Sadow Yatsumaru
Sadow Yatsumaru as a Pony
"I shall be the dawn and the horizon of Equestria! Equestria's one, true King!"
Gender Male
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Occupation Draemon Lord, Terrorist leader, leader of Sadow's Cardinals
Eyes Blue
Mane Light blue
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Coat White
Cutie Mark Black sun with crescent moons attached to the sides, facing opposite directions from eachother.

Appearance Edit

Sadow is a rather tall, white Alicorn with deep, shining blue eyes and a light blue mane and tail. His cutie mark appears to be a black sun with a pair of crescent moons attached to each side, opposing each other in direction. This symbolizes Sadow's goal in life and how it divides him from his friends. It is more symbolic of his choices, personality, and life rather than his skills, as most Cutie Marks tend to be.

After accepting Draemon unity within him, Sadow has grown a pair of black horns on the side of his first, original Pegasus one. Each horn curves upward in the back. As well as this, his eyes appear to have become slitted from the Draemon unity.

Personality/Biography Edit

One main trait of Sadow is his goal. Sadow's dream in life is to achieve a Kingdom of his own to rule, and he was willing to manipulate and trick anyone to get to reach this goal. He made close allies become enemies all for the sake of him ascending in position. That was all until he met Earendur Surion, who would become his first and only true friend.

Surion managed to make Sadow forget about his dream and live a life of normal happiness. He enjoyed Surion's company and would contribute in the lives of others in a positive, uncontrolling sort of way. It wasn't until both Surion and Sadow got involved in the defense of their homeland was Sadow reminded of what he was truly meant to do.

The Draemon Lord, Bael, attempted to breach Equestria. It was the efforts of Surion and Sadow that halted this breach and sent Bael back into the Void. However, Sadow couldn't be content with merely kicking him out. He followed Bael into the Void in an effort to destroy him and permanently rid Equestria of any threat to his future Kingdom, but secretly it was to defend his friends and newly-formed bonds. Surion has never seen him since.

During his time in the Void, Sadow managed to gain some followers as well as powers through the unity of Draemon being bonded to him. This has re-awakened his previous manipulative and controlling personality, giving him more of a drive to pursue his goal than ever. The previous hold Surion had on his heart is gone, and he is now able to confront Surion's words of warmth and kindness with his own idea of "reasoning".

He treats his subordinates like playthings when around others, not afraid to toy with or insult them due to the braces they carry making them unnable to defy him. He seems to have a habit of treating Megarine like a child, Roa with a formal address, Ashtaroth on a somewhat scholarly level, and Mafarath with a sort of respect due to his great skills in battle.

Relationships Edit

Earendur Surion: Surion is, undoubtedly, Sadow's only and closest friend. He managed to breach a part of Sadow's personality that was strong enough to be his Cutie Mark. Single-handedly, he turned a manipulative, cold-hearted tyrant into a soft, caring figure who genuinely wanted to do good for others. Ever since returning from the Void, however, the two have clashed in bitter-sweet confrontations, bitter due to Sadow's return to the old ways and refusal to change and sweet in that Surion still persists that there is hope for him.

Celestia: Sadow has a strong, intense rivalry with the sovereign ruler of Equestria due to his hopes of overthrowing her. He mentions that before he accepted the Draemon unity, he was weaker than Celestia but currently he is capable of defeating her despite her great power.

Luna: Sadow's relationship with Luna is strange. He regards her as either an enemy or potential ally due to the inner darkness in her heart. He doesn't mind trying to sway her to his side but accepts that she should be dispatched otherwise.

Magical Abilities Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Sadow is greatly afraid of extremely deep water.
  • Surion has teased previously that Sadow may have romantic feelings for Princess Luna but Sadow declines, sternly yet hastily.
  • Surion and Sadow both seem to be connected somehow beyond their friendship and rivalry: Both have Cutie Marks symbolizing their personality and life rather than skills or talents, both are Alicorns (which are greatly unheard of), and both are the first to discover the race of Draemons.
  • Sadow's theme, as chosen by the author, is Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit.
  • Sadow has a very church-themed appearance: Upon first revealing himself to Ponyville, bells chime on his arrival. When appearing to Celestia and Luna for the first time, Organs play.
  • Sadow, as stated by the author, is heavily based on the character Griffith from the Manga series Berserk.

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