Scoria is a young Garnet Earth Pony created by the wikia user Floating_Dreaming. He has a freckled face with Red eyes and a long, bushy light mint green mane. He also wears glasses, which cover his dark cerise eyes. Unlike his bushy mane, he has a very short tail. His cutie mark is a volcano and a palm tree.


Scoria, even though the youngest, has the magical ability to use Smoke and Ash in battle. He can easily Disorient an enemy this way, or cause a machine to malfunction by overheating, but he hasn't matured enough to control his body tempurature, and if he doesn't allow cooldown time for himself, he can overheat and pass out, potentially dying. His powers can also unintentionally blind, burn, or suffocate and ally, thus he has to be careful where he aims. like Shock Value and Weed Eater, his ability works well on ponymade objects, but his powers are nearly useless agains supernatural forces.


Scoria is the younger cousin of Shock Value, and through stories and reasearch that Shock Value's relatives refused to tell, He knowns that their grandfather used to live in an area known as Poningland, which is across the sea from ponyville. The biggest taboo in Poningland is that one type of pony (the types are Pegasus,Flutterpony, Chiroptopony, which have batwings, Unicorns, Alicorns, and Earth ponies) cannot get married and have fillies with another pony of a different type. Shock Value and Scoria's Grandfather was an Earth pony, and fell in love with a female Unicorn, so the couple fled off to ponyville where they could live the life they wanted to live. From there, the family lived in peace.


Scoria is the youngest member of Shock Value's team, but unlike the hyper, cheerful demeanor that most foals of his age have, he's quiet and he keeps things to himself. He never laughs, but at the same time he never cries. he's just secretive. He feels sorry for his cousin Shockie, since Scoria understands the torment that was brought on when other ponies feared him for his cutie mark.

Fan Fiction AppearancesEdit

An evil cultist (who supported Discord) pony that has the ability to shapeshipt (known as K'nu L'vin) took the form of Princess Celestia one day and visited ponyville. K'nu L'vin's disguise of Celestia was almost perfect, except his cutie mark, which is the shape of saturn remained the same as before. K'nu in disguise wore a long veil over the his flank to cover the mark.

In the disguise of Celestia, he told the Main 6 ponies that Shock Value and his team has been destroying the forests near ponyville, and said that they should destroy Shock Value's team with the Elements of Harmony. Meanwhile, K'nu used a strange ability to contact aliens, and send giant robots to destroy the forest around Shock Value's team, while casting another spell to silence the team's hearing. The next day, when the team wakes up they're shocked to see barren and ash covered land around them, and they try to investigate what happened, the main six confront him and try to use the Elements of Harmony on the group, but the real Celestia stops them to interrogate both of the groups. The main 6 think that Celestia told them to kill Shock Value's group, but Celestia denies it, confusing both groups. They all decide to camp out near the greenery around the destroyed forest, this time staying away all night, and they finally see what causes the true wildfire, which are alien robots. Both teams split up, the main 6 using the elements of Harmony to defeat the Robot army, while Shock Value's team Escorts Princess Celestia to a safe land.


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