quiet? I mean, duh, bo-ring! Y'see, I saw you when you first got here, remember? You were all "hello" and I was all [deep gasp], remember? Y'see I've never saw you before and if I've never saw you before that means you're new, 'cause I know everypony, and I mean everypony in Ponyville!

Twilight Sparkle & Eddy Green: [groan] '

Double G: (sighs)

Pinkie Pie: And if you're new, that meant you haven't met anyone yet, and if you haven't met anyone yet, you must not have any friends, and if you don't have any friends then you must be lonely, and that made me so sad, then I had an idea, and that's why I went [deep gasp]!

Twilight Sparkle: [pours herself a drink which turns out to be hot sauce & starts drinking it through a straw without knowing it]

Pinkie Pie: I must throw a great big ginormous super-duper spectacular welcome party and invite everyone in Ponyville! See? [Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy & Rarity comes up to Twilight Sparkle] And now you have lots and lots of friends!

Eddy Green: Whoa

Ed Wreck: Cool !

Twilight Sparkle: (felt the spiciness of the hot sauce she's drinking)

Applejack: Are you alright, Sugarcube?

Double G: Is something wrong?

Twilight Sparkle: [comically whisks out of the room with her mane on fire]

Ed Wreck: There she goes

Pinkie Pie: Aww, she's so happy she's crying!

Spike: (checks the bottle that Twilight pours into the cup) "Hot sauce". Ooh...

Pinkie Pie: [pours the hot sauce into a cupcake & eats it]

Eddy Green: What the?

Double G: How did you?

Pinkie Pie: [with mouth full] What? It's good!

Eddy Green: Anywho, let's mumbo!

(Everyone begins to start dancing, while they're having fun the Ed Trio introduced themselves to Spike, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy & Rairty who introduced them back)

(Later that night)

(And until late into the night, the Ed Trio had the time of their lives. Ed Wreck ate cupcakes being served on the plates on the table, Double G is having conversations with a group of ponies, and Eddy Green plain boogied down in the dance floor)

Eddy Green: Oh yeah! That's the stuff!

Ed Wreck: Yummy cupcakes!

Double G: (notices Spike entering Twilight's Room) Um, excuse me fine fellows, I'll be right back.

Spike: (wearing a lamp shade on his head) Hey Twilight! Pinkie Pie's starting "pin the tail on the pony"! Wanna play?

Twilight Sparkle: No! All the ponies in this town are crazy! Do you know what time it is?!

Ed Wreck: It's nearly midnight?

Spike: It's the eve of the Summer Sun Celebration. Everypony has to stay up, or they'll miss the Princess raise the sun! You really should lighten up, Twilight. It's a party!

Eddy Green: Yeah, lighten up & boggie down! Like Spike said, it's a party! (closes the door)

Double G: How's this Twilight Sparkle?

Eddy Green: She's just in a bad mood, why'd you ask?

Double G: I have a theory on what's going on & why Crystal Night & Overdrive laughed at us for why we are here. Follow me gentleman & we will find the answer (goes outside)

Ed Wreck: Is Double G ok?

Eddy Green: How should I know?

Part 6: Finding out the Truth & the Evil Pony-BotsEdit


Eddy Green: (standing on Double G's back) Higher guys, higher!

(We see that the Ed Trio are forming a tower out of themselves by standing on top of each other)

Double G: (standing on Ed Wreck's back, carrying Eddy Green on his back) Ed Wreck, are you alright down there?

Ed Wreck: (carrying Double G on his back) Liberated

Eddy Green: I'll take that as a yes.

Double G: Now let's all be quiet & we can hear the answer.

(The Ed Trio begins to listen Twilight Sparkle again from outside)

Twilight Sparkle: (from inside) Legend has it that on the longest day of the thousandth year, the stars will aid in her escape, and she will bring about everlasting night." I hope the Princess was right... I hope it really is just an old ponytale...

Eddy Green: Did you guys hear that?

Double G: Yes I did, that's why Crystal Night & Overdrive laughed at us for why we here for the summer sun celebration, cause they already knew that this Nightmare Moon will be returning to Equestria for bringing about nighttime eternal

Ed Wreck: Boy that's harsh even for my stomach guys.

Spike: (from inside as well) C'mon, Twilight, it's time to watch the sunrise!

Eddy Green: This is not good! (hops off of Double G) We gotta do something about it.

Double G: (hops off of Ed Wreck) And stop Nightmare Moon we must.

Eddy Green: Yeah guys, let's stop Nightmare Moon! (about to gallop away, but Ed Wreck's next statment stopped him in his tracks)

Ed Wreck: But how? (notices a couple of robot ponies) Look!

(They all notice the

The Pony Bots

robot ponies)

Eddy Green: What are those bots?

Ed Wreck: Maybe they're friendly

Double G: I don't know, they do look a bit dangerous to say the least.

Pony Bot #1: You! You are not allowed in this place, the ones who are in this place are not allowed in this place, cause Pony Bots are taking over this place & all places for Pony Bots

Eddy Green: Would you be quiet already? (bucks away the Pony Bots)

Pony Bot #2: That action which means that is not good for Pony Bot.

Double G: Now Ed!

Ed Wreck: Aaah! (rams through the Pony Bots, easily)

Pony Bot #3: You haven't seen the last of the Pony Bot who are returning to this place to take over this place for Pony Bots!

Double G: Please just leave.

Pony Bots: (carries a canister filled with purple magic dust)

Eddy Green:: Yeah you better run!

Double G: What's in that canister they're holding?

Ed Wreck: Kinda looks like they are carrying jelly

Eddy Green: What are you talking about?

Double G: Or magic dust, my family has seen this kind of magic dust before. The Purple Magic Dust is called the "Magicon", it's a special kind of magic dust that when your come into contact with it, you will turn into a mutant.

Eddy Green: Sheesh, no fooling!

Ed Wreck: Cool ! Can I be a mutant?

Double G & Eddy Green: No!

Ed Wreck: Okie dokie.

Double G: (hears the ponies gasping in the mayor's hall) Wait a minute, we have to get to the town hall. That's where the summer sun celebration presentation is at now.

Eddy Green: And I'm desperate enough to believe ya.

(The Ed Trio starts galloping towards the town hall)

Part 7.1: Nightmare Moon!Edit

(The Ed Trio arrives inside the town hall to find lots of ponies looking at the appearance of Nightmare Moon)

Double G: Just as I supected, Nightmare Moon.

Spike: [sigh & then faints]

Nightmare Moon: Oh, my beloved subjects. It's been so long since I've seen your precious, little sun-loving faces.

Rainbow Dash: What did you do with our Princess?! (charges at Nightmare Moon, but was stopped by Applejack) 

Applejack: (holding onto Rainbow's tail with her teeth) [muffled] Whoa there, Nelly...

Nightmare Moon: [chuckle] Why, am I not royal enough for you? Don't you know who I am?

Pinkie Pie: Ooh, ooh, more guessing games! Um, Hokey Smokes! How about... Queen Meanie! No! Black Snooty, Black Snooty--

Applejack: (feeds Pinkie with an apple)

Pinkie Pie: [muffled noises]

Nightmare Moon: (goes up to Fluttershy) Does my crown no longer count now that I have been imprisoned for a thousand years? (goes up to Rarity) Did you not recall the legend? Did you not see the signs?

Twilight Sparkle: I did. And I know who you are. You're the Mare in the Moon – Nightmare Moon!

[ponies gasping]

Eddy Green: Boy who'da thought.

Nightmare Moon: Well well well, somepony who remembers me. Then you also know why I'm here.

Twilight Sparkle: You're here to... to... [gulp]

Double G: Bring about night time eternal

Nightmare Moon: [chuckle] Remember this day, little ponies, for it was your last. From this moment forth, the night will last forever! [laughter, thunder]

Eddy Green: This is not good

Ed Wreck: (his expression turned into anger)

"To Be Continued in Roleplay: The Ed Trio's Story Part 2"

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