This is an rp focusing on the Seven Holy Virtues and the Seven Deadly Sins


Lightblade - Ishi

The White Knights - Ishi

Melody - Ishi

Justice - Ishi

Backlash - Ishi

Ambient Grace - Ishi

The Seven Deadly Sins - Ishi

The Seven Holy Virtues - Lu

Sun&Moon Siblings - Lu

Curtain Call - Lu

Canyon Song - Lu

Roleplay Part OneEdit

Canyon Song: Will you stop?

Charity: Stop what?

Canyon Song: Using me as a rack for your flower necklaces! [Shakes off various rings of flowers from her neck]

Humilty: I apologize for Charity's step out of line. He used you since you were the nearest thing.

Canyon: Hmph. Just don't do it again.

Humility: Well... Charity, let's head over to Canterlot. I know somepony who would like to purchase a couple of your necklaces.

Charity: Very well. I'm just a few bits short of getting a gift to send to somepony.

Humility: Alright. Let's go.

[They quickly head off to Canterlot. Slaring through the air, Humility crashes into a random pony]

Humility: Oh! Dreadfully sorry. Wasn't look where I was going... Are you alright, uh...?

Light: [Catches himself in the air] Ow. That kinda hurt. [Turns to see Humility] Nice way to meet, don't you think? I'm Lightblade. Most just call me Light, though.

Humility: Ah. Well, it is quite an odd way, if I say so myself. The name is Humility. This is my companion, Charity.

Charity: Hiya.

Light: Huh. Well I'm heading off to Canterlot. Have stuff to do there. Where are you going?

Humility: We are heading there as well. Charity made a few flower necklaces and I happen to know somepony there who would like to purchase a few.

Light: Okay then. Let's go.

Humility: Very well, sir.

[Soon they have arrived]

Humility: Hm, she should be around here... There she is, Charity!

Curtain Call: [Conversing with another pony] So we're short on costume supplies. I've asked a few other ponies to keep an eye out for nature-themed outfits I could buy, but lots of them aren't quite what I'm looking for. Oh! There's one of them now! Humility, darling! Have you been able to find anything?

Humility: [Nods] Charity here has a few flower necklaces.

Curtain: Splendid, splendid! I'll give you five bits a necklace.

Charity: Alright. I have five right here. I want to keep one for somepony else, though. So that'll be twenty bits.

Curtain: [Hands him some coins] Very well; four is plenty, anyways. Thank you both for the help!

Humility: Our pleasure, Curtain.

Light: What's going on, now?

Curtain: Just needed some supplies for my next play, Royal Garden. It's about a princess who loses herself in the castle's garden with her three flower friends.

Light: Huh. Sounds boring.... to me at least. I mean, to some others I'm sure it's a blast, but, not my kind of thing. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the Princess. I have to check in with her.

Curtain: Check in on her? [Thinks for a moment] Ah! You must be a knight!

Light: Yeah. Her royal knight, actually.

Curtain: Wonderful, darling! You know, Lunaris is actually playing one of the flower friends. Well, I must hurry off. Toodle-oo! [Trots away]

Humility: Thought I recognized you. Castle life must be pretty interesting.

Light: Sometimes. It's a big place so there's plenty to do, but I've been there for a few years now, so I've pretty much done all that.

Humility: Hm. True. Besides, Patience would probably prefer a usual pony life anyway. I can hear her now. "Better to stay bored than to experience a new life and get bored again. Good things come to those who wait." Anyway, since our business here is done, we'll be going. Charity, are you coming?

Charity: Yeah, I...

Humility: Something wrong?

Charity: You're probably not going to believe me, but I saw a black Alicorn with a black and yellow mane... He was scowling at me...

Humility: Hm... You're probably just tired from making the necklaces. Come, let's go home. Farewell, Lightblade. [Hurries off with Charity]

Light: *Flinches a bit* Ow.... *Looks around* What was.... ach, probably just my imagination.... [Flies off toward the castle]

[Later in the day]

???: [A slender pale orange Unicorn is talking with Lunaris] ...And I told her I didn't want to be the princess, so she gave Diamond Tiara the part, and now I'm just worried other ponies will be mad.

Lunaris: Sacrifice, you gave up a big role because you believed other ponies were better at it. You do what you wish. It's you decision.

Sacrifice: [Sighs] I guess so. Thing is, the day of the play is when me, Charity, and Patience are going to take a hike in the Diamondhead mountains. I don't want the two of them to be alone. Three is always a good group, in my opinion.

Lunaris: Well, I think that as long as you're with friends and you're happy, nothing else matters.

Sacrifice: Hm...

Lunaris: [Pauses] Did you sense something?

Sacrifice: 'fraid not... I'm still recovering from that Spellpox. I'm about as useless as an upsidedown tree.

Lunaris: Odd. I'm going to see if there's anyone else that can sense it. [Gallops off]

[Lights are seen and bangs are heard in the sky]

Thunder Shock: C'mon, Soalrflare! That the best you got?

Solarflare: Not even close! [Flies in at him, a hoof ablaze in blue fire.]

Thunder: [Bolts back and charges up a bolt of white lightning] Hope you can dodge good! [Fires it at Solarflare]

Solarflare: [Dodges barely] Whoa! Man that could've killed me!

Thunder: That's the point!

Solarflare: Oh, you are gonna get it. [Charges up so his mane and tail are ablaze in blue fire]

Thunder: [Charges up so bright blue lightning is coursing around him]

[They both charge at each other, only to be stopped dead in their tracks by Light, who flies in between them with a hoof holding both of them back]

Light: Guys, you're going to kill someone.

Thunder: Come on, we were just having fun!

Light: Yeah, tell that to the amount I had to take out of both of your paychecks last time you fought like this.

Solarflare: To be fair, that building was already a little lopsided.

Light: [Pushes them both back] Seriously, you two. No more death battles.

Thunder: Aw, man!

Solarflare: Darn it...

[Both sulk off]

Lunaris: [Soars over, glancing at the two] Another reason why reckless ponies are difficult to manage... Anyway, that isn't why I am here. Light, have you sensed anything...odd?

Light: You mean you have too? Then it isn't just my imagination...

Lunaris: Strange thing is, the energy I sensed seemed to be the exact opposite of Sacrifice, a Unicorn I was talking to.

Light: Another weird thing, I couldn't pinpoint where it was coming from. It seemed to resonate off of everybody around me....

Lunaris: Yeah... Like it's something common in everypony, but there's a source where it's strongest.

Light: Yeah. We'll have to look for that.

Lunaris: [Nods] I'm going to see if I can find the energy source. Keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

Light: Right. I still need to check in with the Princess. She probably sensed it too.

Lunaris: Very well. [Flies off]

Light: [Dashes toward the castle, but falls to the ground when another pulse is sent] Agh! What is that?! [Rubs his head, trying to pinpoint where the pulse came from] The Princess can wait, that energy is dangerous. [Runs off in the direction he thinks it came from.]

Lunaris: Hm... Seems to be coming... from this way! [Trots off down a narrow path that leads to the outskirts of Canterlot]

[Light ends up at the outskirts of Canterlot]

Light: It's here somewhere.

Greed: Hey, kid! Took you long enough to find me.

Light: Who are you?

Greed: Well, the source of all that energy, for one. As you could probably tell.

Light: You're not normal.

Greed: Nope! Definitely not. But we can both relate to each other, right?

Light: What are you talking about?

Greed: Well... You could tell my energy was resonating off of everyone. That's because there's a little bit of me in everyone. I was born out of that. Well, actually I was born way waaaaaayyy back when, but same principles apply.

Light: .....

Greed: Still don't get it huh, kid? Fine, I'll spell it out for you. My name is Greed.

Light: Greed?

Greed: The one and only! See, it goes a bit like this. I represent the Deadly Sin of Greed, right? I'm the embodiment of it. Therefore, everyone shares a small bit of my traits, since ya know, everyone's a bit greedy, right? Even you.

Lunaris: [Gallops over, panting] You found the source? [Looks at Greed] So you're the so-called Greed?

Greed: Friend of yours?

Light: [Stares at him determinedly]

Greed: Just so you know, I'm not repeating all of that for her. Besides, I have a feeling she already knows. Right, squirt?

Lunaris: [Nods, glaring] Sure spoke loud enough, too. Why not lower your voice a bit?

Greed: Well someone's got good hearing. Can you hear this? [Whispers something, just under being audible]

Light: I heard that!

Greed: Hah! So you have the better hearing! Congratulations! I'd give you a trophy, but I don't seem to have one on me at the moment.

Lunaris: Enough of this chatter. As knight and daughter of Princess Celestia, we ask you to state your reason for being here.

Greed: Whoa! I truly am in the presence of prestigious company aren't I? Princess Celestia's personal knight, and her daughter. Didn't even know she had a daughter. Well, to answer your question, I'll give you the short answer. We're here for world conquest, pretty much. And I say we since there is more of us, as you probably could've guessed. I could tell my opposite was around here when I stepped into town. Isn't that nice? Sacrifice and I really ought to catch up on things sometime. I wonder what she's been up to?

Lunaris: To be accurate, you're not Sacrifice's opposite. Greed is actually the opposite of Charity. [Mutters] That means there's another around here. If I'm correct, her opposite is either Envy or Sloth... [She continues muttering to herself, lost in thought and counting on her hooves]

Greed: Well you can't blame me for getting mixed up. They're practically the same thing. I haven't seen either of late so it's hard to keep track. Tell you what, I'll write it down next time. You seem a bit too smart for your own good, you know that? And you [looking at Light]. You seem a bit to powerful for anyone's own good. I felt you right when I got here. I think I can see why Celestia chose you as her knight.

Light: You said your goal as well as the others is world conquest?

Greed: Well, mostly theirs. I just go with whatever they do since, hey, what the hell else am I gonna do? Lust told me that there was a powerful presence here and she wanted me to check it out, so I'm checking it out. And seeing as you're the one, I'm guessing she wants me to kill you, too.

Light: [Takes up guard]

Greed: So.... let me see..... should I actually fight you, or just be lazy and tell Lust you got away or something? Hmmm... haven't had a good fight in a while. Then again, I don't really look for fights.... hmmmmm...

Lunaris: [Snaps back into attention] If you fight Lightblade, you fight me as well.

Greed: Aw, I don't want to fight a little girl. That's not my style.

Lunaris: I'm not a little girl. I can prove it, too. [Tosses him back a few yards with magic] Don't even try and convince me to use my physical prowess.

Greed: Oh now you just ticked me off. Now I have to kill you. I was kinda hoping to avoid it, but... [activates dual orange energy blades] ya ticked me off. [Lunges after Lunaris]

Light: [Quickly blocks it with his blades] I don't think so.

Greed: Well, this should be interesting.

Light: [Flips around and kicks Greed, sending him flying back a few feet]

Greed: Ow. That was a good one. Let's see what else you got!

Lunaris: [Charges, jumping into the air a few feet then kicking Greed in the face]

Greed: Well, it looks like I'll have to step it up, huh? [Dashes toward Light, punching him in the face and throwing him back, then rushed Lunaris and blasts her back with a powerful shockwave]

Lunaris: Gah! [Skids back a few yards, paralyzed. She begins to use her healing magic, but it works slower than usual]

Greed: [Charges in on her]

Light: [Blocks a blade strike and slashes at him]

Greed: [Dodges barely] Sheesh. You two are such a pain.

Lust: [Phases into the area] Greed, you can't do anything on your own can you?

Greed: I'm working on it.

Lust: You were supposed to scout the area for the kid, not try to kill him and whoever she is.

Greed: What? You see, you should've told me that. I figured you wanted him dead and stuff.

Lust: [Hits him in the back of the head] No, you idiot. He may be of use to us later. Come to think of it, maybe the girl will too.

Light: Who are you?

Greed: She's Lust, kid. AKA, a real pain.

Lust: [Whacks him again]

Greed: Figuratively and literally.

Lunaris: [Finishes healing herself, then walks up beside Light] Whoever you are, you are not welcome here. We've tried to tell you that through force, but it obviously seems inconclusive.

Lust: You know, I hate people who have an uptight smartypants attitude like yours. If you weren't as powerful as you are I'd opt to just kill you.

Greed: See, that's what I was thinking! Hey, howsabout I take the kid, and you take the girl. Huh?

Lust: No, Greed.

Greed: Aw! Man, you're no fun. No fun at all. Nope.

Lunaris: In a matter of seconds the two of us can contact the Princess. I can use my magic and Lightblade with his flying speed. I would advise you to back down.

Lust: I came here to pick up Greed anyway. Greed, we have things to do.

Greed: Okay, okay. See ya around kid.

[Both teleport away]

Light: This doesn't look good.

Lunaris: [Nods] Let's go notify mother.

Light: Right.

[Both head for the castle]

Celestia: You're saying they are named after Lust and Greed, two of the Seven Deadly Sins?

Lunaris: Yes.

Celestia: Then our only hope of vanquishing them is to find their counterparts. They should be named after the Seven Holy Virtues.

Lunaris: Like Sacrifice?

Celestia: [Nods] There are six more. Dilligence, Patience, Humility, Charity, Kindness, and Purity.

Light: That should'nt be too hard, right? I can at least find the opposites of Lust and Greed since I have their energy signature now. All I have to do is find the exact opposites of their energy.

Lunaris: I already know Sacrifice. She might know some others.

Light: I guess we should find her first then.

Lunaris: Right.


Sacrifice: Well of course I know them! Well... All except Purity. Never heard of a pony with that name.

Lunaris: How do you know the others?

Sacrifice: We grew up together. We were under the care of Lord and Lady, but we eventually went our own ways. I went with Charity and Kindess, while Humility, Patience, and Dilligence went their own ways.

Light: But you've never seen or even heard of Purity?

Sacrifice: Sorry, no.

Light: Well we can at least gather the others before we try to find the last.

Sacrifice: Alright. I know that Kindness is a bookworm. She should be in a library. Maybe your sister's?

Light: Yeah, probably.

[Later at Melody's Library]

Sacrifice: Kindness? Kindness, dearie, are you there? We need to speak with you!

[A pale peach Earth Pony poke her head around some shelves]

Kindness: [Whispers] Shh! Don't you know this is a library?

Sacrifice: Oops. [Lowers her voice] Sorry.

Melody: Oh! Brother!

Light: Huh? What?

Melody: Uhm, I have a favor to ask you.

Light: Let me guess. Risk getting mauled to death to get a book that's for some reason incredibly heavily guarded?

Melody: [Nods happily] Mm-hm!

Light: Sounds great, but I'm gonna have to pass for now. Maybe later. You're Kindness, right?

Kindness: That I am. And you're Lightblade. Melody has told me quite a bit about you.

Light: Nothing too unpleasant I hope?

Kindness: Nothing of the sort comes to my mind, I'm afraid.

Light: Good. So here's the thing. Long story short, we need your help to stop your opposites.

Kindness: [Stares blankly for a moment, then blinks] I'm sorry, I just haven't been given enough data to asses what the situation is. Sacrifice? Do you know anything?

Sacrifice: Some ponies that are our opposites want to take over the world. Greed, Envy, a few others.

Kindness: Oh. Well...of course I can help.

Light: Great. So that's another down. What about the others?

Lunaris: You said you saw Charity and Humility, right Light? Whereabouts did they go?

Light: I'm not sure. Last I saw them they were talking about a play or something...

Lunaris: Oh, you mean Royal Garden? Yes, they sold necklaces to Curtain Call, I was told.

Kindness: Well after any transaction, Charity usually buys something for somepony at random. Wonder who he's going to purchase for today...

[Charity walks in, a saddlebag on his back]

Charity: Melody, I have something for you. I saw this in Fillydelphia and thought you'd like it. [He reaches in his saddlebag and carefully brings out a particularly dusty book]

Melody: [Gasps and quickly but gently snatches the book. She looks at it excitedly] Thank you, Charity! [Carefully examines it] It doesn't look too fragile. Hm, looks around a couple hundred years old, but it must've been preserved in some way. I'm gonna have to clean it up later.

Charity: You're very welcome. [Smiles, then turns to the others] Something wrong?

Kindness: [Quickly explains the situation]

Charity: I KNEW I wasn't seeing things earlier!

Melody: Huh? [Jumps over the desk but trips and falls to the floor at Light's feet]

Light: That was the most astounding display of athleticism I've seen from you in a long time.

Melody: You're not off on another mission that'll get you hurt are you?

Light: When aren't I?

Melody: [Quickly stands up] Light, this sounds really serious.

Light: Yeah, it kinda is.

Melody: You're not going to get yourself killed, are you?

Light: Well, I'd hope not. I've already died once. As appealing as it is I don't think I want to do it again.

Melody: Just be careful, okay?

Light: Okay, I won't raise an apocalyptic undead army to ravage my enemies for world conquer.

Melody: Light, I'm serious!

Light: So am I.

Melody: [Taps her hoof on the ground] Light...

Light: Yeah, yeah, I'll be careful. So now we need to find Humility, right?

Kindness: Correct. Charity, do you know where he went?

Charity: [Shakes head] Sorry. We went different ways shortly before I went to Fillydelphia.

Light: Darn.

???: Hey, kid!

[They all look up to an open upper floor window to see Greed sitting on the sill]

Greed: [Waves] Hey. Charity! How's it been? We should really catch up sometime.

Charity: ? I'm sorry, but I have never seen you before in my life. Plus, it would take quite a while to explain the details, and some I may not have remembered. You must be Greed from what I have been told, though.

Lunaris: Wait, so the Virtues haven't existed as long as the Sins?

Kindness: It's possible. It may have taken a long time for ponies to evolve and resist their feral instincts. Though the Sins haven't been abolished, there is still enough good for the Virtues to exist.

Greed: Well that's weird. Could've sworn I knew you. Maybe in a past life or something. Hey kid! [Waves to Light]

Light: What do you want?

Greed: You got a snack or something? I'm starving. Haven't had anything to eat since yesterday.

Kindness: You're acting like this is some sort of game.

Greed: Isn't it? I mean, I think life is just one big game. Just that you don't have any retries. So yeah, world domination, yaddah yaddah yaddah, evil laugh. But seriously, kid, about that snack?

Lust: [From outside] Greed!

Greed: Uh-oh. She found me! Gotta run guys. [Flies away]

Light: ... Is he really evil?

Lunaris: If he is, he isn't taking it seriously.

Light: Well we still need to find the others.

Kindness: [Nods] I suggest a fan out spread, then meet back at a decided location.

Light: How about here?

Kindness: Alright. Everyone spread out and meet back here in Melody's library in an hour.

Light: Right. [Leaves the library and flies North]

Lunaris: [Exits and gallops westward]

Charity: [Soars south]

Sacrifice: [Gallops east with Kindness]


Melody: [Deciphering the now cleaned book Charity gave her] Hm...

Lunaris: [Shuffles in, exhausted] Nothing. No ponies with any odd names.

Melody: Oh, that's too bad. Maybe the others found something?

Lunaris: If they did, they better pick up the pace.

[Three different surges of energy are felt. It knocks a few books off their shelves]

Melody: Huh? [Flies over and picks up the books] What was that?

Lunaris: Not sure... I suddenly feel tired. Must be from running around all day. [Promptly falls asleep, body shifting to a sitting position|

Melody: Hey! Lunaris, wake up!

Affinity: [Barges in] Melody! I think your brother's in trouble!

Melody: What? What do you mean?

Affinity: I just felt his energy source along with two others. I think he's fighting two enemies.

Melody: Can't you help him?

Affinity: I'm afraid not. The two other energy sources are preventing me from pinpointing his location. He's probably far off where we can't reach him.

Melody: Oh! Lunaris! [Smacks her with a book] Wake up!

Lunaris: [Staggers back a few feet, but shouts ti signal she's awake] For the love of Mom, did you HAVE to strike me with that?

Melody: I have my brother's impatience. You need to help Light!

Lunaris: Oh. Why do I need to do it, though? Why can't all three of us do it?

Melody: Nobody else is here, Lunaris!

Lunaris: I meant you, me, and Affinity. But fine. I'll go! I'll go off to find your brother who is probably facing foes his power level or stronger if he's having trouble. I, the exhausted alicorn with better sensory magic than practical magic.

Melody: Oh, quit sulking. I'll go too, if you want. Affinity, you're coming too.

Affinity: Right. C'mon, Lunaris.

Lunaris: [Nods, following the two out]


Solaris: Damnit! Light, are you okay? I cam running as soon as I felt it! Light? [Looks around] This is his general location, but of course the last two areas were as well. Some powerful pony must be messing with his trace magic. Anyone here?

Melody: Oh! Solaris! I'm glad you're here.

Affinity: You felt Light too, huh?

Solaris: [Nods] I actually felt him in two other places as well. Something is making him hard to pinpoint.

Lunaris: Affinity noticed that too.

[Something flies in and hit the ground hard, making a small crater]

Pride: Ngh. That kid is more trouble than he's worth. [Flies back to where he came from]

Affinity: I think he's that way.

Solaris: Let's hurry, then.

[A few minutes after]

[Light is fighting with two black alicorns, most likely Deadly Sins]

Melody: Light!

Light: Melody? Why are you here? [Blocks an attack from one and kicks the other] Get out of here!

Affinity: Light, we can help!

Solaris: Right! We have them outnumbered five to two now!

Pride: Great. More of them. Wrath, should we just kill the others?

Wrath: It doesn't seem like any of the others are of importance as of yet. Except for her [points toward Lunaris] I think that's the one Lust pointed out to us.

Pride: Kind of small don't you think?

Wrath: Power is not measured by how small someone is.

Pride: Yeah, well you'd know. You're older than all of us combined.

Solaris: Come on! We can attack now while they're busy talking!

Lunaris: We can, but remember that being hasty is your fatal flaw, Solaris.

Solaris: So is your overthinking!

Lunaris: I don't think so. If anything, my fatal flaw is annoyance to my big brother. We shouldn't fight, it wastes time. Anyone else have an idea?

Pride: Come on! We can attack now while they're busy talking!

Wrath: Smartass. In any case, I don't think it's wise to fight all of them combined. This one is trouble enough. We should get going, I think we have what we came for.

Pride: Hmph. Fine.

[They both disappear]

Light: What were they? [Suddenly flinches and falls to the ground, his left wing tucked in but his right extended on the ground]

Melody: Light! What's wrong?

Light: Agh! Ow... They must've broke my wing. Damn it hurts.

Solaris: You should take it easy, then. Even with your abilities, it's not good to move it around.

Lunaris: Moving around... that remind me. Sacrifice, Kindness, and Charity never returned from their search. They might be waiting in the library as we speak!

Light: Yeah, ow...

Melody: I told you not to get yourself hurt!

Light: How was I supposed to know those two would jump me? Anyway, we should get back to your library.

Lunaris: Let's hurry then.

[Later, at Melody's library]

Melody: [Opens the door] Well that wasn't fun.

Light: You're telling me. [Is cautiously trying to keep his wing from dragging on the ground]

Lunaris: I'll see if the others may be browsing the rows of books.

???: Shan't be needed. We are over here. Charity has caught the three of us up on everything.

[A group of six ponies are gathered around a table. Humility, Charity, Kindness, and Sacrifice among them. There are two ponies unidentified, one green and the other purple. Sacrifice and the green pony are holding up a book with their magic, going carefully through the pages]

???: My name is Dilligence. Here is Patience. We came a bit early, and Kindness found this book while browsing for a bit.

Patience: The pictures are very interesting, but we cannot seem to decipher the text. Melody, do you know?

Melody: Oh, yes! [Gently hold the book] Right, this one. My brother brought this one in about a year ago. I think from Fire Isle.

Light: Dear Lord, I hate that book. Almost got done medium rare finding that thing. [Is sitting on the floor cautiously trying to heal his wing]

Melody: It's a spellbook. Lots of interesting things in here, but I think you'd be able to understand it more. Hang on, I have the deciphering chart for that book somewhere around here. [Rummages under the desk and come out with about 5 sheets of paper bound together] Here ya go. I made it so it's easy to understand.

Dilligence: Ah, much better. Thank you, Melody.

Kindness: Now we can understand the spells. Maybe there's something in here to help us with the Sins?

Melody: [Shrugs] You can probably understand the spells better than I can.

Patience: [Scanning the sheets of paper] Let's see.. Agility Charm, Invisibility Caster, Aerokinesis, and... Hm? What in the world is a Balance Overweigher?

Lunaris: Well, it's a little difficult to explain. Let's say Darkblaze returned, even though that isn't possible. He is Light's opposite, and therefore has his power, but channeled in a ever-so-slightly different way. If the two were to clash at equal strength, nothing would happen except them being tossed back from each other. With a Balance Overweigher, you can have your power at a variation that will allow you to fight and thus be able to fight your equal and opposite without being tossed.

Solaris: How come you know this? I mean, I'm not a book type when it comes to learning, but still...

Lunaris: [Shrugs] I just hear a lot of things.

Kindness: Well, it looks like we found what we need to fight the Sins. Kinda quick, too.

Light: Yeah... [Stands up and tests his wing by flapping it a few times and stretching it out] Alright, I'm good.

Dilligence: Good, it looks like everyone is ready, then.

Melody: Be careful, okay? Especially you, Light. You've come in here way too many times with busted limbs.

Light: I'm hiding from the hospital. They never let me leave until a week after I know I'm fine. Besides, I can heal myself. [Shows his healed right wing]

Patience: We'll be certain to take precautions. Sacrifice knows a lot of defense spells.

Light: Okay then. We shoud get going.

Kindness: Right!

[The Virtues hurry outside, followed by Lunaris and Solaris]

Sacrifice: I hope missing just one Virtue won't be too bad.

Light: Maybe not. But from what I've learned it'll probably make a big difference... I think we can still take them, though. If they show up I mean. Speaking of which, any idea how we're supposed to find them?

Dilligence: Well, simple. We just find energy signatures opposite of our own.

Patience: But what if they've masked their output?

Dilligence: I'm sure two unicorns, two alicorns, and a magical pegasus can break through whatever shield they have.

Light: Not if they cut their magic altogether. They may have the ability to stop their magic output completely, and altough it disables their magic abilities, it takes them completely off the radar. We won't be able to find them using magic if they're doing that.

Lunaris: True, but that would then make their magic signatures that of an earth pony. Unless they are running or flying really fast or in another dimemsion or whatever, we should be able to use a far-seeing spell to locate them.

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