Scorchland is one of the many Elemental Cities. It is the capital of Fire Isle, and its opposite enemy is the capital of Water Isle, Hydro City.


Scorchland is based just a few miles east of Equestria, found on Elemental Isle. It is a craggy, boiling place with many lava streams and volcanoes. Like other Ponies on the Isle, the Scorchland ponies have adapted to withstand the intense heat.


Ponies in Scorchland usually have bright red or orange shades on their coats, as well as a firey mane. They sometimes can make this mane burst into actual flames. There is a rare occasion when a blue Scorchland pony is born, and that is most often in the Scorchland Royal Family, also known as the Firecracker family. Blue Scorchland ponies are generally have stronger skills than regular ones, and thus are often relied on during battles.

Each pony in Scorchland can bring sparks of flames up with a few stomps of their hooves, as well as let their mane or tail catch fire if they don't have time to focus and make it light on its own. They also can handle hot things without worrying about burns.

Pegasi Scorchland ponies are generally fast, and can use warm air currents to make it seem like the sky is on fire. Their wings aren't very strong, though, as they have mainly warm thermals in their homeland.

Unicorn Schorchland ponies excell in Fire Magic. They can control anything remotely warm and sometimes make it warmer.

Import and Export

Ponies from Scorchland are very talented blacksmiths, seeing as they can handle hot things without the need of tools or fear of getting hurt. Many lands look to them when they need various weapons or forms of armor.

Scorchland ponies need lots of coal, lumber, and other forms of carbon to keep their fires and forges going. Whenever another land has found a vast supply of it, Scorchland tries to convince them to give it to them.