Saturn Moon
Type Unicorn
Gender Mare
Cutie Mark A cresent moon with a ring around it.
Occupation Artist,animater,actriss and maybe musician.CSP in Galaxy
Father Titan Moon
Mother Plasma Moon
Siblings Wonder Moon(Sister),Crater Moon(Brother)

Saturn Moon is an artist,animater,actriss and maybe a musician.Saturn Moon is also a the leader of the CSP in a book called Galaxy: Going in the War a fanfic by Saturn in real life for her class. 


Her father,Titan Moon, is metioned as an space scientist is a space shuttel crash in the fanfic.In the first chapter,he dies but but Basket Curls,Saturn's friend,said that he was murdured by a pony named Sunrise who later becomes an evil pony named Exile.She has a sister named Wonder Moon and a brother named Crater Moon.Her mother is not metioned yet but her name is Plasma Moon.


  • She is named after the god and planet Saturn
  • She has a cat named Silverdawn, a warrior from her Warrior cat clan,Owlcan.
  • She is also a dj with her friend Lightning Strike
  • She also loves cello music.

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