The three royal families of the land get together to celebrate their forefathers. Equestria, Precepane and the dragon kingdom of Galavan all once sprang from one ruler. But the families have been divided for a long time and relationships are strained. What secrets will be discovered about the sameful past of these kingdoms?


Princess Celestia - Anyone

Princess Luna - Anyone

Prince Eclipso - Intrudgero98

Starlight (Dragon Lord) - Anyone

Emperor Cyrill - Anyone

Empress Appola - Anyone

Coma Surge - Intrudgero98

Star Gazer - 1LL

Monsieur Gris - Intrudgero98

Roleplay Part OneEdit

Celestia: Luna, we must head out now.

Luna: Right. Sorry. I was making sure nothing was out of place.

Celesta: It is important we do not take more than five hand maids. And Groundskeeper Rusty as well. High King Cyrill will not approve.

Luna: [Nods]

Celestia: Who else should we take along?

Luna: Hmm... Well, is Eclipso coming along?

Celestia: Eclipso is travelling with the Dragon Lord...

Luna: Ah. Maybe Star Gazer? She can tell us if any harsh weather will slow us down.

Celestia: Coma Surge? He is a navigator after all.

Luna: Alright.

Celestia: And our maids...let us see...

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